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Stacey Dash admits she didn’t know DMX died

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Stacey Dash

Stacey Dash has admitted that she didn’t know rapper DMX died more than a year ago.

The rapper – whose real name was Earl Simmons – passed away in April last year from a cocaine-induced heart attack at the age of 50.

On Wednesday, the Clueless star posted an emotional video on TikTok in which she revealed she had just discovered DMX had died.

“I’m ashamed. I didn’t know DMX died. I didn’t know… from a cocaine overdose. I am today six years and one month clean. It breaks my heart,” she said to viewers through tears. “It breaks my heart that he lost to it, he lost to that demon of addiction. Please don’t lose.”

In the caption, she wrote “I was strolling (sic) through #tiktok and found a #DMX song that has saved me many times. Suddenly it says #RIP. i know I am late, i did not know he passed away, he #OD I am heartbroken – he was such a great guy.”

Stacey, 55, has been open about her own struggles with addiction. She confessed on The Dr. Oz Show in October 2021 that she first tried drugs when she was eight years old and was taking between 18 and 20 Vicodin pills per day at the height of her addiction.

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