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  • D&S - Nickle and Dime Time: Dollars and Sense

    Steve has a financial book and a free financial organization website that he could not recommend more.

  • D&S - Pets Getting Into Trouble

    What is your pet getting into mischief story?

  • D&S - Confessions: You Are Obnoxious

    What is an obnoxious trait you have noticed about yourself?

  • D&S - Jeremy Parsons From People

    We talk about the VMA's, Iggy Azalea, and the latest on Ben Affleck

  • D&S - Tipsy: Netflix Hacks You Need To Know

    How to better utilize your experience on Netlfix.

  • D&S - Millennial X Games

    The Phantom Menace, Toni Basil, O.P.P., Cannonball Run, Oakridge Boys, and Martin Lawrence are the answers to the questions Donna and Steve cant answer.

  • D&S - Confessions: The Most Embarrassing Pet Story

    What is the most embarrassing thing your pet has done?

  • D&S - Things That Make You Go Huh: Can Openers and Marriages

    We have been using can openers all wrong and we discover the right way. Are Winona Ryder and Keanu Reeves married?

  • D&S - Jeremy Parsons From People Magazine

    We talk Crazy Rich Asians, Michael J. Fox, and Janet Jackson with Daddy Yankee.

  • D&S - Millennial X Games

    Richard Lewis, Mr. Freeze, The Lost Boys, Saved By The Bell, Duran Duran, and Sean Kingston are the answers our players could not get today.

  • D&S - Confessions: Wedding Regrets

    What is something you regret at your wedding or someone else wedding?

  • D&S - According to a New Study: Left Handed Problems

    Who knew that being left handed can be so frustrating?

  • D&S - Jeremy Parsons From People Magazine

    We talk about Jessica Alba and her family, also, Tommy Hilfiger's smart pants, and the winner of the internet.

  • D&S - Mike Marcotte From Twin Cities Live Reviews Beyonce and Jay Z

    Mike attended the Beyonce and Jay Z concert at US Bank Stadium last night and he gives us a no holds bar review.

  • D&S - Millennial X Games

    Steve Urkel, Air Supply, Joe Peci, Roger Rabbit, Joan Osborne, and Space Jam are the subject of this weeks episode.

  • D&S - Confessions: What is something that you do, but bugs you if other people do it?

    Talking in a movie theater, drinking out of the milk carton, and farting are only a few of the answers we get today.

  • D&S - We Get a Email From China

    A listener from the other end of the world sends us a great email.

  • D&S - Jeremy Parsons From People Magazine

    We talk the latest on Demi Lovato, Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger and their new relationship, and the Paul Walker documentary.

  • D&S - Time Out: Bike Helmets Need to do Better

    Donna thinks we can do better with bike helmets.

  • D&S - Millennial X Games: Part 2

    Ugly Kid Joe, Tattoo, and Dharma and Greg are some of the hard questions that Donna and Steve must answer.

  • D&S - Millennial X Games: Part 1

    Suzanne Vega, Minority Report, and Potatoes are stumping Donna and Steve on this episode.

  • D&S - Confessions: Attractive Negative Qualities

    What negative quality do you find attractive?

  • D&S - Steve Splits His Pants

    Steve shares and incredible tale of a dramatic wardrobe malfunction and still nailing it on his television show.

  • D&S - Jeremy Parsons

    We talk Demi Lovato and the fallout from her suspected overdose. Tom Cruise and how he is a cool dude to talk to. Dj Khaled has the banger of the summer.

  • D&S - Wedding Reception Songs That Should Be Banned

    We need to have a clean slate with wedding reception playlist because we are so over these songs.

  • D&S - Millennial X Games: Part 2

    After breaking the rules, Donna and Steve end in an unbelievable tie breaker

  • D&S - Millennial X Games: Part 1

    Something that has never happened in the history of the games happens in this episode.

  • D&S - Confessions

    What is your "I had too much tequila" story?

  • D&S - What You Should Never Say To A Woman

  • JA Dreamweaver Dawn: car dreams and babies!

    What does it mean? Dreamweaver Dawn knows!

  • D&S - Jeremy Parsons

    We talk about Meghan Markle and her adjustment into the royal world, Jim Gaffigan and the struggles he has had to endure, and a great song chose from Jeremy himself.

  • D&S - Tipsy

    6 Habits that could be draining your energy as well as getting ahead of the latest swimsuit trend.

  • D&S - Millennial X Games: Part 2

    It all comes down to a tie breaker in this episode.

