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  • Forced Movie Review: "The Possession"

    Dawn assigned Alexis "The Possession" -- a 2012 supernatural horror film based on a true story about a haunted dybbuk box.

  • 11/11 JA Dreamweaver: childhood home, zit popping, sharing an apartment with a stranger and breaking into a house!

    What does it mean? Dreamweaver Dawn knows!

  • 11/8 Jason, Alexis and Dawn Forced Movie Reviews: "Kill Bill: Vol. 1"

    Alexis assigned Jason the 2003 action film (Quentin Tarantino's 4th film) "Kill Bill: Vol. 1"! Did Jason love it? You'll see.

  • 11/8 JA Passing Notes Matt's back voiced by Patrick Reusse!

    Matt's still cranky about getting rejected by girls. Did he get someone pregnant? But he's still interested in Dawn.

  • 11/7 JA Second Chance Romance art lovers Dennis and Wendy

    Dennis and Wendy went on a coffee date. They spent an hour together; he was late and she had to pick up her kid at daycare. He said they had great conversation and he wants to go on another date. Does she feel the same way? We asked her.

  • 11/4 JA Dreamweaver: wearing costumes, blind date with Alexis, no water in the toilet and a third floor with secret rooms

    What does it mean? Dreamweaver Dawn knows!

  • 11/1 JA Passing Notes Katie K-9's back as spazy Brandy

    Brandy jumped from topic to topic: weight training, fighting with Kelly, boys -- Jeff, Scott, Chris and more, she's working on her grades and cheerleading.

  • 10/31 JA Second Chance Romance: Layna read Michael's tarot cards

    Layna gave Michael a tarot card reading and he asked her out on a date after that. They went on two dates; on their second date, they spent the night together and since then, she hasn't heard anything from him. What's going on? We asked him.

  • 10/21 JA Dreamweaver: bank without doors, naked in a fire, better house in the basement and kayaking and seeing a hanged man

    What does it mean? Dreamweaver Dawn knows!

  • 10/18 JA Passing Notes: boy-obsessed and medicated Megan is back!

    Megan, voiced by myTalk player Stephanie Hansen is back! Imaging Director Rocco recorded a special song just for her!

  • 10/17 JA Second Chance Romance Elise and Samuel met on Facebook's Dating app

    Elise liked what she saw on Samuel's Facebook profile and asked him on a date. They went out to dinner and he checked off many things on her dating list...being on time, handsome and shared hobbies. It's been a month and a half since that date and all she's hearing is crickets. Why is he ghosting her?

  • 10/11 JA Forced Movie Review: "Desperado"

    Alexis assigned Jason to watch the classic action film "Desperado" starring Antonio Banderas and Salma Hayek. Did he love it?

  • 10/11 JA Passing Notes frenemy Keke's back!

    Dawn made brownies for naked boy, called him an ingrown butt hair and sang forever young, but Holly's version. Keke also called Dawn a bitch, but says she's joking...but is she? Keke's incredible!

  • 10/10 JA Second Chance Romance: Kyle and Brandy's surprise date!

    Kyle and Brandy met on a dating app. He wanted to surprise her with a date. He took her to a haunted house and dinner after. He had a lot of fun, but did she? She's ghosted him for two weeks. Why? We asked her.

  • 10/7 JA Dreamweaver: adventures with pets, moldy shower, WWII Germany, slow dancing with Mom and stabbed by scissors

    What does it mean? Dreamweaver Dawn knows!

  • 10/4 Passing Notes Josh is back!

    myTalk player Bradley Traynor plays Josh and he's back talking parties, school and being grounded.

  • 10/3 JA Second Chance Romance Tiffany and Andrea met at a cooking class

    Tiffany asked Andrea out for a dinner date and she said it went great. The conversation was flowing. She told Andrea about her love of crafting and upcycling. What went wrong? Why is she ghosting her now? We asked her.

  • 9/30 JA Dreamweaver: car moving no one inside, zombies, JLo, babies in hot cars and a dream about Dad

    What does it mean? Dreamweaver Dawn knows!

