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Sharon Stone’s drug abuse warning: ‘do not cross the line’

New York Women in Film & Television 43rd Annual MUSE Awards
Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone has issued a warning over the dangers of illegal and prescription drugs.

While hosting the ART HOUSE Gala in New York honouring photographer Nan Goldin on Wednesday, the Casino star and activist focused her speech on drug abuse.

“I modeled in New York in the late ’70s and the ’80s. I spent a lot of time at Studio 54. A lot of my friends are dead. Don’t f**k with me,” the 65-year-old actress told the audience, via People. “Do not cross the line between health and healing and abuse. My brother went to Attica (Prison) – he crossed the line. Do not cross the line with me.”

Earlier in her speech, Sharon revealed she had to repeatedly ask medical staff to stop administering OxyContin to her son – who she didn’t name – while he was recovering in hospital from a ski accident.

“In a day and a half that it took for him to get a rod and seven pins in his leg, I got six calls. From four nurses, from an anesthesiologist, from doctors, from people completely unrelated to my son’s situation, telling me why my son needed OxyContin and no other drug would do. No other drug!” she exclaimed.

The Basic Instinct actor continued, “Until finally, at the sixth call, I said, ‘I’m going on CNN tomorrow and if I get one more of these calls I’m going to say that your hospital is a drug cartel.'”

“This is not because I or Nan disagree with painkillers. We don’t. We disagree with paid drug dealers,” she added.

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