Sorry, folks, Dr. Oz hates your breakfast
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Sorry, folks, Dr. Oz hates your breakfast

Dr. Oz is doubling-down on his War Against Breakfast.

TMZ cameras caught up with the cardiologist and talk show host about his “feud” with Mark Wahlberg on whether or not breakfast should be cancelled.

Dr. Oz even wants to challenge Wahlberg to a one-legged push-up challenge.

Paging Jack Palance, anyone?

(RIP, Jack Palance)

Yes, this is what is happening in 2020.

Dr. Oz is talking trash about your Wheaties, but remember what #TeamCobra always says: In Hollywood, nothing is real and everyone smokes. And in this case, Dr. Oz hates your breakfast because he wants you to follow his System 20 plan!

The first one who can figure out whatever the heck this infograph says wins. Ha! Joke’s on you because no one can read this mess. Apparently the key to optimal health includes taco seasoning, performing plank and MCT oil?

Sure, Jan.

System 20 isn’t really anything but a mix of all the fad diets we’ve had to endure for the past decade.

Listen to Colleen and Bradley discuss the matter here:

Don’t take any health advice from us (or Dr. Oz, for that matter), but eat breakfast if that’s your jam. Consult your doctor and the real health professionals in your life, not television and radio boobs, if you want to make health changes.


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