Show Links: 1/1/16
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Show Links: 1/1/16

Don’t miss the pond hockey games! 

Check out Victor’s on Water! 

Check out Excelsior Brewing Company’s Big Island and Back Ski Race & Kite Open here! 

Need something to do on St. Patty’s day? Check out the Luck O The Lake! 

And explore Excelsior’s farmer’s market!

Want to master food and wine pairings? Just follow these rules! 

Do you know the difference between a porter and a stout? Read this! Still don’t get it? Check this out! 

And here’s your guide to stouts!  

Have you fallen victim to any of these beer myths? 

Groveland Tap’s STOUT WEEK is coming up! One week, 30 beers, don’t miss out! 

Have you tried Dangerous Man beer? 

And check out these wine tasting events at Wine Republic! There’s a chocolate and wine tasting coming up!


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