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Skincare secrets: Moisturisers with SPF

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When it comes to skincare regimes, most of us are looking for the most efficient solutions possible.

So, investing in a moisturiser with built-in sun protection seems like a no-brainer. Just be aware that the level of sun protection will vary from product to product, and you should definitely reapply your day cream or regular SPF if going outdoors or swimming.

Here are some of our favourite SPF moisturisers:

Olay’s Regenerist Day Cream SPF 30

Designed to help protect the complexion no matter the weather, this ultra-nourishing product is ideal for dry skin types and leaves the face feeling soft and hydrated. Formulated with vitamin B3 and amino peptides, the team at Olay claims it delivers active ingredients 10 layers deep into the skin surface. For best results, use each morning after cleansing for at least 28 days.

Skin Generics’ Multi-Shield Moisturising Cream SPF 30 Niacinamide + Osmo’city

Harnessing ingredients like niacinamide, this moisturiser promises to strengthen the skin barrier and provide deep hydration. Skin Generics’ product has a lovely cream-gel formula that absorbs really quickly, while the inclusion of SPF offers a good standard of protection from the sun’s rays.

Hello Sunday’s The Everyday One – Face Moisturiser SPF 30

Not only is Hello Sunday’s popular day cream beautifully hydrating, but it works hard to shield skin from environmental aggressors, including UVA/UVB rays, polluting particles, and blue light. This fragrance-free formula also features hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, and aloe vera to really quench a dry or dehydrated complexion.

Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream Sun Defense for Face SPF 50

This product offers up all the hydration of Elizabeth Arden’s signature Eight Hour Cream with the added benefit of sun protection. It’s suitable for all skin types, so don’t be afraid to apply liberally.

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