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  • L&J debut Pamela McNeill's new Prince song


  • Julia's Random Thoughts

  • L&J's Rock n Roll Jeopardy goes off the rails

  • L&J talk all things Prince with Jon Bream

  • L&J 3 words that describe your snowy weekend

  • L&J Celebrity Interview: Donny Osmond

    Lori & Julia chat with one of their all-time favs, Donny Osmond himself!

  • L&J discuss "digestive confusion"

  • L&J Rock 'N Roll Jeopardy!

  • L&J Texting With Teens!

  • Julia does something she hasn't in a long time

  • L&J discuss Cardi B's butt injections

    She explains why she got them.

  • L&J talk movies with critic Chris Hewitt

  • Minnesota is the least stressed state!

  • L&J chat with the cast of "Newsies"

    THE hottest, most spellbinding story of the day - as only Lori and Julia can discuss it.

  • L&J - famous people's superstitions

  • L&J Lori watched "Sirens"

    "Sirens" is a new TV show on Freeform cable. Now Lori wants mermaids to be real!

  • L&J - new details in Ryan Seacrest story

    THE hottest, most spellbinding story of the day - as only Lori and Julia can discuss it.

  • L&J talk about the Roseanne premiere

  • L&J Who bit Beyonce in the face? We discuss.

    THE hottest, most spellbinding story of the day - as only Lori and Julia can discuss it.

  • Lori's Sex Monday is all about sleep

    Sex, romance and dating tips from Lori. Julia mostly gasps in horror.

  • L&J breakdown the royal wedding costs

  • L&J Fact or Fiction gets a little nuts

  • Julia's Random Thoughts

  • L&J chat w/ Prince band member Shelby J

  • L& J go Irish for St. Patty's Day

    Guest is Cormac O'Se

  • L&J - full face snorkel mask danger

  • Lori's Study of Duh

  • Lori's take on the new American Idol

    Boring. No chemistry.

  • LJ chat with Bella Thorne & Patrick Schwarzenegger

  • L&J talk movies w/ Chris Hewitt

  • L&J's Vintage Scandal Rita & Marlon

  • L&J - Millennials, cell phones, bad backs

  • L&J Sex Monday - survey

    Sex, romance and dating tips from Lori. Julia mostly gasps in horror.

  • L&J's Oscar-themed Beat Shazam

    Best song nominees but not winners.

  • Julia's Random Thoughts

    Trouble for climbers of Alaska's Mt. Denali

  • L&J chat with authors of "Wife Between Us"

    It's one of the hottest books out there.

  • Lori vs. The Instant Pot

    She's giving it away.

  • L&J's funny Texting w/ Teens

  • L&J and the great chicken debate

  • We help Julia with her dating profile

    an interesting mix of adjectives

  • Julia, Donny, Holly Random Thoughts

  • Donny's Sounds of Silence story

  • Julia's beef with Winter Games TV coverage

  • L&J fun Valentine's stories

    THE hottest, most spellbinding story of the day - as only Lori and Julia can discuss it.

  • L&J chat w/ someone who got date app scammed

  • L&J and the Peter Rabbit controversy,

  • L&J a crazy round of Shazam

  • L&J talk movies w/ Chris Hewitt

  • L&J w/ bestselling author AJ Finn

    His book Woman in the Window is #1.

  • L&J's Olympic condom count

  • L&J's great Timberlake debate.

    THE hottest, most spellbinding story of the day - as only Lori and Julia can discuss it.

  • L & J's play The Big Game Fact or Fiction

    They did kind of okay.

  • Julia's Randoms: What is a tac-cro?

  • Donna Mills-Gate is resolved!

    Was it her or not?

  • Jason visits L&J -Donna Mills-gate

    THE hottest, most spellbinding story of the day - as only Lori and Julia can discuss it.

  • L&J Donna Mills-gate continues

  • Julia's Random Thoughts

  • The great L&J Sag Awards audio fiasco

  • Holly&Donny talk about going to the movies

  • L&J 1/18 Julia's SB Segment!

    Julia has the inside scoop on where celebs and players are staying, and where myTalk will be broadcasting the week of the big game. The hot acts, deals on concerts and biggest SB parties. Donny also has a hot cheese curd tip!

  • L&J 1/16 Julia's SB Segment!

    What you need to know about being in downtown Minneapolis the weekend of the big game, including buildings that have already gone up and details on the best hot spots.

  • L&J talk about FX Versace series

  • L & J butt heads on Fact or Fiction

    Julia keeps calling it True or False.