  • 9/27 JA Forced Movie Review: Drag Me To Hell

    Dawn assigned Alexis to watch Drag Me To Hell aka drag her to the toilet. What a gross, horrifying film! But did she like it? Also what movie did Alexis pick for Jason's next action film Forced Movie Review?

  • 9/27 JA Passing Notes late 80s teenage world in one letter...with death threats!

    myTalk player Elizabeth Ries plays Steph; she wrote about boys, crafting and school!

  • 9/26 JA Second Chance Romance golfing Marco and Sasha

    Marco and Sasha met at a friend's 4th of July party and finally went on their date in August. They went to Top Golf and Marco said they had a great time. Why is he swinging and missing a second date? We asked to Sasha.

  • 9/23 JA Alexis' brother Jake joins us with Emmys Red Carpet dish!

    Who were his best dressed picks? And anything juicy happen behind the scenes at the Emmys and After Party? He dished!

  • 9/23 JA Dreamweaver: playing with babies in water, a foreign city and forgot her new baby!

    What does it mean? Dreamweaver Dawn knows!

  • 9/23 JA Little Lex on the Prairie S1E21 Money Crop

    New resident, Joe Coulter, convinces the farmers of Walnut Grove to switch from growing wheat to a new hybrid corn. An accident on the way back from Minneapolis caused him to not return on time. The farmers started to turn on him and his pregnant wife! Pa saved the day!

  • 9/20 JA Forced Movie Review: Notting Hill

    Jason assigned Dawn to watch Notting Hill as her Forced Movie Review. Did she love it? LOL!

  • 9/20 JA Passing Notes Ginny from Chicago is back with a theme song!

    Ginny calls Dawn Mother Anna and talks about dying if she doesn't get good grades. And she was a DJ!

  • 9/19 JA Second Chance Romance Courtney and granite countertop guy Rick

    Courtney hasn't dated in years so when Rick came to install her new kitchen countertops and they clicked, she asked him out on a date. They went on one date and she said they had a great time. She texted him a couple times to set up a second date, but she's just hearing crickets back. What's going on? We asked Rick.

  • 9/16 JA Dreamweaver: chased by a cheeseball, prisoner's purpose, a marble swirling in son's brain, back to country of origin and diarrhea

    What does it mean? Dreamweaver Dawn knows!

  • 9/16 JA Little Lex on the Prairie reviews: Child of Pain

    The community of Walnut Grove comes together to protect a young man named Graham who gets beat by his alcoholic father John. When the child was found unconscious in his home, Pa Ingalls steps in helps the father detox while Ma welcomes Graham to stay with her and the girls. John is forced face his anger and has an aha moment.

  • 9/13 JA Forced Movie Review: Commando

    Alexis assigned Jason to watch the 1985 classic action film Commando starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Alyssa Milano. Did he like it? BAHAHA!

  • 9/12 JA Second Chance Romance Mitch and Melissa went to high school together!

    Mitch asked for our help. He was paired with Melissa on Tinder; he instantly recognized her because they went to high school together. They went on three dates. They made out on the first two and on the third date, they hung out with friends from high school. Why has she ghosted him now? Turns out Mitch forgot to tell us a few things.

  • 9/9 Dreamweaver: kissed Brett Favre, fire in a hospital as mom and sister give birth and Willie Nelson comes to the party

    What does it mean? Dreamweaver Dawn knows!

  • JA Little Lex on the Prairie: Circus Man S1E19

    This is an odd episode about a freaky circus man named Willie O’Hara. He has The Secret of Shamin, a healing, magical powder that he offers the residents of Walnut Grove. Dr. Baker and Pa aren’t happy. What’s really going on?

  • 9/6 Passing Notes the police came and Dawn got grounded!

    We have a new character and myTalk player. Kris Lindahl plays Scott, Dawn's first real boyfriend. The police busted a party and Dawn was grounded the entire summer! What happened and who is Hojo?

  • 8/26 Dreamweaver: mountains, big mansion with lots of kids and a spirit flips her body in the tub!

