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  • JA 5/23 Second Chance Romance realtor Annie and client date

    Realtor Annie needed our help to find out what's going on with Mike. They met at an open house and he asked her out for a dinner date. She said the conversation was great and they even kissed at the end of the night. But now he's ghosting her...why? We tried to ask him. In the end, she did get an answer.

  • JA 5/22 Birthday Prank tutor blames parents

    Christopher and Katherine's kids are having some problems in school and they have hired a tutor. Dawn (AKA Tutor Patricia) has some theories on why the kids are having difficulties in's them!

  • JA 5/21 Second Chance Friendship Cassie and Sara 15-year friendship

    Cassie and Sara have been friends for 15 years; they have been very close through ups and downs in life. Two weeks ago, they got together and Cassie realized Sara was acting strangely and has no idea why. We called Sara to ask and she's fed up. Why? She told us.

  • JA 5/20 Dreamweaver: transforms into different animals, college finals and a spaceship in the sky

    What does it mean? Dreamweaver Dawn knows!

  • JA 5/20 Animal Kingdom: surprise sloth sex!

    Lots of happy zoo news in Animal Kingdom today: a red panda escape and retrieval and a baby rhino born at the Blank Park Zoo in Des Moines, Iowa.

  • JA 5/17 Passing Notes new myTalk player Heather!

    And it's a blast from myTalk morning show history Margery Punnett playing Heather! These are real letters Dawn received in high school!

  • JA 5/16 Second Chance Romance Eric and Amber went for a walk

    Eric and Amber met online and went on one date -- dinner and a walk after. He said he was charming and respectful and doesn't understand why she hasn't responded to his text to go on another date. What is going on? We asked Amber; we were not expecting her answer.

  • JA 5/15 Birthday Prank birthday requests

    Lorena wanted our help birthday pranking her husband Curtis. They have been hired as clowns for a birthday party. Party planner Dannilynn (AKA Dawn) called Curtis with very specific, unusual demands.

  • 5/14 Second Chance Friendship high school friends Allison and Nate

    Allison and Nate have been friends for more than 10 years. He has been pulling away from their friend group since December. Allison recently found out he's hanging out with the rest of the group individually and avoiding her. What's going on? We asked Nate.

  • JA 5/13 Dreamweaver: fish, murder, a Trapper Keeper and getting lost

    What does it mean? Dreamweaver Dawn knows!

  • JA 5/13 Animal Kingdom bear bribes dog and a baby giraffe gets therapeutic shoes!

    PLUS an octopus fights back and gorillas shield themselves from the rain just like us.

  • JA 5/9 Second Chance Romance Ella and Andrew went bowling

    Ella and Andrew met online and texted each other a lot before their first date. They finally went out to dinner and bowling. They hugged goodbye and chirp chirp chirp chirp. That's all she's hearing from Andrew. Why is he ghosting her? We asked him.

  • JA 5/8 Birthday Prank Mark's 100 percent stinky at the gym!

    Mark has been having trouble getting to the gym so he joined and signed up for personal training. His new trainer Galen (AKA Jason) called to set up their first workout together...but he stinks! LOL! His wife Tara and Jason got him good!

  • JA 5/7 Second Chance Friendship former neighbors Renee and Lisa

    Renee needed our help. Former neighbor of 6 years, Lisa, has been avoiding her and she doesn't know why. She only moved a couple blocks away and their annual garage sale is coming up. Renee doesn't know if Lisa is participating. We asked Lisa what's going on.

  • 5/6 Dreamweaver: poop, John Stamos' house, secret rooms and centipedes

    What does it mean? Dreamweaver Dawn knows!

  • JA 5/6 Animal Kingdom Kentucky Derby and The Piano Dog!

    PLUS a donkey rescue, a flying turtle and maggot sausages?!

  • JA 5/3 Passing Notes a note from an "old friend"

    It's Kenny (our Traffic Kitty!) voicing Jason one of Dawn's boyfriends...but can't spell very well. Also, runny egg talk.

