Shop Girls Highlights for August 13
Shop Girls

Shop Girls Highlights for August 13

Ali Kaplan’s article on Macy’s closing 100 stores…

Why shutters are coming down at Macy’s 

Boomer Phelps’ epic onesies! 

Simone Biles glitter eyes! 

Whose look is it anyway: Looks that show off your back, and khaki turns glam!

Why the pantsuit is a Fall trend!

Alexander Wang anti-counterfeit suit. 

Jessica Simpson announces athletic foot wear! 

Meryl Steep’s flag dress. 

Bizarre rule allows Michael Phelps to market his brand at the Olympics when others can’t!

Boomer Phelp’s look is from Baby Tula

Michael Phelps wears custom shoes with son’s footprint inside…so cute!!!!

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