  • D&S - Milllenial X Games: Part 1

    Elizabeth Ries is substituting for Steve today! We have questions about Rugrats, The People's Court, and the Nokia ringtone.

  • D&S - Confessions

    What is a purchase you have hidden or still hide from your partner?

  • D&S - According to a New Study

    What do we use phones for the most? The answer is not phone calls.

  • D&S - According To A New Study

    Walking fast through life can make you live longer and a significant number of Americans have a good luck charm.

  • D&S - Emmy Nominations

    Our initial reaction to the full list of Emmy Award nominations that were just released.

  • D&S - Millennial X Games Part 2

    The tie breaking results of this weeks heart pounding episode.

  • D&S - Millennial X Games Part 1

    This episode goes into extra innings with Donna and Steve clawing for victory.

  • D&S - Confessions

    What is the worst or most surprising thing a guest has done in your home?

  • D&S - The Top 5 Old School Cartoons

    We go through an arbitrary list of the best cartoons and we share a few of ours too.

  • D&S - Confessions

    What is something you have done (or still do) that you would never want your kids to do?

  • D&S - Nickle and Dime Time: 12 Expenses Successful People Do Not Waste Time Or Money On

    Consider cutting some of these same items and follow in successful people’s footsteps if you want to be a millionaire.

  • D&S - Jeremy Parsons

    We talk Chip and Joanna Gaines, Johnny Depp's son, and 50 Cent and his Tweets to Terry Crews.

  • D&S - Tipsy: A Better Sleep and Better Breakfast

    Add this unexpected ingredient to your eggs to make them the best you have had. And do this trick to sleep better.

  • D&S - Millennial X Games Part 2

    The dramatic conclusion brings us this weeks winner. Donna is on a hot streak but can Steve put it out?

  • D&S - Millennial X Games Part 1

    The questions are so difficult for Donna and Steve that they use too much time to think! This one is a nail biter.

  • D&S - Confessions: What's The Longest You've Gone Without Practicing Basic Hygiene

    We all have our reasons for going an unusual length of time without cleaning ourselves.

  • D&S - The Roseanne Interview

    The audio from Roseanne's first interview since her shows cancellation has been released and it gets very emotional very quick.

  • D&S - Teen Talk

    We cannot keep up with all of the slang that the youth uses these days so we get some questions and answers on the matter.

  • D&S - The Beat

    So much new music today! A single from Bebe Rexha, The Dave Matthews Band is number one on the Billboard charts, Paul McCartney is back, and Demi Lovato releases a touching ballad.

  • D&S - Millennial X Games

    From the Walton Family to Lou Bega, Donna and Steve are pulling no punches this week and one of them only achieves victory thanks to a life line.

  • D&S - Food News: New State Fair Food

    The sacred Minnesotan tradition of going through all the new food at the fair is today! There are so many delicious and creative ideas we are so excited to try.

  • D&S - Tipping Questions

    Donna has some tipping habits that do not match Steve's. We discuss some basic rules and of when and when not to tip that we had never thought of before.

  • D&S - Jeremy Parson Is Back!

    After some vacation time and being incredibly busy with breaking news, Jeremy Parsons from People Magazine joins the show. We talk about the Millie Bobby Brown trolls, his exclusive interview with Jada Pincket Smith, and the loss of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain.

  • D&S - According to a New Study

    Most people cannot do these simple tasks with a car.

  • D&S - SNL Romances

    Who knew that so many celebrities found love on the set of Saturday Night Live? We go through a long list of couples who decided to become an item while working for the show.

  • D&S - Confessions: What is a Lie You Have Told Your Kids

    Sometimes the best and easiest answer to tell your children is to just make up a little fib to get on with the day. We hear some hilarious stories of people dealing with their kids.

  • DS - According to a New Study: Are You a Child?

    There is a list of things that we do that prove we are not adults but children in adult bodies.

  • D&S - Suicide Prevention

    Erik Arveseth, Board Chair of the Minnesota Chapter of Suicide Prevention joins the show. We talk about the recent tragedies of celebrity suicides and how to take steps to prevent it.

  • D&S - Book Club

    We really want to compile a list of books to read this summer so we ask the listeners and get some really good recommendations.

  • D&S - Phrases We Do Not Understand

    There are so many goofy phrases we use without even thinking about what they mean or why we use them. We dig deep and research the meanings.

  • D&S - Confessions: Something You Will Never Ben Convinced Of.

