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Skincare superstars: Serums

When: 16 Jun 2021 **only For Use By Wenn Cps**

For most of us, a daily beauty regime involves cleansing, toning, and moisturising.

But if you are dealing with any skin issues, including dryness or dehydration, it’s time to seriously think about adding in a fourth step – a serum.

Lightweight, fast-absorbing, and often containing a higher concentration of ingredients, serums have many regenerative and anti-ageing benefits.

“Although serums are increasing in popularity and there’s a greater appetite for ingredient-led skincare, there’s a lack of understanding about the role serums can play in your regime,” explained No7 scientific advisor Dr. Eleanor Bradley. “Moisturisers are important for delivering moisture and hydration to the skin’s surface and are great multi-taskers (often also including active ingredients and SPF). Serums, however, are specifically designed to deliver actives deep into the skin where they can produce noticeable, cumulative benefits.”

Read on for a round-up of great new options to check out.

Dermalogica’s Smart Response Serum

Formulated with four targeted active ingredients, Dermalogica’s latest launch has been designed to address “micro-changes” in the skin before they’re visible to the naked eye. Take two to three drops and apply to the face after cleansing and toning each morning and night. Allow one minute for product absorption.

No7 Lift & Luminate TRIPLE ACTION Serum

Featuring a hydrating blend of hibiscus peptides, hyaluronic acid, pro-retinol, and mulberry and ginseng extracts, this serum is clinically proven to visibly reduce the appearance of wrinkles, leave the face feeling noticeably firmer, and with a more even-looking skin tone.

The Organic Pharmacy x Ateh Glow Serum

A collaboration between the team at The Organic Pharmacy and award-winning beauty journalist Ateh Jewel, this limited-edition product delivers a potent cocktail of hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, and aloe for a plumped and glowing complexion. For best results, apply a few drops after cleansing each evening and follow with your usual moisturiser.

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