  • JA-Second Chance Romance Ruth and Paul 5/2

    Ruth and Paul went on one date to a car show and lunch. She texted him after the date hoping to set up a second date; he responded 3 days later and was cold and distant in his reply. Why? We asked him.

  • JA 5/1 Birthday Prank Lance's Camp Counselor

    Lance de Havilland Colby is back. With help from his wife Leslie, Lance birthday pranked former camp counselor Chris. He pretended to be one of his campers in 1989. Lance's thumb cookie business has been very successful and he want to thank him for helping him.

  • JA 4/30 Second Chance Friendship yogi friends Pamela & Carrie

    Pamela and Carrie met at work and quickly became yoga besties. They took a lot of classes together and now when Pamela sees her at the club, she ignores her. Why? We asked Carrie.

  • JA 4/29 Dreamweaver: grandpa making muffins, dead body not dead and a doorbell ringing

    What does it mean? Dreamweaver Dawn knows!

  • JA 4/29 Animal Kingdom feral cats and cow farts

    PLUS a puppy update: how are the 7 puppies doing that were found in the trash during Coachella. And Taylor Swift's new cat!

  • JA 4/26 Passing Notes MAX! MIX! from a frenemy

    myTalk player Holly plays Kristen, one of Dawn's frenemies. MAX! MIX! Huh? What's with 21-year-old guys going to prom with high school students?

  • 4/25 Second Chance Romance Andrea and Kyle's college campus date

    Andrea and Kyle go to the same college and were set up by friends. He's ignoring her on campus and hasn't texted him back. What's going on? We asked him.

  • 4/24 Birthday Prank CBD oil

    Patricia (AKA Dawn) from HR birthday pranked Beverly; she sells CBD oil at work. A co-worker feels uncomfortable. "Stop selling your marijuana." LOL! Patricia offered rehab if she needs it. Lynn and Dawn got her good!

  • 4/23 JA Second Chance Friendship high school friends of 15 years Hallie and Laronda

    Hallie and Laronda have been friends since high school. They have been through a lot together in their 15 years of friendship, being each other's maids of honors and having children. For the last few months, Laronda has been avoiding Laronda. Why? We asked her and it got a little weighty.

  • JA It's Give OUT Day! Jeffrey and Jillian from Arise Project join us

    It's Give to the Max Day with rainbows and unicorns, as Jillian described it! On any given night in Minnesota, nearly 5,000 youth experience homelessness. Of those, 40 percent identify as LGBTQ. Minnesota invests only one-fifth of the resources needed compared to other states. As a community, we’re about $4 million per year behind where we should be to make significant impact. Arise Project – one of Greater Twin Cities United Way’s giving communities – is the only consistent funder to address LGBTQ youth homelessness in the Twin Cities. Learn more and donate here:

  • 4/18 Second Chance Romance pool playing Hal and Jordan

    Hal's sister encouraged him to call us for help with Jordan who has ghosted him now after their first date. They met playing pool at a bar and really hit it off. They went on one date after that back to the same bar; he thought the date went great. He has attempted to ask her on another date, but he's only hearing crickets from Jordan. Why? We asked her. Things got awkward!

  • JA 4/16 Second Chance Friendship cosplayers Ellie and John

    Ellie and John met at a ComiCon and their love of a game brought them together as fast friends. They made duo cosplay outfits and she even celebrated Christmas with his family. Since then, he's been MIA. Why? We asked him and things got awkward!

  • JA Dreamweaver haunted house and a shower

    What does it mean? Dreamweaver Dawn knows!

  • 4/15 Animal Kingdom dire wolf obsession & a kitty survived wash cycle

    PLUS most dangerous bird kills man, a drunk orangutan and a chunky kitty.

  • JA Passing Notes French lessons with Sarah and Rocco!

    Sarah's (Donna Valentine) letter to Dawn included some French, tanning lotion and prom! This is fantastic -- must listen!