    No matter how many times somebody tries to explain it to you, there is always something that will remain unconvincing to you. What is it?

  • D&S - Tipsy: Steve's Eyelid Problem

    What started off as a simple tip turned into listeners coming to Steve's aid for a unique medical condition. We love it when myTalkers get tipsy with us!

  • D&S - Steve Hangs Out With Mark Wahlberg

    Steve an Mark are basically best friends. They laugh together, cry together, and compare biceps together.

  • D&S - Donna Breaks Steve's Teeth

    Steve is considering taking legal action after suffering dental damages at the hands of Donna.

  • DS - The Most Hated Clothing

    There are some clothes that we just do not understand why people would wear them. We go through a complied list and take calls to add to it.

  • D&S - Confessions: What is the Smallest Everyday Thing That Makes you Upset?

    There are so many things that we encounter all the time and they just irritate us so much. We go through a long list of things that just drive us nuts.

  • D&S - Lisa Kudrow Interview

    Lisa Kudrow joins the program. We talk about her show Who Do You Think You Are? A Friends reunion, and who she blames is putting it on hold.

  • D&S - Meghan Newquist: Snake Hunter

    Meghan from Channel 5 News, joins the show to tell her story about a snake that found its way into her house. We also share our own snake stories.

  • D&S - According To A New Study

    How many people would rather just not know about the contents of a hot dog? Also, the most unproductive thing to be near.

  • D&S - Shark Tank Call In

    We ask the listeners to give us their ideas about a new invention and then judge them accordingly. Donna even has a million dollar idea that she tells us all about.

  • D&S - Dawn Goes to the Movies

    Dawn got to see a special screening of Star Wars and gives us her full review. She also saw Deapool 2 over the weekend and shares her thoughts on that.

  • D&S - Royal Tips

    What to do if you should encounter a royal. Also, the itinerary for Meghan and Harry's wedding.

  • D&S - Your Child's Area of Expertise

    Every kid has a random bit of knowledge that takes us by surprise.

  • D&S - Yanni and Laurel

    After confidently assuring himself that what was being heard was Yanni, Steve has an emotional breakdown when he begins to hear Laurel.

  • D&S - Romantic Moments Gone Wrong

    What was one thing in particular that was supposed to be full of romance that ended up becoming a funny story?

  • D&S - Tipsy: Parenting

    We share some solid parenting tips that will score you big wins with your kids. We also stumbled upon a potentially new theme song for the show.

  • D&S - Yo Mama Jokes

    Breaking the tradition of getting sentimental for Mother's Day, we decide to have a yo mama joke battle and have a good laugh.

  • D&S - Throwback Thursday!

    How many questions will Donna answer correctly in this fun musical edition of Throwback Thursday.

  • D&S - What is a Simple Task That Makes Us Anxious

    We all have some every day thing that we dread to do. We hear a lot of answers we totally agree with.

  • D&S - Confessions: What is the Worst Way You Screwed Up at Work?

    We hear some amazing stories how people have royally messed up while on the job.

  • D&S - Nickle and Dime Time: Teaching Your Kids About Finances

    What is the appropriate way to talk to your kids about money? Steve breaks down what to discuss and at what age to do it in the latest edition of Nickle and Dime Time.

  • D&S - Children's Shows You Want to Ban

    We ask what TV show would you want to ban from your kids to watch. One particular series is the resounding winner and we also have a couple surprises.

  • D&S - Confessions: How Do You Secretly Judge People?

    We get all sorts of funny answers from teeth, to grammar, to shoes.

  • D&S - Donna's Medical Issue

    Donna came in today and has a thing on her face. She thinks everyone is staring at her and she is right.

  • D&S - Funny Stories From the Doctor's Office

    Everybody has a moment when going to the doctor and something unexpected happens that just makes you laugh. We get lots of stories from people who have kicked their doctor, getting an unusual comment on a body part, and discovering sparkles in the strangest place.

  • D&S - Yoga Pants and Underwear Etiquette

    We need to know if underwear is necessary when wearing yoga pants and have to lay down some rules for people who wear them. We even take some calls and discover to some people underwear is not necessary at all!

  • D&S - Steve Tells a Joke

    Steve tries really hard to tell a funny joke but it goes horribly wrong.

  • D&S - Confessions: Something Weird Your Family Does That You Think Is Normal

    Drinking olive juice, alternative use for underpants, and Christmas cuisines are normal to some, but not others.

  • D&S - Nickel and Dime Time: Debt

    5 signs that you are in too much debt and how to get out of it.