  • L & J talk lobster rights...seriously

  • Lori's Hawaii missile attack kit

  • L&J - watch our these e-mail scams

  • L&J chat movies w/ Chris Hewitt

    THE hottest, most spellbinding story of the day - as only Lori and Julia can discuss it.

  • Julia/Holly discuss Kelly Clarkson spanking

  • L & J chat w/ TV critic Neal Justin

    THE hottest, most spellbinding story of the day - as only Lori and Julia can discuss it.

  • Julia's Random Thoughts

  • Lori on Justin Timberlake's new song

    Not too bad in her opinion

  • L&J love Jimmy Kmmel's Lie Witness News

  • Lori & Holly try out Fact of Fiction

    A fun new game

  • L&J discuss Logan Paul's stupidity

  • L & J chat w/ Jon Bream about 2017 music

  • L & J's very weird interview w/ Kreskin

    One of the strangest we've ever done.

  • L&J holiday edition of Shazam

    They had to finish the lyrics.

  • Lori gives us multiple theories

  • L&J play other versions of All I Want for Xmas

  • You will love these "Julia-isms"

    Someone has been taking notes.

  • L&J"s Hallmark movie drinking game

  • L&J & the great butt hurt debate

  • L & J chat movie w/ movie critic Chris Hewitt

  • L & J chat with the star of Xmas Carol Petersen

    That would be the very talented Todd Petersen

  • L & J talk Golden Globe nominations

    snubs and surprises

  • L & J play the Shazam game.

    This time they try and guess the artist.

  • L & J say what's up w/ 23&Me?

    That's one of those family tree tests

  • L & J chat with Miss Richfield 1981

    Such a funny lady!

  • Julia's Random Thoughts

  • Shazam with L & J. Guess the year.

  • L&J chat w/ Neal Justin about Matt Lauer

  • L & J's Vintage Scandal

    Alfred Hitchcock was obsessed with Tipp Hedren

  • Julia's Random Thoughts

  • L&J chat with Desi Oakley from "Waitress"

  • Lori's study of "Duh"

  • Julia's random Thoughts

  • L & J play the Shazam game

  • L & J talk movies w/ith Chris Hewitt

    THE hottest, most spellbinding story of the day - as only Lori and Julia can discuss it.

  • L & J talking turkey w/ Steph March

    She has some great Thanksgiving dinner ideas.

  • L & J chat with a Super Bowl volunteer

    She gets to keep a lot of cool clothing

  • L & J's Walk Down the Red Carpet

    Who knew it started in ancient Greece?

  • L & J chat with author Peter Bognanni

    His great book is "Things I'm Seeing Without You"

  • L & J chat People's Sexiest Man Alive

  • L & J chat with The Snack King

    His name is Ben Passer and he knows his stuff.

  • L & J Hollywood Speaking

  • L & J play the Shazam game

    Instrumentals this time around

  • L & J Hollywood Speak Tom Brady

    He's entered Goop territory

  • Lori & Julia's Vintage Scandal

    Robert Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe

  • L & J chat Mick Jagger's new girlfriend

    Yikes, she's only 22!

  • L & J -What does the Queen eat daily?

    It may surprise you

  • L & J chat with Dave from Darkness Radio

    Lots of spooky stories.

  • Lori & Julia's Vintage scandal

  • L & J's Study of Duh is epic

    This is one for the ages.

  • Sex Monday w/ L&J. This is a doozy.

    Sex, romance and dating tips from Lori. Julia mostly gasps in horror.

  • L & J discuss Renee Zellweger as Judy Garlan

  • L&J talk happines w/ Dan Buettner

    His new book is "The Blue Zones of Happiness"

  • Lori & Julia play the 7 seconds game

  • Julia's Random Thoughts

  • The happiest country in the world

  • Ivana Trump says I am the first lady

    She is really out spoken

  • Julia meets the giant cockroach

    And hilarity ensued

  • Julia's Random Thoughts

  • L & J. So what exactly is a milleninial?

  • L & J chat with author Steve Rushin

    His wonderful memoir is "Sting-Ray Afternoons"

  • L & J no like JT for Super Bowl half-time

  • Julia does not like TV musicals

    No exceptions

  • Lori & Julia discuss Kylie's pregnancy

  • L & J interview Kardashian book author.

    Jerry Oppenheimer dug deep into the family's history,

  • Oh Mariah. You've done it again.

    They moved you around like a piece of furniture.