  • JA 4/11 Second Chance Romance Sarah and Mark's MOA lunch date

    Sarah and Mark met online and went on one date last December. Sarah tried to contact him to set up another date, but heard nothing back. She really likes him and has been thinking about him for the last 5 months! When we got Mark on the line, he said she was "interesting." Does this get better? Listen here.

  • JA Birthday Prank pay your tolls, Joe!

    Sandy and Joe just went on a vacation in Florida. Joe drove through multiple tolls booths without paying and Sandy wants to birthday prank him with Julianna's (AKA Dawn) help. He has to pay how much? And does he take it seriously?

  • JA 4/9 Second Chance Friendship Brent and Landon 8 year friendship

    Brent and Landon met working at Target 8 years ago. Landon was the first person Brent came out to and has been a very supportive friend. But in the last two months, Landon has been ignoring him and no longer goes to Game Night. What's going on? We asked Landon.

  • JA 4/8 Dreamweaver kittens, puppies and 16 year old with crayons

    What does it mean? Dreamweaver Dawn knows!

  • 4/8 JA Animal Kingdom elephant kills poacher and disabled chicken learns to walk

    PLUS cats hear everything, they don't care, a long python and a luxury pet jet program!

  • 4/5 JA Passing Notes Dawn broke Matt's heart and Patrick Reusse!!!!

    Dawn's a sophomore in this letter. She just broke up with Jason. Matt wants to step in, but is he more her Ducky? Patrick Reusse voices Matt LOL!

  • JA Second Chance Romance Tinder daters Wendy and Nicholas

    They met on Tinder and went to a pub, even won trivia night! She really liked him, but hasn't heard back from him. What's going on? We asked him.

  • JA 4/2 Second Chance Friendship besties Hallie and Amelia

    Hallie and Amelia met at toddler reading group at the library and became fast friends 3 years ago. Recently Amelia has been distant and short with Hallie. She hasn't heard from her in a month. What is going on? We asked Amelia. This is a first for us!

  • JA 4/1 Dreamweaver: David Letterman, floating in water and cracks in her teeth

    What does it mean? Dreamweaver Dawn knows!

  • JA Animal Kingdom snake in your pants and a woolly mammoth!

    Snake vs. Hawk, man stuffs python down pants and how the Tasmanian Devil coexists with cancer.

  • JA Meg B note within a note and Bill Cosby?

    PLUS animal dissection and her class schedule.

  • JA Second Chance Romance Rob and Anita name

    Rob and Anita met on a dating app. They went to an art museum and out to dinner. Rob loved the conversation and really wants to go out with her again. That date was 2 months ago. What is going on? We asked her.

  • JA Birthday Prank Dandy Daryl (cable TV) Deal!

    What a deal! Daryl (AKA Jason) offers a cable TV and internet deal he couldn't refuse.

  • JA 3/25 Dreamweaver an empty office, Derek Hough, snakes and ex-boyfriends

    What does it mean? Dreamweaver Dawn knows!

  • JA Animal Kingdom cane toads with milky secretions and a cute koala!

    PLUS a dog with a service dog and the most popular dog breeds.

  • JA 3/22 Passing Notes Sarah thinks Johnny Depp is ugly, comics and perms

    Sarah (voiced by Elizabeth Ries) didn’t think Johnny Depp was hot in 1987?! Rocco did a serious deep dive into the magazine and comic she mentioned in her letter.

  • JA Birthday Pranks Columbia House bill and it's overdue!

    Jacqueline and Brandon are happy they just paid off their college loans! It's Brandon's birthday and she wants Lance's (Jason) help pranking him. Lance calls looking for money!

  • JA 3/19 Second Chance Friendship besties Cynthia and Ann

    Cynthia and Ann have been friends for 15 years. Cynthia is planning her wedding! Since the announcement, Ann has been distant. She really wants Ann's help. What's going on? We asked Ann.

  • JA Animal Kingdom baby giraffe and toothy animals

    PLUS a turkey crossing guard, new frog species and a horse in a truck bed.