    What does it mean? Dreamweaver Dawn knows!

  • 8/26 JA Little Lex on the Prairie Reviews: The Plague

    The Plague has hit Walnut Grove thanks to Mr. Peterson's janky corn meal. Pa Ingalls and Dr. Baker set up a makeshift hospital in the church to help those suffering from typhus while they try to figure out the source.

  • 8/19 JA Dreamweaver: bugs laying eggs in your ear, running free and a friend died

    What does it mean? Dreamweaver Dawn knows!

  • 8/19 JA Little Lex on the Prairie S1E17 Doctor's Lady

    Dr. Baker found a sweet honey! The Oleson's niece named Kate. They quickly fell in love, but many questioned them. Did it last?

  • 8/15 JA Second Chance Romance UPDATES!

    For the first time ever, we have four Second Chance Romance updates. What happened after our awkward phone calls with them? We heard from Twins game couple, Prince fanatic, too much political talk guy and single parents who met at daycare. There were a couple surprises!

  • 8/12 JA Dreamweaver: abduction, sensations of pain, college, dirty bathrooms and rebellious snakes!

    What does it mean? Dreamweaver Dawn knows!

  • 8/12 JA Little Lex on the Prairie S1E16 Family Quarrel

    The Olesons are fighting and they don't care who sees or hears them. The town is concerned and many try to help the couple reconcile -- the pastor from Mankato tries and the doctor tries too. Pa and Ma Ingalls play some reverse psychology on the couple and it works. They save the day again...or did they?

  • 8/9 JA Passing Notes Dawn and Jason did not work out

    Megan (voiced by myTalk player Steph Hansen) was Dawn's best friend. In this note, Dawn's mom read something she shouldn't have and boys, boys, boys.

  • 8/8 JA Second Chance Romance vibing Hailey and Jordan

    Hailey and Jordan met at a happy hour with mutual friends. She asked him out and since he is new to the Twin Cities, she took him to a local park for food and dancing. She really liked him and he seemed to want to go on a second date. But did he? He didn't respond to her text messages. Why? We asked him.

  • 8/5 JA Dreamweaver: a flooded lighthouse, mom married much younger trainer and knickknacks everywhere!

    What does it mean? Dreamweaver Dawn knows!

  • 8/5 JA Little Lex on the Prairie S1E15 Christmas at Plum Creek

    It's Christmas time in Walnut Grove and the Ingalls first Christmas in their house. Each person wants to make it a special Christmas and takes on extra jobs to make more money. Lots of secrecy and fun surprises in this joyful episode!

  • 8/2 JA Passing Notes crabby Matt is back!

    Dawn wrote Matt (voiced by Patrick Reusse) back! And he was not happy. Listen to all the shade he was dropping!

  • 8/1 JA Second Chance Romance cyclists Tom and Chris

    Tom and Chris met through friends. They talked about biking and Tom asked Chris out. They went to a local sports bar for a date and watched the Twins game. Tom said they have a lot in common and when texted him to set up another date...he got a lukewarm response. What's going on? We asked Chris.

  • 7/29 JA Little Lex on the Prairie S1E14 The Lord Is My Shepard

    This episode is sad and an hour and a half. It was directed by Michael Landon and starred Ernest Borgnine. Ma and Pa welcome a baby boy who is very sick. He passes away and Laura blames herself.

  • JA Passing Notes Doing The Butt

    myTalk player Stephanie March plays Ali; she wrote Dawn with a tip about how to be popular.

  • 7/25 JA Second Chance Romance horror film fans Rick and Molly

    Rick and Molly met on a dating site and went on one date. Rick enjoyed their conversation; he thinks she's beautiful and intelligent. They talked about their mutual love of horror films and he texted her to set up a second date to see Midsommer. He hasn't heard back. What's up with that? We asked Molly.

  • 7/22 JA Alexis' brother Jake talking San Diego Comic-Con and Big Little Lies 2 finale

    Jake talked about his experience at Comic-Con in San Diego. Did he like how Big Little Lies 2 wrapped and would he like to see a season 3? We also talked about his #BBL2 parodies he makes for HBO.

