Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment - myTalk1071 Round Table

Talking About Sexual Harassment
A myTalk 107.1 Roundtable

Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Ben Affleck, Dustin Hoffman
and many powerful men in Hollywood
have been accused recently of sexual harassment.

The behavior, in many cases, has gone on for decades.
But of course – there is sexual harassment in the real world as well.
Please join us for Talking About Sexual Harassment,
a roundtable discussion on myTalk 107.1.

Listen as we talk about sexual harassment in our next myTalk Roundtable.
Wednesday, November 8th from noon to 2pm.

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Dr. Susan Strauss

Dr. Susan Strauss

Dr. Susan Strauss is a recognized expert on workplace and school harassment and bullying and a national and international speaker, trainer, consultant. She has conducted research, written over 30 books, book chapters, and journal articles on harassment, bullying, and related topics.
Dr. Strauss has a doctorate in organizational leadership. She is a registered nurse, has a bachelor’s degree in psychology and human services, a master’s degree in community health, and a professional certificate in training and development.

Jim Keenan

Jim Keenan

Jim Keenan has been working in the field of emotional wellness for the past 24 years.
We all want to have happiness as our predominant state of being. However, life sometimes occurs in such a way that our feelings become more negative, sad, depressed, angry and even hopeless at times.
Jim believes that during these times our lives have the greatest potential for positive growth.
As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, he knows the long-lasting impacts that trauma can have and also knows the rewards that come from doing the difficult work of healing.