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Colleen and Bradley: Did Machine Gun Kelly & Megan Fox LIE to us??

Colleen and Bradley go deep in the shallow of Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox’s “story” behind their Instagram engagement.

Colleen and Bradley: Jamie Lynn is LYING to everyone (including herself)!

Colleen and Bradley have zero patience for Jamie Lynn Spears and her non-book tour book tour.

Colleen and Bradley: Battle of Pop Star Sisters!

Colleen and Bradley go deep in the shallow of the Spears sisters latest public spat!

Colleen and Bradley: What's your favorite cake/frosting combo?

Colleen and Bradley talk food and open the phone lines to find out listeners’ favorite cake/frosting combo!

Colleen and Bradley: Jamie Lynn Spears interview leaves a lot to be desired!

Colleen and Bradley go deep into the shallow of Britney’s younger sister’s sit-down interview with Good Morning America about her new memoir.

What's your favorite guilty food pleasure?

Colleen and Bradley open the phone lines for listeners to share the treats they love most!

Colleen and Bradley: What do Dr. Oz and Farrah Abraham have in common?

Colleen and Bradley go deep in the shallow of two stories about Dr. Oz and Farrah Abraham that’ll make your eyes roll right outta your head.

Colleen and Bradley: What fast food restaurant would you subscribe to?

Colleen and Bradley talk about Taco Bell’s new taco subscription plan.

Cheat Day Friday: Pigless #PorkRinds

Colleen, Bradley, and Holly are going #plantbased today! They try pigless #porkrinds! Let's see what they think! Every Friday ...

Show Links: Friday, January 7th

Friday, January 7th  REMEMBER: RIP to screen legend Sidney Poitier. Take a look back at some of his best performances  LOOK: Gucci Mane gifts wife $1 million cash in an...

1/18 Tues Hr 3: CSI: Lemon appeal
PLUS: What could you eat the most of at an all-you-can-eat buffet? AND KIMEY: The family is “fed up” with all the Kanye drama
Episode 7: Dr. Phil Wants Your Money
Is Dr. Phil even a doctor? Not any more. Does he care about your (or anyone’s) mental health? Probably not. He cared a lot about free publicity and made Britney...
Episode 6: Dr. Oz is Quacky
Junk science is Dr. Oz’ specialty. His celebrity was created by Oprah and he financially benefits from some of his “miracle cure” claims for things like the common cold and...
Episode 5: Goop is Stoop But Makes Lots of Loot
Should you put a jade egg in your whooha? Gwnyeth Paltrow says yes…and pioneered the business of making stuff up and selling it to people who don’t know they need...

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