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  • L&J - Julia goes bathtub shopping

  • CB: What's your favorite 90's pop culture memory?

    You kids don't know you have it so good! has a new Lisa Frank-themed hotel room you can rent in Los Angeles, and this spurs Colleen and Bradley to remember a time of network television and no remote controls.

  • Nicole's #40for40

    Colleen's friend Nicole is doing something amazing in anticipation of her 40th birthday. She's raising $40,000 for charities. And what's more, she arrived at this project in the depths of depression. Get inspired, and learn how you can help.

  • CB: It's #TeamCoBra's hot new single, "Stinky BBQ Finger"

    Honoring Ariana Grande's new tattoo that basically says "Stinky BBQ Finger" in Japanese, Team CoBra is dropping the hot new single, "Stinky BBQ Finger."

  • Interview: Enty Lawyer (Crazy Days and Nights)

    C&B interview the purveyor of the biggest celebrity blind item site on the Internet.

  • The history of the song "Respect!"

    Colleen and Bradley discuss the history of the song, "Respect!"

  • myTalk 107.1

    Erin Benson joins us to talk about her son Sam and With Purpose, which aims to end pediatric cancer.

  • Interview with true crime author Erik Rivenes

    Listen to our chat with the author of "Dirty Doc Ames and the Scandal that Shook Minneapolis."

  • I'm moving to a tropical island

    I'm done with winter. Let's move.

  • What should I binge watch on vacation?

    Listeners give Bradley Netflix recommendations.

  • Kelly Ripa's Nutritionist is Making My Face Hurt!

    I can't even with this story.

  • Reboot or Get the Boot!

    Are you excited for these three super fun reboots that are in the works?

  • Your Wedding Sucks!

    Find out why your wedding sucks today!

  • Blinded By The Item!

    Can you guess the subjects for each of today's three blind items Holly brought to the show?

  • Blinded By The Item!

    On a particularly shocking BBTI, our jaws hit the floor today when we learn about one shocking celeb scandal that nobody's talking about.

  • :30 Pop Culture Challenge AND Blinded By The Item!

    See if you can win today's quiz AND how good you are at guessing blind items? Bonus, Donna joins the show again today.

  • Blinded By The Items

    Today, Donna Valentine tries to figure out which celebrities we're talking about in the blind items of the day.

  • C&B's Throwback Live at 1:45!

    Can you guess today's five vintage pop culture audio clips?

  • Throwback Live @ 1:45!

    Can you guess the five vintage pop culture audio clips?

  • C&B's 30 Second Challenge!

    Can you nail these five pop culture trivia questions in 30 seconds? Find out during today's challenge!

  • Lord and Lady Douchebag: Scott Baio.

    He's gross.

  • Colleen and Bradley Save Anastasia's A**!

    Find out how we saved her fanny this VDAY!

  • When should you buy a plane ticket?

    Who's right? Bradley or Jamie?

  • Pizza's Court: Weird Pizza 101

    What's the weird thing you do with pizza? For Kat Perkins it's particularly disturbing.

  • Daddy MPLS comes to First Ave!

    Bradley and Kat chat with JP Brammer about queer variety show Daddy coming to First Avenue this weekend.

  • Colleen and Bradley Theater: Lady Products!

    Move over 'Lady Doritos,' have we got some ideas for you!

  • D&S - Donna's Emergency

    Donna had a huge problem that only she could make. She asked Steve and Ryan to help her but all they did was laugh.

  • C&B Looks like we're throwing JT a party!

    Colleen has an idea. Marley has a better idea. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE!

  • Reboot/Get The Boot: 'Murphy Brown'!

    Candice Bergen is coming back to TV.

  • Colleen & Bradley Theatre

    I wonder what Garrison Keillor is up to...

  • Help homeless families affected by The Big Game!

    We chatted with Anne McInerney from the St. Paul Public Schools' REACH program about homeless families affected by the big game.

  • Bradley loves his cheap meats!

    What do you go nuts for when it's on sale?

  • Manuary Draft 2018 Segment 4

    Manuary Draft 2018 Segment 4

  • Manuary Draft 2018 Segment 3

    Manuary Draft 2018 Segment 3

  • Manuary Draft 2018 Segment 2

    Manuary Draft 2018 Segment 2

  • Manuary Draft 2018 Segment 1

    Manuary Draft 2018 Segment 1

  • Probably the most Colleen and Bradley thing to ever happen on "The Colleen and Bradley Show"

    Oprah. Sex Robots. Belches. This 10 second clip encapsulates everything you love about "The Colleen and Bradley Show."

