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Snooki urges trolls to stop commenting on people’s weight

2019 MTV Video Music Awards - Red Carpet

Snooki has called on social media users to stop “weight bullying” other people.

While speaking to the New York Post on Thursday, the Jersey Shore star opened up about a TikTok video she posted the previous day on her weight.

“It’s a huge issue and people need to love themselves – even when hater-trolls tell them they’re ugly and worthless,” Snooki told the outlet. “F**k the weight bullying. People are so f**king rude.”

Her three-minute video garnered 1.9 million views in the day between being posted and Snooki being interviewed. In her interview, Snooki – whose real name is Nicole Polizzi – discussed why she felt compelled to make it.

“Who are you to call people ‘pigs’ and ‘fat’ and ‘disgusting’ and (say), ‘Your body looks terrible?'” she asked. “I have struggled with my weight my entire life.”

She recalled, “High school? Not great. Wasn’t eating, underweight, had no energy. It was getting scary. So high school was not a good place for me with weight. I wanted to be Size 0 and so skinny. And I fit in the jeans but, oh my God, I was so sad and not eating.”

Once she turned 21 and joined the television industry, Snooki’s perspective on her body changed.

“I wasn’t working out really, but I was like, you know what, I’m going to enjoy my life,” she shared. “I feel like I was always confident in my skin no matter what size I was.”

In her Wednesday video, the television personality told fans: “Don’t comment (on other people’s bodies) on the internet because people are sensitive. Especially people that have had eating disorders and trouble with their body and image and they finally are starting to love themselves.”

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