Need dog advice? Look no further than Katie K9, the down-home dog trainer. Long trusted by dog owners and industry professionals, Katie is dedicated to educating the everyday family through this Q&A program, in addition to running her own obedience school. Dogs are her specialty, but her wisdom doesn’t stop there. You won’t find expensive gimmicks or treats here! Just simple logic and kind-hearted patience from an entertainingly jovial host.
Listen and learn about your pets from an expert Sundays from 4 to 6!

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09/25/21 | Hour 2: Picky Eaters & Skin Tags
Katie talks about certain pets when they have a picky diet, and what to feed them. She also talks about dermatology in dogs and casts, specifically skin tags. Plus, more...
09/12/21 | Hour 2: Compulsive Dogs
Katie continues to remember the dogs from 9/11. She also talks about leash training, compulsive behavior in dogs and how to treat it, and rotten tooth care.
09/05/21 | Hour 2: Jumping Dogs & Potty Problems
Katie is live from the State Fair! She continues on answering questions on how to control your dogs from jumping on people, how to avoid your pets eating unwanted food,...