  • Listen to vintage Donny Love from 1975!

    Donny Love knows a thing or two about being a radio star. We listen to 'Don Michaels' on The Q from 1975 and he shows that he's still got it!

  • 12 Days of Chris-es: KRIS KRINGLE!

    Santa Claus himself called our show!!


    On the 10th day of Chris-es we're celebrating the handsome Chris Noth. You know him as Mr. Big from Sex And The City, and he's talkin' romance...


    On the 6th day of Chris-es we're celebrating the hilarious Chris Rock. And who knew he could actually rock? Well, sorta... or not really at all....

  • 12 Days of Chris-es: Chris Hemsworth

    We wrote a little song for Thor.

  • 12 Days of Chris-es: Day 4, Chris O'Donnell

    Who IS Chris O'Donnell. We find out in this little bit of Chris O'Donnell Trivia during the 12 Days of Chris-es

  • 12 Days of Chris-es: Day 3, Chris Martin!

    Colleen and Bradley celebrate the sexiness of singer Chris Martin.

  • The 12 Days of Chris-es Day 2: Christopher Knight

    C&B celebrate twelve days of sexy celebs named Chris. On this day, they celebrate Christopher Knight.

  • 12 Days of Chris-es! Day One: Chris Pine!

    C&B celebrate twelve days of sexy celebs named Chris. On this inaugural day, they celebrate Chris Pine.

  • :30 Second Pop Culture Challenge

    If you loved Dawson's Creek, you might just have a leg up on today's challenge!

  • It's a D-Bag Double Down!

    Colleen and Bradley doubled down on a d-bag they first mentioned yesterday after a listener emailed.

  • :30 Sec Pop Culture Challenge

    Do you remember Mr. Pennybags? Our listener didn't. Find out if you can do any better.

  • 90's Commercial Fun!

    Colleen and I played 90s commercials to relive our childhoods and forget the gross news of the day.

  • Google Trends: Matt Lauer, Garrison Keillor, etc.

    This was a pretty heavy week of trends.

  • C&B's :30 Pop Culture Challenge!

    Today was a humdinger of a trivia challenge with all sorts of 90s references!

  • Holly's new song, "Keep It In Your Pants (Eggplant)"

    As a public service announcement, Holly has written a new song for all owner/operators of wieners on proper etiquette.

  • Bradley has to do a 24-hour workout...

    Oh dear God, no. Find out what he just signed up for.

  • The thing Bradley learned about humanity at a comedy club.

    It's not pretty.

  • Julia's turkey adventure

    Upside worked better.

  • Gwyneth Paltrow's gift guide is terrible.

    And ridiculous. Do you want a $6 million island?

  • Colleen's Tips for Talking at the Turkey Table!

    Need help getting through a Turkey Day meal with family?

  • C&B :30 Pop Culture Challenge

    This woman got so close today. I bet you might just be able to beat the clock.

  • Lord & Lady D-Bag: Lena Dunham.

    She really is a terrible person. When it comes to apologies.

  • What store bought food won't you allow on the Turkey Day table?

    Colleen has opinions. And you shared yours.

  • Colleen's Tips for Turkey Day confabs!

    Need some tips on how best to avoid controversy during your holiday meals?

  • c&b :30 pop culture challenge

    not a very successful attempt today. see if you can do any better than our contestant!

  • C&B Google Trends!

    Find out why Latin Grammys, Titanic and Black Friday were trending this week.

  • Dawn is in the doghouse

    Colleen and Bradley have some questions for Dawn.

  • C&B's :30 Pop Culture Challenge!

    It's an 80s edition today! See if you can get all the answers in just 30 seconds.

  • C&B Call Matt's about Chrissy Teigen

    The celeb was in town and allegedly getting burgers at Matt's Bar in south Minneapolis.

  • C&B's :30 Pop Culture Challenge!

    From TV to movies, Colleen and Bradley try to stump listeners in just 30 seconds.

  • C&B are not happy with People Magazine.

    Blake Shelton is NOT the sexiest man alive.

  • John Travolta accused of Travolta-ing behavior.

