Need dog advice? Look no further than Katie K9, the down-home dog trainer. Long trusted by dog owners and industry professionals, Katie is dedicated to educating the everyday family through this Q&A program, in addition to running her own obedience school. Dogs are her specialty, but her wisdom doesn’t stop there. You won’t find expensive gimmicks or treats here! Just simple logic and kind-hearted patience from an entertainingly jovial host.
Listen and learn about your pets from an expert Sundays from 4 to 6!

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Weekly Cute: Golden Retriever Puppy Gives Owner Forehead Kisses

  Seven-week-old golden retriever puppy demonstrates his strong observation skills when he returns kisses to his owner. When we love our dogs, they love us right back.

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Weekly Cute: Dog Befriends Dolphin Your Cat: Strange New Secrets to a Longer, Stronger Life by Elizabeth Hodgkins

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Weekly Cute: Tiny Sea Turtles Dr. Jessica Levy, Holistic Veterinary Care 

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Hummingbird and His Friend  Jimmy Dean – I.O.U – Happy Mother’s Day 

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Dr. Jessica Levy, Holistic Veterinary Care  Watch Dog Interrupt Utah Track Meet 

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Dr. Jessica Levy, Holistic Veterinary Care, LLC   Weekly Cute: Funny Dogs Reaction To Vet 

6/20/21 | Hour 2: Obedience for Rescues
Katie answers MyTalkers’ questions about skin tags and itchy ears. Also, some advice about puppy mill dogs and the truth about obedience training.
6/6/21 | Hour 2: Pool Safety for Dogs
Introducing new puppies into the pet family can be tricky. Katie answers Ryan’s puppy questions from dealing with nipping to potty training and kettle training. It’s summertime and the pool...
6/6/21 | Hour 1: Communicating With Your Dog
Dogs try to talk to us humans! Katie K9 discusses the 4 distinct dog personalities and suggests ways to interpret their body language and match calming signals. MyTalkers call in...