  • 7/22 JA Little Lex On The Prairie S1E13 The Award

    The Minnesota School Board has an annual examination for school kids and the prize is a Webster Dictionary. Mary wants to win! She accidentally starts a fire in the barn and Ma says she can't take it, but does she anyway?

  • JA 7/19 Passing Notes "Don Don's a spazz "

    We have a new character Brandy and a new myTalk player...lots of boy talk and highlighter changes.

  • 7/12 JA Passing Notes Cowabunga!

    Michael (myTalk player Steve Patterson) wrote Dawn about her frenemy Kristen and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Go ninja go ninja go!

  • 7/11 JA Second Chance Romance: gym rats Ronald and Tammy

    Ronald met Tammy at the gym. After their workouts, Ronald asked her out to dinner that night. He said she's smart and they have a lot in common, but he hasn't seen her at the gym or been in contact with her. It's been three weeks. What's going on? We asked Tammy.

  • 7/8 JA Dreamweaver: flying, Chrissy Teigen and an expensive hotel in San Francisco!

    What does it mean? Dreamweaver Dawn knows!

  • 7/8 JA Little Lex On The Prairie S1E11 The Voice of Tucker Jones

    Tinker Jones is an expert craftsman in Walnut Grove who makes beautiful pots and metal toys for the kids. He's also mute but communicates through miming or on his little chalkboard. The Reverend from Mankato who preaches in their church once a month suggests they raise money for a church bell. The congregation can't agree how to make that happen. Tinker Jones saves the day with help from the kids of Walnut Grove.

  • 7/1 Dreamweaver: dinner plates in eyes and sister's husband not showing up to his wedding!

    What does it mean? Dreamweaver Dawn knows!

  • 7/1 JA Little Lex on the Prairie S1E11 The Raccoon!

    Laura got bit by a rabid raccoon?! Or did she? How's the dog Jack doing? What happened to the raccoon with rabies? So much in this episode! Pitchforking too.

  • JA 6/28 EPIC Passing Notes Choose Your Own Adventure Edition!

    So EPIC Imaging Director and Passing Notes producer Rocco Bonello joined us to run the board! What are Dawn and her friends up to in junior high? What did her notes reveal? Get ready to pee your pants LOL!

  • 6/27 JA Second Chance Romance Marla and Pete met at a Prince tribute show

    Marla and Pete met at a Prince tribute concert. Pete asked her on a date and they went to the airport; Marla had a gift card to a hotel restaurant. She said they had a great time and they have in common. So why isn't he calling her back? We asked him.

  • 6/24 JA Dreamweaver: killed someone, forgot to put on makeup, rotting gums and fingernails!

    What does it mean? Dreamweaver Dawn knows!

  • 6/24 JA Little Lex on the Prairie S1E10 School Mom

    Mrs. Beadle falls off her wagon when the horses get scared from the screams of children. Walnut Grove's "school board" asks Mrs. Ingalls to teach the children including a kid who looks like a man. He can't read, but she helps. Mrs. Beadle returns to the school house and Ma can go back to tending to her husband and children.

  • 6/21 JA Passing Notes basketball player Colleen gives boy advice

    And new myTalk player Stephanie Shimp voices Colleen in today's note from Dawn's middle and high school years.

  • 6/20 Second Chance Romance Raymond and Mitch connect over yoga and auras?

    Raymond met Mitch at a party after getting out of a bad relationship a few months ago. They went out to coffee after Raymond's yoga class. Raymond likes Mitch's energy and thought they had a great time together. Why isn't Mitch eager to set up a second date? We asked him.

  • 6/17 JA Dreamweaver: can't walk, in a storm and house filling with sand, adoption and a job offer!

    What does it mean? Dreamweaver Dawn knows!

  • 6/14 JA Passing Notes frenemy Kristen is back and ready to party

    Voiced by myTalk player Holly Roberts, Kristen (AKA Kiki) wants to party and boy talk. Who is Enid?