    Again. Gross. Hear all the deets as Bradley shares them with Colleen.

  • C&B's :30 Pop Culture Challenge!

    Five questions, thirty seconds, you could win a prize!

  • What was your favorite toy growing up?

    Twister, Lincoln Logs, Lego?

  • Which Hostess snack cake's gotta go?

    We made listeners get rid of one tasty treat. Which did they choose?

  • Can you beat the :30 Pop Culture Challenge?

    Colleen and Bradley are trying to stump listeners yet again during their favorite trivia challenge!

  • Should WI lower the drinking age?

    WI wants to lower its drinking age to 19.

  • :30 Pop Culture Challenge!

    Colleen and Bradley quiz one lucky listener about your favorite TV and movies! Did she win? Find out on today's quiz!

  • Holly has a moment!

    And it was hilarious!

  • C&B have had enough of Oprah.

    Like, stop it already Oprah.

  • C&B's Pop Culture Challenge!

    What does Colleen not hand out on Halloween? That's one of the questions on today's trivia challenge!

  • C&B chat with the Science Museum about THAT hoodie!

    The Stranger Things hoodie is on sale, but you might have to wait for it.

  • C&B's :30 Pop Culture Challenge!

    It's all TV trivia today. See if you can beat the clock and answer them all before the buzzer!

  • Who's better at 80's music? Colleen or Dawn?

    Alexa quizzes Colleen and Dawn to find out who knows more about 80s music.

  • C&B's :30 Pop Culture Challenge!

    It's a movie-heavy quiz today, with everything from "Wizard of Oz," to "Die Hard." See how well our listener challenger did today!

  • Dawn tells Bradley why he's dreaming about pineapple pizza!

    Dawn from the Morning Show is a certified dream interpreter. Hear what she has to say about Bradley's weird pizza dream.

  • Find out who C&B's new Show Boyfriend is!

    Is it Justin Timberlake? Or maybe Channing Tatum? We let listeners decide.

  • C&B's :30 Pop Culture Challenge!

    Play along and see if you can beat the clock with your knowledge of movies and TV!

  • Oprah's Favorite Things

    There's a new way to get your Oprah on.

  • Stripper 101

    One of the men from Thunder From Down Under joins C&B to talk about their upcoming shows this weekend at Mystic Lake.

  • :30 Pop Culture Challenge

    Did she win?

  • Halloween candy buy back programs!

    Our own Shamblott Family Dentistry has one!

  • Second Chance Romance 11/2/17 Terry and Gail

    Terry and Gail met on an online dating service. They went on one date; Terry said it was great and has contacted her twice. Chirp chirp. WHY? We found out.

  • Treats or Treasures?

    Wherein Colleen tries to get kids to take plastic crap instead of candy on Halloween.

  • :30 Second Pop Culture Challenge

    Did she win?

  • Jason and Alexis-Birthday Prank 11/1/17

    Broken Legs are a bummer. Especially if you're about to go on a cruise. Jason pranks Mario on behalf of Leslie, his wife.

  • Listener shares creepy Kevin Spacey story.

  • Colleen and Bradley say good-bye to Zac Efron!

    It's so hard to say good-bye to Zac Efroooooon.

  • Don't worry, your pumpkin pie is really pumpkin.

    It is.

  • Gwyneth Paltrow has best/worst Halloween costume.

    I think it's dumb. Colleen thinks it's brilliant.

  • :30 Pop Culture Challenge

    Did she win?

  • Movie Producer talks to Colleen and Bradley about "Angst"

    The producer of the movie "Angst" talks to Colleen and Bradley about the movie which will show in the Twin Cities November 9.

  • Actress Rachel Leigh Cook signs Colleen's yearbook!

  • DNR agent finds something shocking!

  • :30 Pop Culture Challenge

    Did she win?

  • Celeb choreographer Matt Steffanina!

    He's in town for fun with the Timberwolves!

  • :30 Pop Culture Challenge

    Did She Win?

  • Who the HECK are YOU?

    One lucky listener finds out about her family history.

  • Join Colleen's Bad Moms Club!

    Unburden yourself here!

  • Ali Kaplan dishes on new old Dayton's bldg!

    Hear all about the Dayton's redevelopment in downtown MPLS!

  • C&B's :30 Pop Culture Challenge

    Did she win?

  • C&B Music Factory

    Wherein Colleen and Bradley have an impromptu 90s dance party!

