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Stella McCartney urges end of fur use with fall 2021 campaign

When: 14 Jun 2021 **only For Use By Wenn Cps**
Stella McCartney’s autumn 2021 campaign

Stella McCartney has used her latest campaign to urge fashion industry leaders to ditch fur.

The British designer is a trailblazer when it comes to sustainability, having committed to using eco-friendly and cruelty-free materials in all of her products for many years.

McCartney released her latest line on Monday, with the collection including cropped jumpers, logo sweatshirts, colourful jackets, and leather-look boots, but it is the accompanying campaign featuring models in animal mascot costumes that really evokes a powerful message.

“While this campaign is light-hearted, I wanted to address a serious issue: ending the use of fur,” the designer declared. “Whether it is being sold here in the United Kingdom or farmed globally, barbarism knows no borders and this effort is key to my life’s mission of bringing a conscience to the fashion industry.”

Accordingly, McCartney is asking her “community of changemakers” to sign the Humane Society International’s petition calling for a fur-free society.

The designer estimates her team’s use of Fur Free Fur has helped prevent 60,000 animal deaths, while sales of the vegan Falabella handbags have stopped the deaths of approximately 400,000 cows.

“Having never used leather, feathers, fur, or skins since day one, autumn 2021 lets our cruelty-free ethos run wild in a collection made with 80 per cent eco-friendly materials – our most sustainable to date, kinder to our fellow creatures and Mother Earth,” a brand representative added.

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