  • JA Dreamweaver: tiny creatures, creepy guy at Sam Goody and Jason's dream

    What does it mean? Dawn knows!

  • JA Passing Notes just 4 many questions!

    We have a new friend and a new myTalk player reading a note Dawn saved from her teenage years. The note was short, but what is going on?!

  • 3/14 Second Chance Romance Gordon and Carol love animals

    Gordon is a vet tech and met Carol at a charity bingo event. They went on one date to the zoo and dinner after. He wants to go on another date, but she's ghosting him and he's not sure why. He said he followed all the rules. Hmm...what's going on? We asked her.

  • JA Second Chance Friendship book club friends Elise & Kelly

    Elise and Kelly were in book club together and became close friends. Now two months later, Kelly is ghosting Elise and she doesn't why. We asked her!

  • JA Animal Kingdom idiot attacked by a jaguar

    PLUS a man lives to tell his experience inside a whale's mouth, April the Giraffe is so close to having her calf and congrats to a mayor goat?!

  • JA Second Chance Romance procrastinators find love?

    Billy and Vanessa met in line at the courthouse. They went on one date and Billy said he had a great time eating good food and enjoying each other's company. No kiss at the end of the night, but he wanted to go on another date. She has been ghosting him and he doesn't know why. We asked her.

  • 3/6 Birthday Prank guitar hero needs to practice!

    Trisha wants to birthday prank her husband Mark. Mark is always complaining about the cost and noise of having their kids in music lessons. Dawn calls as Ashley, their son Chad's guitar teacher. He’s having some issues. Does he practice? He doesn't want to work hard. Maybe consider another program like band management? Oh, and it costs too. LOL!

  • 3/5 Second Chance Friendship Comedy Karaoke

    Ryan and Mark have been friends for 10 years; Ryan was Mark's life coach. Recently, Ryan has noticed Mark is avoiding him. Has he and why? We asked him.

  • JA Dreamweaver: two headed dog and flying

    What does it mean? Dreamweaver Dawn knows!

  • JA Animal Kingdom tarantula eats a possum and glitter poop!

    Whale jail and an Oreo-loving pig!

  • JA 2/28 Second Chance Romance gym romance Gabe and Marcus

    Gabe and Marcus met at the gym. They bonded over how nasty people can be there. Gabe asked Marcus on a date; they went to the bar, the club and then to Marcus place. The next morning Gabe left and Marcus texted him to hang out again and then...crickets. WHY? Marcus had no problem telling us.

  • JA 2/27 Birthday Prank Bernice's snow mountain!

    Bernice (AKA Dawn) is back! Today she helped Julie birthday prank her brother Jerry; his neighbor "Bernice" needs his help removing her snow mountain. Will he help with unique compensation?

  • JA 2/26 Second Chance Friendship game night friends Rebecca & Nicole

    Rebecca and Nicole usually ride to game night together. Lately, Nicole has been finding excuses not to drive together and when they are both there, she avoids Rebecca. Rebecca has no clue why; we got a hold of Nicole and asked her.

  • JA 2/22 Passing Notes guys, guys & more hot guys! She's a tuls!

    We have a new myTalk player voicing Megan! What's shaking, Dawn and who is Ybrik and Yllek?

  • JA 2/21 Second Chance Romance Daddy's Little Girl & Aaron

    Selena and Aaron met online and went one date. She told us he left 45 minutes into the date, but she thought it went great. But she hasn't heard from him. Why? We asked him.

  • 2/19 Second Chance Friendship college friends Troy and Lisa

    Troy needed our help. His friend of 12 years Lisa hasn't talked to him for a month! There's nothing romantic between them, in fact, she's engaged and the three of them have hung out many times. What's going on? We asked Lisa. She needed a break.

  • JA Dreamweaver: dead dogs, being scalped & ex-husbands

    What does it all mean? Dreamweaver Dawn knows!

  • JA Animal Kingdom what do red squirrels eat?

    PLUS a pot smoker found a tiger and LA City Hall has rats...a lot of rats.

