Natalie Hagemo

Though I was born and raised in Hawaii, after almost 20 years in Minnesota, I now consider it to be home. It’s where I found my voice through my blog “Mommalicious In Suburbia”, and through the “Outside the Box” column I write for the Lakeshore Weekly.

Branching into radio was a natural progression for me. As a 43 year old woman and mother of three, there isn’t much I’m not willing to talk about and share, especially if it helps someone else.

I’ve built up an active social media following who has shared in my triumphs and some of my most embarrassing moments over the last several years. My mom always said “If you can’t be a good example, serve as cautionary warning.

Now that I’ve found my voice, I’m ready to use it. My blog, column and radio show are about stepping outside my comfort zone, trying new things, and sharing new experiences with my listeners, readers and followers.