Shop Girls Highlights For February 4
Shop Girls

Shop Girls Highlights For February 4

Nordstrom drops Ivanka Trump’s clothing line…or did they?

Why Nordstrom says they’re dropping Ivanka 

Neiman Marcus drops Ivanka Trump’s jewelry 

A Macy’s takeover!? 

Super Bowl predictions! 

How many pair of tights does it take to do a Super Bowl halftime show!?

Tiffany taps Lady Gaga for Super Bowl ad 

Justin Bieber’s #UnlimetedMoves Super Bowl ad

Top 10 Super Bowl ads of 2017 

John Malkovich ad for Square Space 

More on Super Bowl ads 

Gap returns to the 90s 

Is Blue Ivy getting her own beauty line!?

Buzz Aldrin on the runway

Valentine’s Day spending 

Valentine spa treatment 

Healers podcast by Elizabeth Dehn



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