  • JA 2/15 Passing Notes a new myTalk player!

    We have a new myTalk player voicing one of Dawn's friends from high school. Her note was very script-y.

  • JA 2/14 Second Chance Romance server Rhonda & guest Alfonso!

    Alfonso has been eating breakfast served up by Rhonda for years. She finally asked this smoking hot customer on a date. She said she had a great time with Alfonso, but when she came back after a bathroom break, he shut down! Why? We asked him. Did we find love today?

  • JA Daryl Birthday Pranks Veronica about a gift card

    With help from Veronica's husband Carl, Daryl (AKA Jason) birthday pranks her. He isn't happy with her recent gift and wants something different...the verve! LOL!

  • JA 2/12 Second Chance Friendship bridesmaids Charity and Erin

    Charity is the maid of honor in her friend's wedding and is worried about her friend and fellow bridesmaid Erin. The wedding is 6 weeks away and Erin told the bride and bridesmaids she doesn't want to be part of the bridal party anymore. Why? We asked her. This one is butt clenching, biatches!

  • JA 2/8 Passing Notes camping leads to pregnancy and AIDS?

    Say what? Sarah (voiced by myTalk player Donna Valentine) questions if they should go camping with two boys. And someone pulled off their principal's (a nun) habit! THIS NOTE IS EPIC!

  • JA 2/7 Second Chance Romance Brad ghosting Tyler for 2 months!

    Tyler and Brad met online. They went on one date to a bar. Tyler said they had great conversation and he really liked Brad. They went to another bar and after some conversation, Brad got up and left. That was two months ago. What is going on? Luckily, Brad was open to talking with us.

  • JA Ciao Jill! Birthday Prank Lance is back...with a twist

    Natalie's friend and roommate Jill wants to learn Italian and meet a hot Italian in the process. Lance is ready to teach her. But is he qualified? And no dating! LOL!

  • JA Second Chance Friendship neighbors Amber and Ryan

    Amber and Ryan live across the hall from each other and have been friends for a year. For the last three weeks, he has been avoiding her and she is feeling very uncomfortable. We called Ryan to see what's up and it looks like she was fishing for something he can't help her catch.

  • JA Animal Kingdom wild boar news!

    Were the animals right predicting the Super Bowl and that groundhog; what did he say?

  • JA Dreamweaver Dawn: babies and a big ass tree

    What does it mean? Dreamweaver Dawn knows!

  • JA Passing Notes -- it's Ladies Pay All dance and her date wants to get trashed!

    It's Ladies Pay All dance and Dawn's date, Chris, wants to get trashed! And we have a new myTalk player voices Chris' note.

  • JA Second Chance Friendship crafting friends Layne and Callie

    Layne and Callie have been friends for years! Callie even helped Layne get ready for her holiday party making a craft/goody bag for her guests. Since then that dinner party, Callie's ghosting Layne. Why?!

  • JA Passing Notes a new epic unnamed character!

    myTalk player Colleen Lindstrom previously Ginny from Chicago is now an unnamed older cheerleader who wrote Dawn just one epic note. Whoopie Twanger! What's that?

  • JA Second Chance Romance bicycler Rodney and Jessica

    Rodney and Jessica went on one date. They had some tea and talked about gardening. He said they have similar interests and now she's ghosting him. Why? Her answer was unexpected (and very uncomfortable)!

  • JA 1/16 Birthday Prank intense personal trainer!

    Hope (AKA Dawn) birthday pranked Regina with help from her husband Chris. Regina has joined a gym to get in shape; Trainer Hope called to motivate and upsell. LOL!

  • JA Second Chance Friendship forever friends Chloe and Jenny

    Chloe and Jenny grew up together and even went to college together. They talked all the time, but now Jenny is avoiding Chloe and she doesn't know why. She knows it's something she did. She talked to Chloe's sister who said Jenny's mad, but doesn't want to get in the middle. What's up? We asked Jenny.

  • JA Animal Kingdom 5 foot bird on the loose!