  • D&S - Paige Davis Interview

    Host of Trading Spaces Paige Davis joins the conversation! We talk about her experience of coming back to the show since the reboot, some embarrassing moments, and of course what TV shows she is watching.

  • D&S - Uncommon Reusable Items

    What are some things that you use more than once that others would not? We get a lot of interesting answers to this important questions.

  • D&S - Birds and the bees stories

    We hear some hilarious stories from listeners about the time they had to tell their kids how a baby is made.

  • D&S Confessions: Your craziest beliefs!

    We hear everything from ghosts, astrology, and conspiracy theories.

  • D&S - Nickel and Dime Time!

    Spring cleaning your finances. Several steps on making your money work for you and eliminating unnecessary expenses.

  • D&S - Jeremy Parsons from People

    This week we talk about Mariah Carey and her struggle with bipolar disorder, an interview with Jessica Biel, Khloe Kardashian's baby and the fallout of Tristan Thompson cheating on her.

  • D&S - According to a new study

    How many people are living their dream job? What did you want to be when you were growing up? Fascinating results.

  • D&S - Millenial X Games

    This week Donna and Steve get hit with some music questions, we hear an answer that we were surprised by, and we lose a point due to a technicality.

  • D&S - Confessions: What is something you should know how to do by now?

    Driving stick, boiling an egg, and riding a bike are just a few of the things people just don't know how to do. However we give them plenty of encouragement.

  • D&S - Things That Make Us Go Huh

    Number and Letter oddities, Taco Bell owners are rich, and Paddy Hitler.

  • D&S - Jeremy Parsons from People

    Jeremy gives us the inside scoop on the latest between Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan. We also exchange stories of meeting Paige Davis from Trading Spaces.

  • D&S - Battle of the Brands

    We go through all of the most popular competitive brand names and decide which are the most popular. Some answers may shock you, others not so much

  • D&S - Tipsy: How to get more attention on Tinder and Why you cannot lose weight

    Donna and Elizabeth give us advice on how to find success on Tinder and why it is harder for us to find success losing weight.

  • D&S - Zach Braff Interview

    The star of Scrubs and the new show Alex Inc, Zach Braff joins the conversation! We learn about what he is watching and listening to as well as finding out how he won his Grammy.

  • D&S - Louie Anderson Interview

    One of the funniest, nicest, sweetest people drops by the show. Louie Anderson joins us to talk about his new book, Baskets, and the joys of being Minnesotan.

  • D&S - Pet Mysteries

    Donna cannot figure out what is going on with her dog Max. He is leaving mysterious stains around her house and we talk to listeners to get some answers.

  • D&S - Jeremy Parson From People Magazine

    We talk about the breaking news of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mariska Hargatay and her upcoming documentary, and Meghan Markle's last episode of Suits.

  • D&S - The Scariest Movies On Netflix That Nobody Can Even Finish

    There are 10 movies on Netlfix that are apparently so frightening people cannot even watch them until the end.

  • D&S - Jeremy Parsons From People

    Our good pal Jeremy Parsons from People Magazine joins us. We discuss Tim Mcgraw, Tom Brady, and the Royals

  • D&S - Nickle and Dime Time

    We finally caved and gave Steve an official segment to discuss money. He actually gave some pretty decent advice.

  • D&S - The Millennial X Games Part 2

    The shocking conclusion where we find this weeks winner of the games.

  • D&S - The Millennial X Games Part 1

    In this nail biting episode, we struggle with naming music, movies, and celebs. Another tie breaker decided this one.

  • D&S - Confessions: What Is The Laziest Thing You Have Done As A Parent?

    We all like to cut corners with parenting every once and awhile. Steve tells us his laziest move and we take calls to hear other hilarious stories.

  • D&S - Steve is Back!

    Steve was on a Disney cruise and it sounds like he had a magical time. He tells us stories of his time at sea.

  • DS - Jeremy Parsons From People

    This week we talk with Jeremy about this scandal with the Firths, the shake up with Gray's Anatomy, and of course The Bachelor

  • D&S - Royal Birthing Protocol

    We go through the rules that the royal family must following when expecting a child. This is so weird but so interesting!

  • D&S - Time Out for Tommy Lee, Heather Locklear, and a tinder profile

    We put Tommy Lee and Heather Locklear in time out but they probably deserve some jail time. Bonus time out! Shannan saw a guy on tinder who had a shocking profile photo.