  • Vegan Meatballs are NOT Meatballs.


  • :30 Pop Culture Challenge

    Did he win?

  • Kourtney Kardhashian is a d-bag!

    Because microwaves.

  • Bill O'Reilly is a d-bag!

    Find out why!

  • C&B's :30 Pop Culture Challenge!

    Did she win?

  • Taco Bell is a D-Bag!

    Fnd out why!

  • What is the mystery flavor of OREOS?

  • C&B's :30 Pop Culture Challenge

    Did she win?

  • Jason and Alexis Birthday Prank 10-18-17

    Jason Pranks a woman who doesn't believe in psychics. He gives her a reading, thanks to information from her husband.

  • Second Chance Romance 10_19_17

    Second Chance Romance on 10-19-17. Jason and Alexis try to help Ryan connect with Lisa about their date.

  • The death of Halloween!

    Why must we get rid of everything fun?

  • This 112 year old lady doesn't drink coffee.

    What's wrong with her?

  • C&B's :30 Pop Culture Challenge

    Did she win?

  • Take a look at Uranus!

    It's gonna be HUGE!

  • Kristen Bell is a d-bag!

    Find out why!

  • CB's :30 Pop Culture Challenge!

    Did she win?

  • What is your temperature threshold?

    When do you turn the heat on in your home?

  • Lord & Lady DBag

    Who deserves this title today?

  • C&B's :30 Pop Culture Challenge!

    Did she win?

  • Liam talks about the fires in Napa

    Colleen's high school friend Liam who lives in Napa Valley talks to Colleen and Bradley about the fires and how they have impacted life in the Napa Valley area.

  • Where is "Baby Jessica" McClure today?

    Remember "Baby Jessica?

  • SCIENCE: Natalie Portman has the secret to stopping acne!

    Why? Because science.

  • C&B's :30 Pop Culture Challenge!

    Did she win?

  • C&B: Is cheese soup?

    We try to answer the obvious.

  • C&B talk to Liam in California

    Liam talks about dealing with wild fires in California.

  • C&B's :30 Pop Culture Challenge

  • C&B's :30 Pop Culture Challenge.

    Did she win?

  • Listen to shocking audio of Harvey Weinstein's sexual harassment!

    Audio obtained by the New Yorker of Harvey Weinstein in an NYPD undercover sting.

  • Julia not amused by our Miss Congeniality story!

  • Colleen talks about the rape allegations against Nelly.

  • SNL omits biggest story of the week!

  • C&B's :30 Pop Culture Challenge

    Did she win?

  • Meet the guy who made cheesecakes for the Golden Girls!

    We just talked to a piece of Golden Girls history.

  • Another episode of "Who the Hell Are You?"

    Find out if listener Natalie knows as much about her family tree as Bradley does.

  • C&B's :30 Pop Culture Challenge!

    Did he win??

  • Harvey Weinstein is disgusting.

    Colleen and Bradley talk about the latest allegations against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein.

  • Bradley met the guy who made cheesecake for the Golden Girls!

    The most exciting person Bradley met on his tour of the Hollywood Forever cemetery was actually alive!

  • Colleen and BRadley's :30 Pop Culture Challenge!

    Did she win today's challenge!?

  • Jason and Alexis Second Chance Romance 10_05_17

    Perri called us about Cassie.

  • Jason and Alexis Birthday Pranks 10_05_17

    Dawn Pranks Beverly about their foreign exchange student.

  • Colleen and Holly ask an expert how to talk to your kids about Las Vegas

    Colleen and Holly had a conversation with Pediatrician Dr. Nate Chomilo from Park Nicollet about how to talk to your children about the tragedy that occurred Sunday night in Las Vegas.

  • Colleen and Holly talk to Psychologist Jim Keenan

    Colleen and Holly had a conversation wtih Jim Keenan, the founder of POR Emotional Wellness about how we as a community can and should process the tragedy in Las Vegas.

  • What animal are C&B going to be paired with?

    Bea Arthur announces our PD&D animal!

  • What's going on in Puerto Rico?

    We talked to my friend Jason about his family in Puerto Rico.

  • :30 Second Pop Culture Challenge!

    Did she win??

  • MN State Senator talks Puerto Rico relief!

    Colleen and Bradley look for ways to help Puerto Rico.