    PLUS another cat with the plague, a clumsy dog, a rare antelope birth and retiring sloths.

  • JA Interview with Dr. Pimple Popper!

    Dr. Sandra Lee AKA Dr. Pimple Popper joined us to talk about her book "Put Your Best Face Forward: The Ultimate Guide to Skincare from Acne to Anti-Aging." We fangirled.

  • JA 1/11 Passing Notes pray for boobies!

    Why did Dawn whisper "killer jiggers" to her friend Sarah? This week's Passing Notes explains. LOL!

  • Second Chance Romance Kimberly and Natalie

    myTalker Kimberly went on one date with Natalie. She likes her a lot even though she admits she was very nervous on their date. But they kissed at the end. Why isn't she calling her back to set up another date? We asked her.

  • JA Birthday Prank a call from the eye doctor

    Patricia (AKA Dawn) called Curtis, known to brag about his incredible eye sight, with some news about his recent eye exam in today's Birthday Prank. Happy 40th, Curtis!

  • Second Chance Friendship movie friends Felicia and Rebecca

    Felicia asked for our help; why is Rebecca, a friend of 5 years, brushing her off? She knows things have become more stressful at work for Rebecca, but why doesn't she want to get away for a quick movie like before? We asked Rebecca. Did she say, "bye Felicia" for good?

  • JA Animal Kingdom overeager humping toads...on a python?!

    In today's Animal Kingdom: a woman wakes up to a stranger in her dog's bed with her dog, we have an eggroll eating squirrel, a dog attacks a woman, then the owner attacks the woman, toads take a ride on a python...and it's more than a ride and Colin, Jason's husband, calls in to tell us about his encounter with a snake at a Walt Disney World resort.

  • Second Chance Romance: Adam and Genevieve went bowling

    Adam needed our help. He went on two dates with Genevieve. The first date for coffee went well and the second out to dinner and bowling ended abruptly with her leaving. He doesn't know why. We called her and asked her why.

  • JA Birthday Prank in wine country

    Monica (AKA Dawn), with help from his wife Rhonda, birthday pranked Ethan. Rhonda is on her annual girl's trip in wine country. Monica has some bad news for Ethan and his wife's behavior!

  • JA Animal Kingdom penguin poop

    PLUS see a movie at the theater with your dog? A cat needed some buttering up to coax her out of a dryer vent.

  • JA Dreamweaver Dawn flying and can't get to destination

    What does it mean? Dreamweaver Dawn knows!

  • JA Michelle Mattura-Goude stopped by to thank myTalkers!

    Carol Ann, myTalker and the Anoka band mom who told us about Michelle, her family and their house fire over Thanksgiving, joined us. Kris Lindahl called in to send best wishes to Michelle and her family too.

  • JA Passing Notes Sarah (voiced by Donna Valentine) is back!

    And she dropped some curse words LOL!

  • JA Second Chance Romance funny guy Corey and Janelle

    Corey asked for our help. He met Janelle on Bumble and they went on one date to see a comedy show. He said they had a great time laughing and getting to know each other. He has called her to set up another date, but getting zero response. What's going on? We asked her.

  • JA Birthday Prank: son's doing what in his college dorm?!

    Weston and his brothers love to prank their mother. This time they are enlisting Dawn to help. She called Marcy as Anna Lisa who works at Weston's dormitory with some startling news. Weston's in trouble.

  • JA Second Chance Friendship: Carolyn and Nina

    Nina will not call Carolyn back after not speaking to her for a month. The last time they saw each other was at a Halloween Party. Carolyn was drinking. Was it something she said about her costume?

  • JA listen to mice argue over infidelity!

    PLUS sugar gliders are causing parrots to step out of their monogamous relationships, an old bird still getting it done, eels stuck in seals and coyote vests.

  • JA Dreamweaver Dawn: telepathic communication?!

    What does a telephone in a dream mean? Dreamweaver Dawn knows!