  • 6/13 Second Chance Romance single parents Ben and Allison

    Ben is a single dad who met Allison (a single mom) at their kids' daycare center. They went on one date out to dinner. He thought it went great; a few days later, texted her to set up a second date. She's been avoiding him. Why? We asked her.

  • 6/11 JA Chilli from TLC talking TC Pride and more!

    Chilli and T-Boz from TLC will perform at Pride in Concert on June 22nd. Alexis and Dawn talked to Chilli about their performance, making chili and what TV she's loving right now. Tickets still available

  • 6/10 JA Dreamweaver playing with spirits, Kanye and Kim K and eating jewelry

    What does it all mean? Dreamweaver Dawn knows!

  • 6/7 JA Passing Notes suck for a buck

    Dawn saved all of the letters her friends sent through middle and high school. In this one, Steph (voiced by myTalk player Elizabeth Ries) has a lot going on and a fun cameo!

  • 6/6 JA Second Chance Romance Katherine and Erica hike and a picnic

    Katherine and Erica met at an art fair and went on one date. They went hiking and Katherine said said she had a great time, lots in common. But that was 5 weeks ago and she hasn't a peep from Erica. What happened? We asked Erica.

  • JA Dreamweaver: plants, baby shark, son goes missing, snake eating her and friends with other husbands

    What does it mean? Dreamweaver Dawn knows!

  • JA 5/31 Passing Notes Steph March voiced Ali; she's having a bad day

    Kelly's mad, Ali's mad, she's yelled at a much! Another note Dawn saved from high school in Passing Notes!

  • JA 5/30 Second Chance Romance Christina and Rob's smash fun date

    Christina and Rob went on one date at Mall of America. Christina said she had a great time they even texted after the date to make plans and then about a month ago, he stopped texting her. What's going on? We asked Rob.

  • JA 5/28 Second Chance Friendship ex-sister-in-laws Lauren and Katrina

    Lauren needed our help communicating with her ex-sister-in-law Katrina. Katrina has been avoiding her for two months and she doesn't know why. We asked Katrina.

  • JA 5/24 Passing Notes KSTP's Chris Egert reads Mark S' note!

    Mark S needs to get Dawn off his back! It was a quick to the point letter -- so quick Jason almost choked on an egg!

  • JA 5/23 Second Chance Romance realtor Annie and client date

    Realtor Annie needed our help to find out what's going on with Mike. They met at an open house and he asked her out for a dinner date. She said the conversation was great and they even kissed at the end of the night. But now he's ghosting her...why? We tried to ask him. In the end, she did get an answer.

  • JA 5/22 Birthday Prank tutor blames parents

    Christopher and Katherine's kids are having some problems in school and they have hired a tutor. Dawn (AKA Tutor Patricia) has some theories on why the kids are having difficulties in's them!

  • JA 5/21 Second Chance Friendship Cassie and Sara 15-year friendship

    Cassie and Sara have been friends for 15 years; they have been very close through ups and downs in life. Two weeks ago, they got together and Cassie realized Sara was acting strangely and has no idea why. We called Sara to ask and she's fed up. Why? She told us.

  • JA 5/20 Dreamweaver: transforms into different animals, college finals and a spaceship in the sky

    What does it mean? Dreamweaver Dawn knows!

  • JA 5/20 Animal Kingdom: surprise sloth sex!

    Lots of happy zoo news in Animal Kingdom today: a red panda escape and retrieval and a baby rhino born at the Blank Park Zoo in Des Moines, Iowa.

  • JA 5/17 Passing Notes new myTalk player Heather!

    And it's a blast from myTalk morning show history Margery Punnett playing Heather! These are real letters Dawn received in high school!

  • JA 5/16 Second Chance Romance Eric and Amber went for a walk

    Eric and Amber met online and went on one date -- dinner and a walk after. He said he was charming and respectful and doesn't understand why she hasn't responded to his text to go on another date. What is going on? We asked Amber; we were not expecting her answer.