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Sharon Stone recalls fans climbing over her car

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Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone has recalled how the release of Basic Instinct changed her life.

In a recent interview with CNN, the 65-year-old star recounted how her breakout role in the 1992 erotic thriller prompted fans to throw themselves on top of her car when she stopped at a red light.

“On Friday, when that movie came out, that I would be basically a nobody,” she told news anchor Chris Wallace. “And on Tuesday, I would go to get my eye glasses picked up on Sunset Plaza. And I would come out in my little 325 BMW. And I would stop at the stoplight, and everybody would climb all over my car.”

The Casino actor continued, “And then the light would turn green. And cars would start beeping and I wouldn’t know. Is it legal to drive? When people are all over the top of your car?”

The Golden Globe winner claimed fans became more aggressive and she would plead with them not to “pull the bumpers” off her car or tear clothes off her.

The interview comes two years after Sharon alleged in her 2021 memoir, The Beauty of Living Twice, that she was tricked into the infamous interrogation scene from Basic Instinct in which she exposed herself.

The Total Recall star claimed director Paul Verhoeven lied to her and said “we can’t see anything” and told Sharon to remove her underwear because they were “reflecting the light”.

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