  • JA Passing Notes new character alert: popular & pretty Kristen

    We have a new character and a new myTalk player!

  • JA 12/6 Second Chance Romance mentor Shawn and Lilly

    Shawn and Lilly met at a young entrepreneur group where he's a mentor. He asked Lilly on a date and they talked about the business she is starting. He thought the date was great, but worried he bored her. He has tried to set up another date, but has been unable to get a hold of her. We called and asked her. Her view of the date is remarkably different.

  • JA Birthday Prank you ordered an icehouse?

    With help from her husband, Daryl (AKA Jason) birthday pranked Yolanda. Daryl called about the custom icehouse Landon ordered.

  • JA Helping A Family In Need

    An Anoka family had a fire that destroyed everything. We reach out to Mytalkers to help them.

  • JA Dreamweaver Dawn flying through the ocean

    What does it mean? Dreamweaver Dawn knows!

  • JA Animal Kingdom milking camels

    PLUS dog leaving "toffee" on neighbor's pillow, a grand theft otter, a huge steer and George HW's pup Sully.

  • JA Passing Notes Bea Arthur's back as

    PJ was Dawn's Ducky. Why do all the jocks get the girls?

  • Second Chance Romance mail carrier Scott and Marianne

    Scott delivers packages to Marianne's house 3 times a week. They always flirted a little bit and then one day, Marianne gave him a note with phone number on it. They went on one date and when he tried to set up a second one...chirp chirp. WHY? We tried to ask her.

  • JA Birthday Prank everyone wants Benji the dog

    Lance de Havilland Colby (Jason) birthday pranked Amy with help from her wife Jill. Their dog Benji goes to doggy daycare and is a big hit! They want him! Amy's in for a fun surprise.

  • JA Second Chance Friendship ex-spouses Francine and Daniel

    This Thanksgiving Daniel, broke the ex-spouses' 18 year tradition and didn't show up for the feast. Francine asked us to help and see why he made that choice this year. Could it have something to do with their daughter? Or his new wife? We got a hold of him and asked.

  • JA 11/26 Animal Kingdom deer kick to the face and Gobbler's Rest

    PLUS Eloise's surprise, Big Boy Bopper the Whopper and Whiskey wins!

  • JA Dreamweaver Dawn military planes overhead

    What does it mean? Dreamweaver Dawn knows!

  • JA Birthday Prank beard lifestyle

    Vikings cheerleader (AKA Dawn) called Rick to admire his beard, talk about a beard oil endorsement and possibly a TV show! He was being birthday pranked by Dawn with help from his wife Wendy who isn't the biggest fan of his beard.

  • Second Chance Romance friends Erica and Janelle

    Erica, Janelle and their husbands have been friends for years. Erica hosts a lot of parties at her house and Janelle have been MIA for 2 months now. Her excuses are lame and Erica is convinced it's something more. She's right. There's a lot more. Janelle has a few things to say.

  • JA Dreamweaver Dawn "I can breath underwater!"

    What does it mean? Dreamweaver Dawn knows!

  • Animal Kingdom a snow camel and whale earwax

    PLUS a home protecting dog and a celebrity's cat turns on the faucet.

  • JA George Takei interview talking Allegiance's return to theaters

    George Takei’s Broadway Musical "Allegiance" returns to U.S. cinemas Dec.11 and "Allegiance to Broadway" is a never-released-before documentary will be released Dec. 4. He talked about his story and working alongside Lea Salonga.

  • JA Second Chance Romance Amy and Craig -- she took him home

    Amy and Craig met at a townie bar and hit it off right away. They went on their first date the next night and met at the same bar. Amy asked for our help because Craig is ghosting her now. She said she had a lot of fun with him even invited him to her place. They danced and when she went to the bathroom and came back, he bolted. Why? We asked him.

  • JA Birthday Prank secret shopper!

    Maxine Whitaker (aka Dawn) birthday pranked Larissa with help from her boss and best friend Regina. The secret shopper saw Regina doing what in the bathroom?!

