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7/31/21 | Intestinal Connection to Depression
What goes in our gut may affect what goes on in our brain. Research has found that people who have Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) also have increased rates of depression....
7/24/21 | Arthritis & Joint Pain
Approximately 1 in 4 Americans experience arthritis. If you are one of the 55 million who have arthritis or if you are someone who experienced pain and inflammation frequently, you...
7/17/21 | Food's Connection to Anxiety
If you have anxiety or trouble sleeping, it may be related to your diet. Anxiety can be traced back to gluten and caffeine. It is also estimated that half of...
7/10/21 | Sugar Connection to Cancer
The National Cancer Institute predicts that almost 40% of the population will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their lifetime. With that statistic in mind, what can you...
7/3/21 | How to Use Farmer’s Market Vegetables
Heard the buzz about buying local and shopping at farmer’s markets in the summer for your produce? Join us as two nutritionists and a culinary educator chef tackle the topic...
6/26/21 | Autoimmune Disease
In today’s episode our hosts discuss diet and how it relates to autoimmune disease. Learn how to incorporate more nutrition into your life without sacrificing flavorful meals. Our hosts talk...
6/19/21 | The Dental Diet Book Review
In today’s show, we are going to do an old-fashioned book review on the information-packed book The Dental Diet, written by Dr. Steven Lin, a board-accredited dentist and an author...
6/12/21 | Healthy Food to Prevent Disease
Today’s hosts discuss eating well to feel good both physically and mentally. How dieticians can help you prevent Alzheimer’s and develop a healthier lifestyle post pandemic.
6/5/21 | All About Men's Health
Brittany and Theresa help answer some important questions concerning men and how diet can affect their overall health. This is an information packed episode that focuses on men’s heart health,...
5/22/21 | Step Up Your Foot Health
Have you ever had a foot cramp that was so painful you found yourself jumping out of bed trying to ease the cramp and reduce the pain? Are you on...