  • Julia's Random Thoughts

    Always filled with fun facts

  • Lori & Julia's Vintage Scandal

    Iconic model Lauren Hutton

  • Lori & Donny scare Julia with "It" talk

    Will you guys please stop already!

  • Sex Monday w/Lori and Julia

    Sex, romance and dating tips from Lori. Julia mostly gasps in horror.

  • L & J chat with author Laurie Gelman

    Her very funny book is "Class Mom"

  • Donny's review of Stephen Kings's "It"

  • Jason & Alexis Birthday Prank 9/6/17

    Allison wants to prank Bill about how smart their dog is.

  • L & J decode Taylor Swift's lyrics

  • Fill -in Lori and Fill-in Julia's Top Five at Five: State Fair Edition

    Fill-in Lori and Fill-in Julia stop by the Minnesota State Fair to give their top five ways that myTalk can improve their state fair presence...

  • Lori & Julia interview Lizz Winstead

    It's become an annual State Fair tradition: The ladies chat with "The Daily Show" co-creator, comedian and all-around rad human being Lizz Winstead. They chat about state fair foods, Prince and Lizz's dedication to her dog's well-being.

  • Birthday Pranks- Dawn Pranks Jill at the Fair

    Jill had one job to do; that was to watch over the goats her husband entered to the Fair. 8/30/17

  • 10-year-old rapper Priest Jones joins Lori & Julia

    10-year-old rapper Priest Jones and his mom, Tryenyse, join Lori and Julia to talk about his music and why he wants to create and share positive rhymes. What a talent!

  • Lori & Julia interview "Blue Ribbon Baker" Marjorie Johnson

    What would a broadcast from the Minnesota State Fair be without a visit from the blue ribbon baking legend herself, Marjorie Johnson? We love her!

  • L & J chat with the very funny John O'Hurley

    One of our best state Fair guests ever.

  • Lori & Julia interview John O'Hurley

    Lori and Julia interviewed actor John O'Hurley on Day 1 of the Minnesota State Fair. John talks about meeting Frank Sinatra, gives a secret "Seinfeld" monologue and remembers the time he put one of LoJ's BodyPerks on his chest!

  • L & J talk movies with critic Chris Hewitt

  • L & J Hollywood Speak Paris Hilton

    Paris wished her 2006 album a happy birthday.

  • Sex Monday w/Lori and Julia

    Sex, romance and dating tips from Lori. Julia mostly gasps in horror.

  • L & J give their take on Project D&D

    Lori's weird explanation of why we are qualified.

  • L & J talk about the day Elvid died.

    Thie city of Memphis went into mourning just as we did when Prince died.

  • L & J chat with author Karen Dionne

    Her book is the thriller "The Marsh King's Daughter"

  • L & J and the homework debate

    To give or not to give.

  • L & J hope Project D&D will be...

    Not too likely to happen.

  • L & J: Brad & Angie. Could they reunite?

    We are very skeptical.

  • L & J discuss The Bachelorette finale

  • L & J tallk about the ta-ta towel.

    So what the heck is it?

  • Nice gestures that drive us crazy

    We know they mean well, but...

  • Hollywood fighting back against Rotten Tomatoes

    Lori & Julia don't think it will matter.

  • So what does the Queen eat every day?

    Lori and Julia have the details

  • L & J loved Matthew McConaughey on Colbert

    He gives great couch.

  • Sex Monday w/Lori and Julia

    Sex, romance and dating tips from Lori. Julia mostly gasps in horror.

  • L & J play "How Well Do We Know Each Other"

    Let's find out shall we?

  • L & J & The great group text debate

  • Julia's Random Thoughts

    Your dog can act like a teenager?

  • More Beat Shazam Fun with L & J

    We do it every Friday at 4:30

  • L & J talk movies with Chris Hewitt

    He reviews for The Pioneer-Press

  • L & J and the great mom shame debate

    Things got a little crazy.

  • Lori's latest study of "Duh!"

  • Julia goes on a bit of a rank about sink holes.

    Will Florida fall in to the Gulf of Mexico?

  • More L & J fun with Beat Shazam.

    They really had a tough time with Canadian artists.

  • L & J chat with author Abby Stern

    "According to a Source" is her debut novel.

  • Gagnam style video has been de-throned

    Wiz Khalifa and Andrew Puth are now number 1 most viewed.

  • Lori gets pranked on her birthday!

    She fell for it hook, line and sinker

  • Julia's Random Thoughts

  • L & J latest round of Beat Shazam

    The theme was summer one-hot wonders.