  • Jane Fonda doesn't want to talk about her face!

    Megyn Kelly didn't have a very good interview.

  • Who the Hell Are You!

    What does Natalie want to know about her family history?

  • :30 Pop Culture Challenge!

    Did she win??

  • Jason and Alexis Second Chance Romance 9/28/17

    Erin Called Us about Brad. She was too magical for his taste.

  • Jason and Alexis Birthday Pranks 9/27/17

    Jason pranks a woman who has booked a magician

  • Are Bradley and Zac Efron compatible?

    Find out!

  • How much time does Colleen spend on the toilet?

    Find out!

  • The :30 Pop Culture Challenge!

    Did Hannah win?

  • Bradley eats pineapple on pizza.

    Um, what?

  • Colleen isn't normal... at Halloween.

    Find out what sets Colleen Lindstrom apart during the Halloween holiday.

  • CoBra Gang: What is Gina Rodriguez up to?

    Not the actress, the z-list talent agent.

  • Working My Last Nerve: Strawberries

    Find out why these little red devil orbs deserve a permanent place on the trash heap.

  • Aladdin and Jasmine in the studio!

    C&B chat with the leads of "Aladdin," now playing at the Orpheum.

  • Jason Guzman's family is in Puerto Rico facing Hurricane Maria.

    Colleen and Bradley check in with a friend whose family is riding out Hurricane Maria as it comes ashore in Puerto Rico.

  • C&B talk to Coco Peru about her Mpls debut!

    Find out why the drag legend is headed to the Twin Cities!

  • C&B's 30-second Pop Culture Challenge!

    Test your pop culture skillz!

  • Jason and Alexis Second Chance Romance 9/14/17

    Phillip thought of everything on Lacey's date, except to change his personality.

  • J & A interview - Will and Grace audience

    Joe G. is a mytalker who went to a taping of Will and Grace episode 5 on Wednesday! 9/14/17

  • Why is Madonna sending people her panties?

    Find out when Colleen and Bradley dig deep into the mystery of Madonna's undergarments!

  • Are You Normal: Fall Flavor Edition

    Do you like Pumpkin Pie? Is that normal? Find out.

  • Post Irma Update from Southwest Florida!

    Colleen and Bradley check in with NBC2's Stacey Deffenbaugh about how southwest Florida is doing days after Hurricane Irma.

  • Farmers Market Hipsters are annoying!

    Bradley says hipsters are working his last nerve at the farmers market.

  • Claire's mom is stuck on St. John following Irma!

    Colleen and Bradley chat with Claire, whose mother is still on the island of St. John following Hurricane Irma's destruction last week.

  • Bradley's mom talks about staying in Florida for Irma!

    Colleen and Bradley chat with Bradley's mom, Elaine, about her decision to stay in Naples, Florida during Hurricane Irma.

  • What events changed the world during your lifetime?

    Colleen and Bradley asked the office to name three events that changed the world during their lifetimes.

  • C&B interview Robert from Puerto Rico!

    Team CoBra interviewed Robert Guzman live from Puerto Rico Wednesday afternoon as Hurricane Irma was about to make landfall.

  • Bradley's mom prepares for Hurricane Irma!

    Colleen and Bradley chat with Bradley's mom Elaine about the impending arrival of Hurricane Irma.

  • Jason & Alexis Birthday Prank 9/6/17

    Allison wants to prank Bill about how smart their dog is.

  • MN's American Humane Society heads to TX!

    Colleen and Bradley chat with AHS's CEO about their work to help animals affected by Hurricane Harvey.

  • Furniture store owner opens showrooms to flood victims!

    Colleen and Bradley chat with Mattress Mack, Jim McIngvale, who opened several of his Gallery Furniture locations throughout Houston to house people stranded by Hurricane Harvey.

  • Bradley's sister is live in Houston.

    Colleen and Bradley chat with Bradley's sister Janet about the flooding in Texas.

  • Clowns are getting a bad rap because of "It"!

    Colleen and Bradley talk to the President of the World Clown Association.

  • Birthday Pranks- Dawn Pranks Jill at the Fair

    Jill had one job to do; that was to watch over the goats her husband entered to the Fair. 8/30/17

  • Help Houston's Four-Legged Friends & Family!

    Colleen and Bradley spoke Tuesday to the Houston SPCA about helping animals following Hurricane Harvey.