  • JA writer Bill Scheft for David Letterman

    Bill Scheft was a writer for David Letterman from 1991 to 2015. He reminisced about the final Late Show with Letterman, his demeanor that night and writing the Top Ten lists. These stories and more are told in a new book "The Last Days of Letterman: The Final 6 Weeks." Plus Jason told story about Letterman's monologue after Johnny Carson's death.

  • JA Second Chance Friendship friends now co-workers John and Jessica

    John and Jessica have been friends for 6 years. A few months ago, John helped Jessica get a job at his workplace. They went out to coffee and lunch for the first 3 weeks and now she's avoiding him. He doesn't know why. We asked her.

  • JA Dreamweaver Dawn nipple snip?

    What does it mean? Dreamweaver Dawn knows!

  • JA Animal Kingdom doe, a deer, Jack and Diane and an octopus squirt

    This and more in the Animal Kingdom today!

  • JA Passing Notes Ginny from Chicago's back!!!!!!

    YAY!!!! Hello buddy!

  • JA Second Chance Romance bikers Mark and Hailey

    Mark and Hailey met at a charity bike event; he asked her on a date and he said they had a great time riding his motorcycle together and laughing. They even kissed at the end of their date! He has texted her twice and called once, but she's ghosted him. WHY? We asked her and it appears he forgot to tell her (and us) something important.

  • Steve Kornacki is Nerd Hot

    Jason and Alexis lust after MSNBC Political Correspondent Steve Kornacki.

  • JA Birthday Prank Halloween costume mix-up

    Dawn Birthday Pranked Ron with help from his wife Kathleen. There seems to have been a mix-up at the Halloween costume shop with limited options left. Oops!

  • JA Second Chance Friendship co-workers Natalie and Jill

    Natalie and Jill work together in sales. Natalie noticed a few months ago after going to a wedding shower together that Jill has changed. She even asked their boss to be taken off projects with Natalie. What's going on? We asked her.

  • JA Dreamweaver Dawn: elevator with ex-boyfriend opens to a horse ranch

    What does it mean? Dreamweaver Dawn knows!

  • JA Animal Kingdom beloved falcon mascot kidnapped

    PLUS dog shots man, dog detects another human disease and help save the hedgehog in the UK.

  • JA Passing Notes our boss Bea Arthur plays a teenage skater boy!

    His name is PJ and he's lusting over a not-so-good friend of Dawn's. Plus Dawn shared what happened at her junior prom. Who needs enemies with friends like that?

  • Second Chance Romance cosplayers Sabrina and Matthew

    Sabrina and Matthew met at a local comic convention. They went bowling on their first date and sober Sabrina said they had a great time. But now, she's hearing crickets from him. What's going on? We asked him.

  • JA Birthday Prank an office copier situation

    Lance de Havilland Colby birthday pranked Melanie with help from her friend and co-worker. It appears someone has been copying something inappropriate at work!

  • JA Second Chance Friendship moms Tammy and Angela

    Tammy and Angela became friends through their kids' activities. They volunteer at events and participate in school fundraising efforts. Angela has been ignoring Tammy and Tammy doesn't know why. She even pretended to not hear her when Tammy called her name in the parking lot. What is going on? We asked her. Will our winning reconnecting friends streak continue?

  • JA Animal Kingdom cats, dogs, a kangaroo and gay penguins

    Oh my! Lots of animal news!

  • JA Dreamweaver Dawn: big worm pulls the skin off the little worm

    WHAT?! What does that dream mean? Dreamweaver Dawn knows!

  • JA Passing Notes red ink, blue ink, yellow ink +

    LOL! A colorful note and a new guy named Mark.

  • JA Second Chance Romance body builder Jordan and Marissa

    Jordan and Marissa met at a fitness challenge. They went on two dates; the first one out to dinner and a play and a second to a pumpkin patch that led to a sleepover at Jordan's house. She hasn't called him back after their hook up session to set up date three. What's up with that? We asked her.

  • JA Birthday Pranking a fast texter!