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Colleen and Bradley: Farrah Abraham tells daughter, 12, to 'play' with pregnancy tests!

Colleen and Bradley couldn’t believe their eyes and ears when Farrah Abraham suggested her daughter Sophia, who’s only 12, should have fun taking pregnancy tests. What?!

Colleen and Bradley: We finally know WHO tried to end Britney Spears' conservatorship!

Colleen and Bradley go deep in the shallow of Britney Spears’ conservatorship after learning who unsuccessfully filed paperwork to end it.

Cheat Day Friday: New Lays Summer Chips

Colleen, Bradley, and Holly get CHIPPER with some new #Lays Summer #Chips! On Fridays, Colleen and Bradley like to try delicious (or not so delicious) ...

Farrah Abraham Wants Her Chrissy Teigen Apology

FarrahAbraham wants her personal apology from #ChrissyTeigen and she used Medium to ask for it, the same place Teigen issued her apology note. Colleen ...

Colleen and Bradley: What snack food did you love as a kid?

Colleen and Bradley opened the phone lines to chat about our favorite childhood treats!

Colleen and Bradley: The (publationship) kids are alright!

Colleen and Bradley go deep in the shallow of two People ‘exclusives’ about Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez’s kids dealing with their parents’ latest romantic entanglements.

Colleen and Bradley: What's your favorite side dish?

Colleen and Bradley open the phone lines and ask listeners to share their favorite side dishes.

Meeting Up With An Ex - Angelina and A-Rod Take A Page from the Bennifer playbook!

Meeting Up With An Ex is a page straight out of the #Bennifer 2.0 Playbook as far as a means for getting attention. Colleen & Bradley discuss how ...

Colleen and Bradley: What dish can you make without a recipe?

Colleen and Bradley opened the phone lines to find out what listeners can make without having to follow a recipe.

Kanye Moves on with Bradley Cooper's Ex - Is It a Publationship?

Kanye moves on from Kim K with Irina Shayk, Bradley Cooper's ex. Is it a publationship? #kanye #kimkardashian #bradleycooper Colleen and Bradley explain ...

Episode 7: Dr. Phil Wants Your Money
Is Dr. Phil even a doctor? Not any more. Does he care about your (or anyone’s) mental health? Probably not. He cared a lot about free publicity and made Britney...
Episode 6: Dr. Oz is Quacky
Junk science is Dr. Oz’ specialty. His celebrity was created by Oprah and he financially benefits from some of his “miracle cure” claims for things like the common cold and...
Episode 5: Goop is Stoop But Makes Lots of Loot
Should you put a jade egg in your whooha? Gwnyeth Paltrow says yes…and pioneered the business of making stuff up and selling it to people who don’t know they need...
Episode 4: Rebel Wilson's Really Bad Publationship
The “publationship” – a celebrity relationship for publicity – can be done really well (Chonas) or really, really poorly. Explore with Colleen and Bradley the super-awkward publationship between Rebel Wilson...
Episode 3: A Publationship Done Right Chonas
Colleen and Bradley analyze the best example of a recent publationship, a relationship for publicity – done exactly right. The Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra (Chonas) publationship has made them...
Episode 2: Publationships 101
Colleen and Bradley explain what a “publationship” is amongst celebrities, and the four hallmarks to look for that indicate a celeb relationship is mostly for publicity. Discussed: Chris Pratt, Bradley...
Trailer: Go Deep in the Shallow
myTalk 107.1 hosts and Pop Culture Detectives Colleen Lindstrom and Bradley Traynor solve the mysteries, uncover the fakery and expose the lies behind pop culture and the celebrity machine in...

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