  • The Flooding in Texas

    A high school friend covering the flooding in Texas gives us the harrowing details.

  • Birthday Pranks - Tammy Hates Sharks

    Jason Pranks Tammy who wants to do ANYTHING on land for their shore excursion. She gets SHARKS instead.

  • Jason and Alexis Second Chance Romance 8/25/17

    Gina called about her date with Alex. We get someone else on the phone...but it's not Alex.

  • Lord & Lady D-Bag: KitKat & Upstairs Lady Bags!

    We crown a new d-bag every day.

  • State Fair Tips & Tricks!

    Listeners call in with their favorite ways to make the fair even more fun!

  • Can you "Guess the Celebrity Age?!"

    Find out how good you are at guessing celebrity ages!

  • MNDOT Expert gives us the 411 on upcoming construction projects!

    Learn everything you need to know about the four-year-long construction program that's about to get underway/.

  • MN Zoo joins C&B!

    We got to play with animals today!

  • Jason and Alexis Second Chance Romance 081717

    Jason and Alexis talk to Drew and Meg

  • UK guy tweets Kim K, makes loads of cash!

    Listen to our fun interview with Jerome Billingham about his Twitter fame following a Kim Kardashian tweet.

  • Alexis attempts Birthday Pranks...and fails x 3!

    Here's three reasons why Jason and Dawn do Birthday Pranks.

  • Inside the Mind of Millennials!

    Colleen and Bradley delve deep into the mind of MN Millennials.

  • Jason & Alexis: Passenger Pet Peeves!

    My-talkers describe the gross things they've seen and experienced on flights. A flight attendant calls in with a shocking story!

  • Kat Perkins talks tribute concerts!

    Voice alum and C&B friend Kat Perkins joins the show to talk about the art of the cover band.

  • C&B chat with Taylor Swift Courtroom Sketch Artist!

    We spoke with the guy whose job it is to draw Taylor Swift during her high-profile groping trial.

  • Interview: Stan Zimmerman & Melissa Peterman

    Have you heard of "Silver Foxes"? Think gay "Golden Girls". Two of the people trying to make it happen called into the show today!

  • Lord & Lady D-Bag!

    Find out who earned top honors this day!

  • Crazy Stupid Idiots!

    Today's CSI segment was extra special dumb.

  • Little Caesars loves introverts!

    The company's 'pizza portal' promises to remove humans from the mix.

  • Colleen & Bradley drop a new single!

    Funny words set to music make for great radio. Or so we thought.

  • More like National Night IN!

    Bradley doesn't like to spend time with his neighbors.

  • How Many Calories Are In This Dish!?

    You're not going to believe how many calories are in this dish.

  • Does anybody actually order off the secret menu?

    It's a very important question.

  • C&B: Can you bring your dog to a cemetery?

    It's an important question. Really.

  • Millennials are killing EVERYTHING!

    Find out why Colleen and Bradley have called millennials on the carpet yet again.


    We see your shark, Michael, and we raise you a SNAKE!

  • Entertainment Tonight joins C&B for OJ Update!

    Colleen and Bradley were joined by Jen Peros from Entertainment Tonight about the OJ Simpson parole hearing that took place Thursday afternoon.

  • C&B talk to ZAC EFRON'S TRAINER!

    The Hunt for Hot Zactober continues!

  • The Hunt for Hot Zactober continues with ZAC'S TRAINER!!!

    Colleen and Bradley try to pump Zac Efron's trainer for details about Zac... with relative success.

  • Louise Jameson on 1st female Doctor Who!

    The woman who played Leela on Doctor Who in the 70s joined Colleen and Bradley today to chat about the lead role finally landing in the lap of a lady.

  • Madame Tussaud's has a shirtless Zac Efron!!

    Bradley and Holly get closer to Zac Efron on the #HuntForHotZactober!

  • Celebrity Dead or Alive!

    Will Bradley keep hold onto his previous win or will a wily listener grab the title?

  • Amazon Prime Time LIVE!

    Bradley and Holly hijack Colleen's Amazon Prime account and send her a bunch of crap she doesn't need!

  • Celebrity Dead or Alive!

  • Revenge Porn Laws 101

    A popular CA attorney joins us live to talk about California's revenge porn laws and how they relate to the Rob Kardashian/Blac Chyna headlines!