  • D&S - Confessions

    What is something your significant other does that makes you cringe?

  • D&S - Money Talk

    Steve has a passion for financial responsibility and shares some useful advice in this soon to be made official segment.

  • D&S - According To A New Study

    How many people schedule sex and do not change their sheets? We have some surprising stats and someone on the show is a mess.

  • D&S - The Strangest Thing At Work

    This turned into the most disgusting conversation we have ever had on the radio. We ask you what weird experiences you have had while working and the responses so gross.

  • D&S - Confessions

    We are all guilty of this one thing in some ways, but we learn there are some offenders out there who actually shocked us.

  • D&S - Push Presents

    We ask if people have received gifts after having a child. We get side tracked and talk about saving teeth. We get side tracked again and Steve reveals he has one of his wife's body parts in a jar.

  • D&S - Jeremy Parson from People

    Friend of the show Jeremy calls in from Hollywood to dish on all the details swirling around Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux. Aaron Carter and his troubled past. And a hit show on Netflix we need to check out.

  • D&S - What Not To Say During Whoopee and Other Inappropriate Topics

    Donna is doing her best to give us legitimate advice but Steve and Ryan take it off the rails and we get into a conversation we don't even know if we are allowed to have on the radio.

  • D&S - The Millenial X Games

    The debut of our new game show where we pit Donna and Steve against each other to test the knowledge of each others generation.

  • D&S - Confessions

    When was the last time you just did not make it to the bathroom in time? We get some hilarious stories from callers.

  • D&S - Donna Witnessed a Crime

    While enjoying her weekend in Duluth, Donna saw a criminal in action and did all she could to stop it.

  • D&S - Time Out

    Donna and Steve have some choice words for the Shaun White haters as well as McDonalds tweaking the Happy Meal.

  • JA Second Chance Romance 2_15_18

    She could be too smart for him...but is she just picking the wrong guy?

  • D&S - How Long is Too Long to Wait

    Donna was on hold for an obnoxious amount of time and we wanted to know some other crazy times people were told to wait.

  • D&S - RJ Palacio

    The New York Times Best Selling Author is on the show and we talk about her book, now turned into movie Wonder.

  • D&S - Donna Wins Big and Takes an Uber

    Donna had a big night at Bunco and took an Uber/Lyft and was perplexed by the rules. Thankfully we had someone call in to clarify.

  • D&S - The Illusionist and Medium

    We get really freaked out by this! We have Sean and Juliana on the show and they know what is in Donna's bag without even looking!

  • D&S - Steve Tries To Be Inspiring

    We read this really sweet story about Drake that inspired Steve to spread kindness across the world... but Donna had different plans.

  • D&S - Donna's Emergency

    Donna had a huge problem that only she could make. She asked Steve and Ryan to help her but all they did was laugh.

  • D&S - Confessions

    When was the last time you cheated?

  • D&S - Steven Tyler Plants a Kiss

    Summer tells us her story of meeting Steven Tyler in Wayzata and getting a big kiss from him. She could not be more happy about it.

  • D&S - What Wedding Traditions Should Be Broken

    Meghan Markle is breaking all this royal wedding protocol. It got us thinking what tradition should be done away with entirely?

  • D&S - Sara Saw Celebs

    Sara from the marketing department got to say hi to Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel.

  • D&S Steve Gets Called Out for his Makeup

    Steve made USA Today after a player for the New England Patriots said he wore too much makeup

  • D&S - Steve puts the Philadelphia Eagles in time out

    Steve had an encounter with two players on the Eagles and it was not necessarily good.

  • D&S - Annoying Things Your Spouse Does

    We love our partners but sometimes they can do things that just drive us crazy!

  • D&S - Donna Needs Help With Her Crock Pot

    Donna cannot figure out her crock pot and gets some helpful advice from the entire state of Minnesota.

  • D&S - Dumb Arguments

    Have you ever been in a silly argument with your significant other?

  • D&S - Confessions

    What is something that you fake?

  • D&S - Mike Marcotte joins us

    Mike Marcotte from Twin Cities Live joins the show. He is one of our Manuary men and he is raising money for a charity that is very personal for him.

  • D&S - What is Happening in your Workplace Bathroom?

    We are surprised and a little disgusted learning what people are doing in your bathroom at work right now.

  • D&S - Regarding an Allowance

    What is the right amount of an allowance to give a child? What age should we start/stop? How much work do they need to do if any?

  • D&S - Bad Movie Translations

    We go through a list of bad movie translations with hilarious results.