  • Lori & Julia search for the song of the summer.

    We still have not found one.

  • L & J's Vintage Scandal: Gina vs. Sophia

    Who knew this was a Hollywood feud?

  • Lori & Julia battle each other in Shazaam

    Who will guess the most s9ng titles correctly?

  • Julia's Random Thoughts

  • L & J chat with the lead in Sunday in the Park.

    His name is Randy Harrison. He portrays George Surratt

  • L & J talke food with StarTrib's Rick Nelson

    Great places to eat on the river.

  • Julia's Random Thoughts

    What the heck is Chinese knife therapy?

  • Carson Kressley visits Lori & Julia!

    Carson Kressley is in-studio to talk about Twin Cities Pride, 'Real Housewives' gossip and his new book, 'Does This Book Make my Butt Look Big?'

  • Alexis Walsko shared her Necker Island adventure with Lori and Julia!

    Alexis Walsko stops by to dish on her adventures on Necker Island. Yes, THE Necker Island owned by one Sir Richard Branson!

  • Miley Cyrus was a fun guest on The Tonight Show

    We loved her candid answers.

  • L & J chat with author Elin Hilderbrand

    Her new great beach read is "The Indenticals"

  • Gwyneth's ridiculous Goop summitt

    Full of pseudo-science and complete nonsense.

  • Fill-in Lori and Julia celebrate 15 years of The Lori and Julia Show

    They're baaaaaack. Fill-in Lori and Fill-in Julia share what they love most about Lori and Julia!

  • Julia's Random Thoughts

    You can clean with moldy white bread?

  • Julia has a bone to pick with Courntey Love

    Excuse me? You didn't raise Francis Bean.

  • Lori's crazy swollen feet story

    It was the humidity in new Orleans!

  • Dylan's Nobel speech sounds like a detective novel

    So we played the appropriate music in the background

  • L & J interview the authors of "Public Relations"

    It's the first great beach read of the summer.

  • L & J chat with TV critic Neal justin

    Lots of new summer shows.

  • Lori & Julia's bear encounter

    And Julia wanted to roll down the window?

  • Why would anyone want to climb Mt. Everest?

    99% of our listeners say NO WAY!

  • Lori & Julia talks movies with Chris Hewitt

    Which did he like and not like/

  • L & J discuss The Bachelorette craziness

    What's with the guy who says "wa-boom"?

  • When wedding speches go on TOO long.

    Please stop. We want to eat!

  • What's happening at the Cannes Film Festival

    All the big stars are there.

  • Fun with Julia's Random Thoughts

  • L & J interview author Holly Petersen

    Her great summer read is "It Happens in the Hamptons"

  • Julia's Random Thoughts

  • The latest on Johnny Depp's financial mess

    Lawsuits are going to be flying

  • Lori & Julia chat with Mayte Garcia in studio

    Prince's first wife Mayte Garcia is in studio with Lori & Julia to talk about her book "Most Beautiful." What a treat!

  • American Idol is coming back. Do you care?

    Our listeners overwhelmingly give it a big NO!

  • Just what does it mean to be "nice"?

    Turns out it is not as simple as it seems.

  • Julia is not happy with Mt. Everest climbers

    She goes on a bit of a rant.

  • L & J interview author Julie Buntin

    Her wonderful book is "Marlena"

  • Th tale of Lori and the bunnies

    She is their one true protector

  • A toot in the face on DWTS last night?!

    Last night's DWTS included a cartwheel and a toot in the face while David Ross and Lindsay Arnold practiced. It's funny, but we were surprised to see it on TV.

  • Sex Monday w/ Lori & Julia

    Sex, romance and dating tips from Lori. Julia mostly gasps in horror.

  • Lori's latest theory is about California

    Those folks seem to see a lot of UFOs.

  • Julia's Random Thoughts goes disco!

    As we celebrate the 40th anniversary of Studio 54.

  • Lori & Julia discuss the Madonna biopic

    Which actress could get that coveted role?

  • L & J share more nonsense from GOOP

    Oh Gwyneth, when will it stop?

  • Lori & Julia interview Stacia Lang, Prince's costume designer

    Lori & Julia chat with Stacia Lang, Prince's costume designer in the early '90's, about his legendary sense of style.

  • Lori & Julia chat with author Jo Piazza

    Her new book is "How To Be Married"

  • Second Chance Romance 4/20/17

    Tori has questions about why Nate won't call her back. Jason, Stephanie and Dawn try to help them. Will they go out again?