  • Gooper Scoopers: Body Vibes anyone?

    Gwyneth Paltrow is working our last nerve.

  • Colleen has a secret talent!

    Colleen can feel words.

  • Wednesday's Lord & Lady D-Bag!

    Find out who earned top honors today!

  • Colleen & Bradley pitch Facebook TV shows!

  • Emily Engberg gets us closer to Zac Efron!

  • Bradley checked in from Uganda today!

    Bradley is in Uganda for World Refugee Day, and he called to check today on the show! He has awesome news about how YOU can send your love to the refugees at Nakivale Refugee Camp!

  • The Mall of America's 'Writer in Residence'

    C&B interview Brian Sonia Wallace, the Mall of America's new writer in residence.

  • The Hunt for Hot Zactober!

    Colleen and Bradley are on a mission to meet Zac Efron. By October

  • Kirk DeWindt on 'Bachelor in Paradise'!

    The former alum join C&B to talk about the shocking controversy.

  • C&B are Netflix CHEATERS!

    Turns out we cheated without even realizing it.

  • Team CoBra Health Expo!

    Get healthy the Team CoBra way!

  • BSS Alert: LoJ shares fake news!

    Colleen and Bradley are forced to issue a myTalk-wide BSS alert.

  • Path to Total Swapadoozy, Tape #3

    Colleen and Bradley continue their

  • Bogus Story Syndrome Warning: LoJ Edition

    Lori and Julia came down with BSS yesterday and we had to correct the record.

  • The CoBra Gang: Who is The Dark Overlord?

    Bradley gets to the bottom of who's releasing all those TV shows...

  • Dawn licks stuff for $20

    Team CoBra wanted to see what people would lick for $20. Dawn did us proud!

  • Swapadoozy How-To Guide Lesson #2

    Still unsure how to use "swapadoozy" in a sentence? Never fear, Team CoBra is here to explain it in 42 easy lessons.

  • Zac Efron DATING Radio Duo at the same time!

    Colleen and Bradley share exclusive breaking relationship news about Zac Efron

  • Bags: Plastic vs. Paper

    Colleen and Bradley don't agree on this perennial bag debate.

  • Lesbians evolved... because men?! No.

    Colleen and Bradley share the dumbest science story of the day.

  • MN vs. WI Spelling 'D'?!

    It didn't go well.

  • Will THIS make us go viral?!

    Colleen and Bradley try to go viral. Again. Bea Arthur's not having it.

  • Denny's is delivering. C&B aren't so sure...

    WTF is 'sizzle sausage'?

  • Live interview from Manchester!

    Colleen and Bradley speak with the owner of a restaurant in Manchester who's doing something special for emergency workers following the tragic attack last night.

  • Colleen thinks Cher needs to dress her age.

    Colleen did not approve of Cher's wardrobe at the BBMAs Sunday night.

  • It's the big day! Marley marries herself

    We have invited our second favorite millennial Marley to marry herself in a celebration of sologamy.

  • 'Cash Me Outside' girl is going on tour!

  • Trivial Intervention: The Office Sugar Pusher!

    Jeanne is fed up with Trish bombarding the office with sweets. Trish doesn't understand what all the fuss is about.

  • Taylor Swift's new boyfriend has an audition tape!

    C&B obtained a copy of Joe Alwyn's audition tape, hoping to be Taylor Swift's latest fling.

  • What makes frozen pizza wonderful?

    What's the one thing about frozen pizza that makes it so deliciously special?

  • What if Colleen did a Sean Spicer impression?

    It worked for Melissa McCarthy, why not Colleen?

  • Colleen bought a sauna. Lord, help us.

    Colleen bought a used sauna on Craigslist and Bradley is concerned.

  • Miss MN isn't even from MN!?

    Mike Marcotte has a beef with the current Miss MN.

  • #CheatDayFriday: Caramel M&M's

    Are they good? Or gross? Find out.

  • Colleen wrote a Steve Harvey memo to her kids!

    And it's hilarious

  • C&B expose LoJ Diva Moments!

    Colleen and Bradley found that even myTalk has a diva or two.

  • Kelly & Ryan Cover Up EXPOSED!

    Colleen and Bradley have exposed a pretty crazy Kelly and Ryan cover up!

  • What do Millennials think about adulthood?

    Colleen and Bradley employ another Millennial panel to get to the bottom of the generation's feelings on adulthood.

