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Sex and the City costume designer Patricia Field slams Cynthia Nixon’s fashion sense

Sarah Jessica Parker And Cynthia Nixon Filming And Just Like That
Cynthia Nixon

Sex and the City costume designer Patricia Field has claimed Cynthia Nixon “think she knows everything” about fashion when she doesn’t.

The 79-year-old did not return for the Sex and the City revival series, And Just Like That…, as she was committed to Emily In Paris, and handed the reins over to her old assistant Molly Rogers.

And she didn’t hold back when she was asked to give her opinion on the outfits in And Just Like That… during an interview.

“I like some of it, I don’t like all of it, but I know what Molly’s dealing with,” Patricia told The Sunday Times. “Well, I know those gals! Sarah Jessica thinks she knows everything – and she does.

“Cynthia Nixon thinks she knows everything – and she doesn’t! Even today, when I speak with Molly, it’s about Cynthia. I say, ‘I remember what you are going through.'”

Both Sarah, who plays central character Carrie Bradshaw, and Cynthia, who plays her close pal Miranda Hobbes, are executive producers on the show. A third member of the original quartet, Kristin Davis, who stars as Charlotte York Goldenblatt, has the same credit.

However, the group are missing their fourth member, Samantha Jones, as actress Kim Cattrall refused to return for the series. Patricia understands the frustration fans feel about Kim’s absence, as she said the show is not the same without her.

“It is a vacuum,” the designer added. “I hear it everywhere. Everyone is mad she won’t be in it.”

And Just Like That… streams every Thursday on HBO Max.

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