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Cheat Day Friday: Cookies & Screeem M&Ms

Cheat Day with spooky M&Ms - Cookies & SCREEEM! 'Tis the season of candy and M&Ms has created a new flavor to match the occasion. Cookies & Screeem ...

Colleen and Bradley: Britney feels 'abandoned' by her sister Jamie Lynn!

Colleen and Bradley go deep in the shallow of rumors that Britney’s none-to-pleased with her sister Jamie Lynn.

Why Did Kim K Host SNL? We Explain.

We solve the mystery. Why did #KimKardashian host SNL? Follow the money. Colleen and Bradley lead you through it. If you want the inside scoop and analysis ...

Colleen and Bradley: Share your adorable pet stories!

Colleen and Bradley ask listeners to share cute and cuddly stories about their furry companions.

What's the best Halloween candy to share?

Colleen and Bradley open the phone lines to find out which candy listeners like sharing the most!

Colleen and Bradley: Prince Nasty sounds even guiltier than we thought!

Colleen and Bradley go deep in the shallow of Prince Andrew’s latest (shady) legal maneuvers.

Cheat Day Friday: #Wendys new fries, plus Big Bacon Cheddar Cheeseburger

Cheat Day with new fast food items from #Wendys: #Fries and Big #Bacon Cheddar #Cheeseburger! The Big Bacon Cheddar Cheeseburger and Big Bacon ...

Colleen and Bradley: We love Jamie Lee Curtis and her take on plastic surgery!

Colleen and Bradley go deep in the shallow on Jamie Lee Curtis’ thoughts on plastic surgery and social media.

Colleen and Bradley: Why is Kim Kardashian hosting SNL and is Kanye helping her?

Colleen and Bradley try to figure out why Kim is hosting SNL and what the stories about Kanye helping her really mean.

Colleen and Bradley: Are you watching 'The Way Down' on HBO Max?!

Colleen and Bradley discuss a new HBO Max documentary Holly recommended about a cult leader who believed you could pray your bodyweight away!

10/13 Wed Hr 3: CSI: Mountain Don't
PLUS: Would you take a rocket ship to space like William Shatner? GOOPER SCOOPER: She’s has a new sex show out. Great.
Episode 7: Dr. Phil Wants Your Money
Is Dr. Phil even a doctor? Not any more. Does he care about your (or anyone’s) mental health? Probably not. He cared a lot about free publicity and made Britney...
Episode 6: Dr. Oz is Quacky
Junk science is Dr. Oz’ specialty. His celebrity was created by Oprah and he financially benefits from some of his “miracle cure” claims for things like the common cold and...
Episode 5: Goop is Stoop But Makes Lots of Loot
Should you put a jade egg in your whooha? Gwnyeth Paltrow says yes…and pioneered the business of making stuff up and selling it to people who don’t know they need...

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