  • Pizza's Court: Milk with Pizza?

    Is it really ok to drink milk with pizza?

  • Bradley tells the Queen how to do her job

    Queen Elizabeth is driving and Bradley is not having it.

  • The Team CoBra Frappucino

    Colleen and Bradley try to make their signature Starbucks Frappucino go viral. Will they be successful?


    Which kind of crust is ideal?

  • A toot in the face on DWTS last night?!

    Last night's DWTS included a cartwheel and a toot in the face while David Ross and Lindsay Arnold practiced. It's funny, but we were surprised to see it on TV.

  • Trivial Intervention: Where's the soap?!

    Colleen and Holly have a Trivial Intervention with Leslie and Corey. Apparently, Corey doesn't like to use soap when he washes the dishes... What's up with that?

  • myTalk Celebrates Prince: Paul McGuire Grimes on Prince's TV and movie appearances

    Movie and TV critic Paul McGuire Grimes joins Colleen and Alisha to remember Prince's appearances in film and TV!

  • Colleen & Holly interview author Ben Greenman

    Colleen and Holly interview New York Times best-selling author Ben Greenman about his new book, "DIG IF YOU WILL THE PICTURE: Funk, Sex, God and Genius in the Music of Prince."

  • myTalk Celebrates Prince: The Round Table

    Colleen, Donna, Lori and Rocco share their memories of Prince and his legacy on the first anniversary of his passing in this special round table discussion.

  • Colleen & Holly's Sober 4/20 Thoughts

    Time to get real deep and stuff with Colleen and Holly (who are total narcs, BTW...)

  • Second Chance Romance 4/20/17

    Tori has questions about why Nate won't call her back. Jason, Stephanie and Dawn try to help them. Will they go out again?

  • Get well, Richard Simmons!

  • Pizza's Court: Who likes ANCHOVIES?!

    Colleen and Bradley try to get to the bottom of salty fish fillets on pizza.

  • Learn all about baby giraffes!

    Colleen and Bradley spoke with Eric Martin, giraffe keeper at Como Zoo, about our very own baby giraffe!

  • C&B Play "GAY OR NO GAY!?"

    It's a fun game. And by fun, we mean dumb.

  • Gooper Scoopers: WTF is Earthing?

    Gwyneth Paltrow's latest inanery involves curing depression by walking barefoot. On the earth. WTF?

  • C&B roast their listeners!

    Gordon Ramsey roasted his Twitter followers, so Colleen thought we should do the same to our listeners. With mixed results.

  • Ellie Krug talks about Caitlyn Jenner

    Author, speaker and educator Ellie Krug talks about Caitlyn Jenner's gender confirmation surgery and answers listener questions.

  • Trivial Intervention: Dirty Dishes in the Sink!

    Ali can't handle Tracey's dirty dish habits.

  • Flight attendant talks the United debacle!

    Colleen and Bradley chat with Beverly, a flight attendant who has some definite thoughtful insight into United's latest nightmare.

  • Lord & Lady Douchebag: Amy Shumer

    Bradley and Stephanie Hansen DO NOT agree with each other on the topic of Amy Shumer.

  • Pizza's Court: Squares or Slices?

    What does the ideal piece of pizza look like?

  • Mama June looks amazing!

    Bradley is joined by Stephanie Hansen today to chat about, among other things, Mama June's miraculous transformation!

  • Can't get enough of 'S-Town'!

    Ryan joins Bradley Friday and admits he's yet to delve into the popular podcast "S-Town."

  • Missing Richard Simmons podcast creator is no longer missing!

    Colleen and Bradley have found Dan Taberski, creator and host of 'Missing Richard Simmons' podcast.

  • C&B's Diss Track responds to Lorde's USA choco hate!

    Lorde loves Cadbury creme eggs and sings a song about it. Before she does, she hates on American choco. Colleen and Bradley respond with their own song.

  • Trading Radio Spaces: Julia Edition

    Julia doesn't like our Daily Snap Judgment segment, so we decided to let her give it a makeover.

  • Is flatbread pizza?

    Pizza's Court is in session and judge Topner is presiding.

  • Trivial Intervention: Non-essential Oils!

    Colleen and Bradley attempt to help listener Jess confront co-worker Amber about her addiction to essential oils in the workplace.

  • C&B start their own detective agency!