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Simu Liu claims he’s ‘definitely and unequivocally not’ homophobic

European premiere of 'Barbie'
Simu Liu

Simu Liu has responded to a fan asking if he was homophobic.

The Barbie star posted a clip on Instagram on Monday advertising his new single Don’t.

In the comments section, a user asked, “I have a only one question, are u homophobic or not? It depends on your answer whether I will be your fan or not.”

The actor and singer responded, “Definitely and unequivocally NOT. Love and acceptance always.”

When another fan asked the commenter why they asked the question, they responded, “My friend who told me that my he said something homophobic on Twitter.”

Simu released Don’t on 7 April this year. The music video dropped on YouTube on 25 July.

“This song was written for all of the hard times in my life where I have questioned my worth and felt like an imposter. It is for every single person who has ever felt alone, different, heartbroken or hopeless,” Simu previously said of the song. “You are worthy. You belong.”

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