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Sofia Coppola would never have made ‘Lost in Translation’ without Bill Murray

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Sofia Coppola

Sofia Coppola would never have made “Lost in Translation” without leading man Bill Murray.

The Hollywood icon played fading movie star Bob Harris, who is having a midlife crisis and travels to Tokyo, in the director’s 2003 romantic comedy-drama, and she revealed that the premise of the movie was based on her fantasy of hanging out with Murray in real-life.

“I loved his melancholy side. I loved dressing him up in a beautiful suit, and capturing a side of him other people don’t see, his sensitive side,” Coppola told IndieWire, as she confessed that she used to daydream about drinking with the Ghostbusters star at a bar in Tokyo.

After a five-hour meeting in Manhattan, Murray agreed to play her leading man, and Coppola said he encapsulated that character perfectly.

“He’s so smart. He got what that character was looking for. We didn’t talk about it. He showed up and knew the tone of it. He found it as we went. He just got it. I feel a connection with him, in that he understands what I’m trying to do,” she explained.

Coppola said she was overjoyed to get Murray’s support and gave her a much-needed boost when he began calling her “boss” on set.

“I was a kid in my late 20s, he was helpful, always mysterious. He would help to motivate the crew at 4am and pick up equipment and say, ‘Let’s go!’ He contributes so much. He always did something surprising that I didn’t expect and added more to it,” she added.

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