  • D&S Confessions

    What was your most shameful moment of road rage?

  • Kat Perkins in Hawaii during the false alarm

    That false alarm was issued in Hawaii and mass panic ensued. Kat Perkins was there and tells us what it was like.

  • Jeremy Parsons from People joins us

    The host of People Now on, Jeremy Parsons is on with us. We talk about James Franco, Tonya Harding, and his circuit of all the morning shows.

  • What can you just not understand?

    We all have that one thing that has been explained to us multiple times but still do not understand.

  • The Confessional is Open

    What is the most immature thing you do in your relationship?

  • Donna and Steve

    It's the debut of The Donna and Steve Show! We talk Golden Globes and Donna thinks Seth Meyers earned an F for Fine.

  • DM Jason bids Marley farewell

    It's Marley's last day on the air, and Jason Matheson joins Donna & Marley to say a couple words.

  • DM The big announcement!

    Donna & Marley announce who will be taking Marley's place on the show.

  • DM The Bachelor returns!

    Marley's favorite part of last night's Bachelor premiere. One of the contestants looks like Donna! There's already a villain.

  • DM Idris Elba is hosting this local event!

    Looking for something cool to do the weekend of the BIG GAME (aka Feb 2-4)? There is going to be a crazy cool fashion event happening at Stella's on February 1st hosted by none other than Idris Elba. No lie!

  • DM Marley & Shannan call Ryan out

    Marley and Shannan call Ryan out for his answer to the question "All I want to do is __________." His answer is complete garbage.

  • DM Shannan is emotional over Gage Cook

    Miss Shannan had a really cool story to share today in music news. Her reaction says it all!

  • DM Three Things: Celeb Xmas Round-up!

    In a celebrity Christmas round-up, Marley tells you how the holiday weekend went for the royals, a real housewife and the Kardashians.

  • DM Marley's holiday playlist!

    Marley shares her holiday playlist for the non-Christmas music listener. She forgot one: Prince's Another Lonely Christmas. Enjoy!

  • DM Things turning 10yo in 2018!

    Donna & Marley can't believe some of the things turning 10 yeas old in 2018!

  • DM It's Honky Tonk Donna!

    Steve and Marley have some fun with Donna's country roots.

  • J&A: Jason hates everything in the Dirt Alert

    Elizabeth is giving us some great stories, and Jason has pure disgust for all of them, and he doesn't hold back.

  • DM OMG Mario Batali!

    How tone deaf can you be? You will not believe what Mario Batali said in his apology for sexual misconduct.

  • DM Celeb Interview: Corinne Olympios

    Donna & Marley talk with the infamous Corinne Olympios of Bachelor fame! They ask her about her relationship with Demario, why she went on the Bachelor, the new Bachelor Arie and what she's up to now.

  • DM The best Golden Globe moments

    Donna & Marley take a walk down memory lane by sharing the highlights of the Golden Globes 75th anniversary special.

  • DM Tips for the company holiday party!

    Marley has tips for behaving yourself at the company holiday party. Donna has some great insights. Steve tells you how to make friends with a cat.

  • DM Steve O'Clock: Snakes & Ghosts

    Donna, Marley and Steve go deep on snakes and ghosts.

  • Will Matt Lauer & his wife reconcile?

    Love is both dead and alive when it comes to Matt Lauer and Billy Bush. Plus a great transition from Donna.

  • DM John Oliver vs. Dustin Hoffman

    Donna & Marley have different opinions on John Oliver taking Dustin Hoffman and his sexual allegations on during a film panel. They take your calls, too.

  • DM Funny things said by millennials!

    What's the funniest thing you've heard a millennial say? Donna & Marley take your calls, and play a spoof of a millennial job interview. It's good for a laugh!

  • DM Britney Spears gets zero Garys

    Today's music selections were surprising and mostly bad, but Britney Spears was the worst.

  • DM Celebrity Interview: Lucas Hedges

    Lucas Hedges of Manchester By The Sea and now Lady Bird joins Donna & Marley to talk his rise in the spotlight and experiencing the Oscars blunder firsthand!

  • DM The deal with dilly dilly!

    Why is everyone saying dilly dilly right now! Marley explains.

  • DM Yay for Prince Harry & Meghan Markle!

    Donna & Marley are really excited for the royal engagement, except for the small teeny tiny part of them that hates it.

  • We call The Butterball Hotline

    We finally got a hold of someone on The Butterball Hotline! Steve talks to Linda and we learn what goes on behind the scenes at the Butterball call center.

