Social media reacts to Katy Perry’s halftime show
Colleen Lindstrom

Social media reacts to Katy Perry’s halftime show

Katy Perry

I’ll be real up front with you all here, I LOVED Katy Perry’s halftime show. It was the perfect balance of fun and showy. Just the right mix for Super Bowl halftime.

And mostly, social media agreed, but social media had more to share when it came to Katy Perry’s halftime show.

Like the fact that Katy Perry looked like Will Ferrell’s character from “Blades of Glory.”

Or that left shark was really awkward and ill prepared.

And maybe some people were very sensitive and thought the outfits in the “California Gurls” section were a little too close to Taylor Swift.

Also, was this a nod to the “Hunger Games?”

Surely that made Lenny Kravitz (who starred in the movie) feel right at home.

And Missy Elliot killed it.

And then Katy Perry flew off on the “The More You Know” star…

And went to hang out with HER BOYFRIEND, John Mayer…

and then she got a tattoo.

And we all lived happily ever after.



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