  • L & J say do NOT use garlic for this

    Not sound medical advice people

  • It's Lori's world, we're just living in it...

    I mean, it's pretty obvious. Party time! Excellent!

  • Latest with Prince Harry & Megan Markle

    Megan can go to Pippa's reception but not the ceremony.

  • Julia's Random Thoughts

    Always a fun and sometimes interesting segment

  • Lori has no idea what "boo-jee" means.

    Fortunately, a caller straightens her out.

  • L & J chat with Mayte Garcia, former wife of Prince.

    Her new book is "The Most Beautiful"

  • Ed Sheeran guilty of copying another song

    You'll hear how similar the songs are.

  • Who should replace Brit Brit in Vegas?

    Some of Julia's ideas are a bit unusual.

  • The time some guy thought Julia was a hooker.

    True story. It happened in an elevator in Vegas.

  • Lori & Julia's Vintage Scandal

    Jackie Kennedy's marriage to Aristotle Onasis

  • Lori & Julia interview author Annie Hartnett

    Her debut novel, 'Rabbit Cake", is a great coming of age story.

  • Lori & Julia discuss Alec Baldwin's memoir

    The ladies discuss an interesting interview with the actor about his upcoming memoir "Nevertheless."

  • What fell out of Julia's bag?

    A very odd thing. Also, is cash obsolete?

  • Why is Julia wearing a wig today?

    Because it's Wig Wednesday. Also, a very creepy snake story.

  • Trading Radio Spaces: Julia Edition

    Julia doesn't like our Daily Snap Judgment segment, so we decided to let her give it a makeover.

  • A cat sitting story you won't believe!

    In her Random Thoughts, Julia has a crazy cat sitting story you don't want to miss.

  • Lori & Julia want to know why people lie about their age

    Celebs of course are famous for shaving years.

  • Lori & Julia chat with movie critic Chris Hewitt

    His take on "Beauty & The Beast" may surprise you.

  • LoJ Author Interview: Caite Dolan-Leach

    Her first novel is "Dead Letters," and it's great.

  • Lori & Julia's Study of "Duh"

    Study says men just can't seem to have a good time without a little alcohol to loosen them up.

  • The Missing Richard Simmons discrepancy

    Colleen & Bradley discuss further the discrepancy in the Missing Richard Simmons podcast. What is Dan Taberski hiding? They make their guesses and listen to the parts of the podcast that were edited.

  • LoJ pay tribute to Chuck Berry

    He was a rock and roll legend.

  • Sex Monday: Sex isn't the key to happiness?!

    Turns out having more sex is not the key to happiness.

  • Lori's Theories: Machines as smart as humans are coming soon!

    Lori gives us the scoop on technological singularity - the idea that artificial superintelligence will abruptly trigger runaway technological growth. Yup. And she just discovered the Amazon Echo yesterday... #Skynet

  • Vintage Scandal: Bette Davis wild love life

    Lori fills us in on Bette Davis many love affairs.

  • Lori & Julia chat with the author of "The Forgotten Girls"

    His name is Owen Laukkanen and his book is great.

  • Have you ever fallen asleep at a really awkward time and place?

    We blame Daylight Saving Time for making us sleepy today.

  • Critic Neal Justin talks TV with Lori & Julia!

    He always has an interesting take on all things TV

  • You won't believe this listener's great pet story

    We learned so much about Flemish giant rabbits.

  • Second Chance Romance 3_09_17

    Jason and Alexis Second Chance Romance with Brian and Jordan

  • This is one of Lori's most entertaining Studies of Duh!

    Julia and Donny were not familiar with the term "sexual real estate". Lori defines the term for them

  • One of the funniest listener calls we've ever received.

    A listener shares a very funny story about no one telling her what was stuck on the back of her shirt.

  • Lori & Julia chat with Skyler Gisondo from "The Santa Clarita Diet"

    He was so poised for being only 20!

  • Lori is a germaphobe. Julia hates lines.

    The ladies share their quirks...

  • Lori and Julia's Book Club: The Most Dangerous Place on Earth by Lindsay Lee Johnson

    Lori and Julia interview author Lindsay Lee Johnson about her debut novel, "The Most Dangerous Place on Earth." An unforgettable cast of characters is unleashed into a realm know for its cruelty -- the American high school.

  • Second Chance Romance with Jason and Stephanie Hansen

    If he doesn't say yes, just ask him 6 times and you could get married! And, Jason loved Collin's little bounce in his step. Dawn doesn't even look at people.