  • DM Confessions: Dreading The Holidays

    What are you dreading about the holidays?! Donna & Marley take your calls in Confessions!

  • DM We go down the Bob Ross rabbit hole

    The trailer for Deadpool 2 rips off Bob Ross, but the original person to rip off Bob Ross? Bob Ross's son Steve.

  • DM Times you've showed up at the wrong place

    Donna & Marley take your calls on times you've showed up at the wrong place. Donna has a story. Nevermind, she has many.

  • DM Louis C.K. admits to sexual misconduct

    The comedian admits to sexual misconduct, but does he really understand what he did wrong? Donna and Marley discuss.

  • DM Donna & Marley screw up BIG TIME

    Donna ZONED OUT during a call this morning, and we spent the rest of the show trying to pick up the pieces. We're very sorry Eric. If it's any consolation, you were the star of today's show.

  • DM Teck Talk: FB wants your nudes?

    Facebook has a crazy new idea for preventing revenge porn. Donna & Marley discuss, and also tackle Twitter's new 280 character limit, cars of the future and "dumbphones"!

  • DM Fun with the Fifty Shades Freed trailer

    This movie looks so terrible. Donna & Marley can't help but tear it apart.

  • DM What's better: Stranger Things 1 or 2?

    Marley finished the second season of Stranger Things! How does the second season compare to the first? No spoilers, we promise!

  • The best of Sam Smith's Carpool Karaoke

    We loved this episode of Carpool Karaoke! This is the show at its best. It makes us want to buy Sam Smith's albums and see his shows!

  • Second Chance Romance 11/2/17 Terry and Gail

    Terry and Gail met on an online dating service. They went on one date; Terry said it was great and has contacted her twice. Chirp chirp. WHY? We found out.

  • Confessions: Parents sneaking Halloween candy!

    The confessional is open! Parents, how do you sneak your kids' Halloween candy?

  • Jason and Alexis-Birthday Prank 11/1/17

    Broken Legs are a bummer. Especially if you're about to go on a cruise. Jason pranks Mario on behalf of Leslie, his wife.

  • Blake Shelton has a fashion line?!

    The last celebrity you would think to have a fashion line, has a fashion line. Who put him up to this and are people actually going to buy it? Donna & Marley discuss.

  • Emily Engberg talked to George Clooney!

    Donna & Marley are joined by Twin Cities Live's Emily Engberg to talk movies, including her recent chats with George Clooney, Mila Kunis and Margot Robbie.

  • Did you meet your SO online?

    Donna & Marley share a cute story about Mandy Moore before taking calls on dating success stories. What did they do differently in order to actually meet someone worthwhile?

  • Donna & Marley talk to the "Swansongruber"

    Brad joins Donna & Marley, and things quickly derail upon learning the term "Swansongruber."

  • Why Outlander has jumped the shark!

    Marley tells Donna why Outlander's most anticipated episode of the year was not all it was cracked up to be. Listeners weigh in on how the show has jumped the shark!

  • Dawn's best dirt alert ever

    Donna, Marley and Dawn have a great time during Dawn's 11 o'clock Friday dirt alert.

  • Jason and Alexis Birthday Prank 10-18-17

    Jason Pranks a woman who doesn't believe in psychics. He gives her a reading, thanks to information from her husband.

  • Second Chance Romance 10_19_17

    Second Chance Romance on 10-19-17. Jason and Alexis try to help Ryan connect with Lisa about their date.

  • Celebrity Interview: Adam Scott

    Donna & Marley chat with the star of the upcoming series "Ghosted," and also about past projects including Parks & Rec, Big Littles Lies and the Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Marley asks about the Hollywood reaction to Harvey Weinstein.

  • Donna & Marley chat with Darkness Dave!

    Podcaster Darkness Dave joins Donna and Marley to talk about his experiences with paranormal activity and the most haunted places in Minnesota!

  • Have you given an unsavory gift?

    Donna & Marley take calls on having given or received unsavory gifts, whether it be something for an enemy or a prank. Things don't quite go as planned.

  • Terrible costume ideas from Marley

    Marley has found the worst Halloween costume of all time, and she's determined to share it with you. Plus, other terrible ideas for the spooky holiday.

  • Confessions: Parenting chores you hate

    Donna & Marley take your calls on parenting chores you hate. They do Confessions every Tuesday at 11:30!

  • Jason and Alexis Second Chance Romance 10_05_17

    Perri called us about Cassie.

