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Colleen and Bradley: Was the Jonas Bros. roast any good?

Colleen and Bradley took one for the team and watched the Jonas Brothers roast on Netflix.

Colleen and Bradley: Did Sam Asghari throw Shade at Justin Timberlake?

Colleen and Bradley go deep in the shallow of a story about Britney Spears’ fiance and his ultimate intentions.

Cheat Day Friday: Dot's Fried Pork Rinds

Puh-puh-puh-put this in your mouth! This edition of CHEAT DAY FRIDAY shows Bradley, Holly, and special guest stunt eater Rocco tasting #Dot's® Homestyle ...

Bradley and Holly: Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes broke up!?

Bradley and Holly wade through the tragic news that the publationship formerly known as Shamila is no more.   View this post on Instagram   A post shared by myTalk...

Colleen and Bradley: Listen to Britney in her own words!

Colleen and Bradley let Britney speak for herself about her future and what’s next for her career.

Colleen and Bradley: What's your favorite Thanksgiving side dish?

Colleen and Bradley open the phone lines to find out what listeners love most on their Turkey Day plate.

Colleen and Bradley: Is Britney really free?

Colleen and Bradley ponder a new chapter in the life of one Britney Jean Spears following the dissolution of her controversial conservatorship.

Colleen and Bradley: Give Nicole Kidman a chance!

Colleen and Bradley go deep in the shallow of Twitter controversy around Nicole Kidman’s portrayal of Lucille Ball.

Cheat Day Friday: Colleen tries #Goober for the first time

This week, Bradley and Holly told Colleen about Goober! Goober is peanut butter and jelly IN ONE JAR! Watch to see if they liked it! "Goober Grape® PB&J Stripes is the ultimate combo made with Smucker’s Grape Jelly. Perfect for that classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich." On Fridays, Colleen...

Colleen and Bradley: Non-stop blind items!

Colleen and Bradley serve up blind items all day long. Here are some of our juicy favorites!

11/29 Mon Hr 3: CSI: Crotch Shot
PLUS: Kimye – I don’t have all the pieces to this puzzle, but methinks that this drummed up drama is going to be GRRREAT for the neew season of WTF...
Episode 7: Dr. Phil Wants Your Money
Is Dr. Phil even a doctor? Not any more. Does he care about your (or anyone’s) mental health? Probably not. He cared a lot about free publicity and made Britney...
Episode 6: Dr. Oz is Quacky
Junk science is Dr. Oz’ specialty. His celebrity was created by Oprah and he financially benefits from some of his “miracle cure” claims for things like the common cold and...
Episode 5: Goop is Stoop But Makes Lots of Loot
Should you put a jade egg in your whooha? Gwnyeth Paltrow says yes…and pioneered the business of making stuff up and selling it to people who don’t know they need...

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