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Shania Twain will never get plastic surgery: ‘Embrace the sag!’

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Shania Twain

Shania Twain has no desire to get plastic surgery.

During an interview for the Making Space with Hoda Kotb podcast, the You’re Still the One hitmaker insisted she has never considered going under the knife for cosmetic reasons.

“I’ve come to a point where, no I’m not gonna do it… Maybe that was probably part of what pushed me to go, ‘OK, it’s time to start loving yourself in your own skin,’ because sure I’ve got lots of friends that have had very successful surgeries, but I’ve also seen others that aren’t so successful,” she noted. “And then I think, ‘Well what if I’m one of those that doesn’t heal very well, then I’m gonna hate that about myself.’ Then I’m gonna regret doing it. And then, maybe I’m going to fall and cut myself, and I’m gonna need stitches, for real.”

Shania went on to reveal she has no problem with “sag” and had a breakthrough moment when she recently posed nude for the cover art of her new single Waking Up Dreaming.

“I want to be more relaxed and comfortable in my own skin,” the 57-year-old continued. “It is what it is, and I can’t change it unless I go under the knife or something. I mean you don’t really know what you’re gonna get anyway, right? One thing pulled here, and another one pulled there, I don’t know, I may never be happy. So, it’s my perception of things that has to change… instead of changing who I am and what I look like.”

Shania’s sixth studio album, Queen of Me, is set to be released on 3 February.

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