  • Halloween love connections

    Have you had a Halloween hook up? If so, what costume were you wearing? Donna & Marley take your calls, and discover several Halloween love stories!

  • Jason and Alexis Birthday Pranks 10_05_17

    Dawn Pranks Beverly about their foreign exchange student.

  • Confessions: How have you been dumped?

    What was the worst way you've been dumped? Donna, along with Miss Shannan and Ryan, take your calls!

  • Donna's friend shares firsthand account of Vegas

    A friend of Donna's was at the country musical festival in Vegas on Sunday. She shares her experience of the tragedy.

  • Celebrity Interview: John Cho

    John Cho joined Donna & Marley to talk about joining The Exorcist on Fox and the surprise success of Harold & Kumar.

  • Woman crashes funerals for the food

    Donna, Marley and Steve's takes on this will surprise you. A listener even gets in on the fun.

  • Jason and Alexis Second Chance Romance 9/28/17

    Erin Called Us about Brad. She was too magical for his taste.

  • Jason and Alexis Birthday Pranks 9/27/17

    Jason pranks a woman who has booked a magician

  • Justin Timberlake for the Halftime show?

    Donna & Marley get the news that JT could be the Halftime performer in Minneapolis. Donna loves it; Marley not so much.

  • Confessions: Halloween costume fails

    Have you had a costume go wrong on Halloween? Donna & Marley take your calls!

  • The best pop songs of all time

    You won't believe who comes in at number one!

  • Marley's still not over Phelps vs. Shark

    Phelps is getting what he deserves!

  • Donna & Marley take on Taylor Swift

    Donna and Marley can't help but make fun of the talking part in Taylor Swift's song "Look What You Made Me Do." They know how they can improve the song.

  • Music: Lindsay Lohan cover & Tay Tay gets sued

    It's good to hear from Lindsay Lohan again. You go Joanne.

  • A peak behind the myTalk curtain

    Donna, Marley and Steve get into the behind the scenes of TV and radio at the company.

  • Steve O'Clock: Tipsy & Colorforms

    Steve Patterson joins Donna & Marley for tipsy. Donna brings up color forms and things devolve as usual.

  • The cheese tea experiment!

    Marley and Miss Shannan experiment with the hottest new food trend, cheesy tea. It sounds gross, but was it?

  • Jason and Alexis Second Chance Romance 9/14/17

    Phillip thought of everything on Lacey's date, except to change his personality.

  • J & A interview - Will and Grace audience

    Joe G. is a mytalker who went to a taping of Will and Grace episode 5 on Wednesday! 9/14/17

  • The best of the Hand in Hand telethon

    Marley and Ryan discuss highlights from the incredible Hurricane relief telethon that took place on Tuesday night.

  • How to pronounce February

    Donna, Marley & Steve get to the bottom of the mysterious pronunciation of the month "February."

  • Dawn McClain reviews "IT"

    Dawn of the morning show loves scary movies! Listen to her chat with Donna & Marley about seeing the new remake of "IT".

  • Jason & Alexis Birthday Prank 9/6/17

    Allison wants to prank Bill about how smart their dog is.

  • Donna & Marley remember Tam

    Rest in Peace our sweet Tam. We remember Tam's most hilarious and touching moments during her time on myTalk.

  • Birthday Pranks- Dawn Pranks Jill at the Fair

    Jill had one job to do; that was to watch over the goats her husband entered to the Fair. 8/30/17

  • Birthday Pranks - Tammy Hates Sharks

    Jason Pranks Tammy who wants to do ANYTHING on land for their shore excursion. She gets SHARKS instead.

  • Jason and Alexis Second Chance Romance 8/25/17

    Gina called about her date with Alex. We get someone else on the phone...but it's not Alex.

  • Monday Morning Movie Reviews

    Listeners call with their reviews of movies and we review some oldies but goodies

  • Jason and Alexis Second Chance Romance 081717

    Jason and Alexis talk to Drew and Meg

  • MyTalk listeners tell their best jokes!

    It's National Joke day! Donna & Marley take listeners best and worst jokes! Get ready to crack up!

  • Bachelor in Paradise faces its scandal

    Donna & Marley discuss how Bachelor in Paradise handled the scandalous production shutdown in the second part of their premiere.

  • Alexis attempts Birthday Pranks...and fails x 3!

    Here's three reasons why Jason and Dawn do Birthday Pranks.

  • Bachelor in Paradise premieres