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Sharon Stone was duped into removing her underwear for controversial Basic Instinct scene

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Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone was tricked into taking her underwear off for Basic Instinct’s most famous scene.

The actress shocked movie fans during an interrogation sequence with Michael Douglas’ character in the 1992 thriller, when she uncrossed and crossed her legs to reveal she wasn’t wearing underwear and the moment became one of the most controversial in Hollywood history.

Now the 63-year-old reveals in her upcoming memoir, The Beauty of Living Twice, she was told her genitals would not be featured onscreen.

In an excerpt, via Vanity Fair, Sharon claims a production member suggested taking off her underwear, assuring her nothing would be visible on camera.

Stone was horrified when she watched the film for the first time “with a room full of agents and lawyers, most of whom had nothing to do with the project”.

“That was how I saw my vagina-shot for the first time, long after I’d been told, ‘We can’t see anything – I just need you to remove your panties, as the white is reflecting the light, so we know you have panties on’,” she wrote.

“Yes, there have been many points of view on this topic, but since I’m the one with the vagina, in question, let me say: The other points of view are bulls**t… It was me and my parts up there.

“I slapped (director) Paul (Verhoeven) across the face, left, went to my car, and called my lawyer, Marty Singer.”

The lawman assured his client it wasn’t legal to shoot up her dress, and she had a tough conversation with her director: “Of course, he vehemently denied that I had any choices at all,” she recalled. “I was just an actress, just a woman; what choices could I have? But I did have choices. So I thought and thought and I chose to allow this scene in the film. Why? Because it was correct for the film and for the character; and because, after all, I did it.”

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