Snack Attack: McDonald’s pizza and Red Velvet Oreos!
Bradley Traynor

Snack Attack: McDonald’s pizza and Red Velvet Oreos!

You know we love to talk about food on the Colleen & Bradley show. Like a lot.

Most days, I’m sure our listeners are screaming silently at their radio, “enough already, fatties!”

Still, if you’re closet foodies (fatties) like we are, you’ll enjoy the food news we came across this week:

McDonald’s Brings Pizza Back

Wait, McDonald’s had pizza?! After watching the commercial below I have to admit it was an actual thing during the 90s, but I honestly don’t remember it. Apparently, they’re bringing it back. Kind of. Not really. Actually, the news is that there are still two McDonald’s hold-outs serving pizza twenty some odd years later.

But you’ll have to go to Ohio or West Virginia to get a slice.

Red Velvet Oreos Arrive in February

After the introduction of watermelon-flavored Oreos, I’d kind of given up on their gimmicky flavor parade. That is, until I learned about their latest lusciousness: RED VELVET!

I know red velvet is officially an overdone flavor concept, but that’s because when done right it’s damn good. I can only hope these Oreos accurately recreate the decadent chocolatey and cream cheesey goodness good red velvet guarantees.

If not, well, it’s a bag of Oreos. Even bad Oreos are inhalable. Except those God awful watermelon ones.



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