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Stephen Fry rushed to bomb shelter in Kyiv

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Stephen Fry

Stephen Fry was rushed to a bomb shelter during a trip to Kyiv on Wednesday.

The actor and comedian, 66, travelled to Ukraine’s capital this week to attend a mental health conference and was forced to take cover in an air raid shelter during a Russian attack.

Stephen took to Instagram on Wednesday to recount the incident.

“Awoken at 4:45 am by an insistent voice ordering all at the hotel to go down to the air raid shelter. So here we are,” the Gosford Park actor told fans.

“Someone showed me an app to download: as you can see, agrees with the order to stay sheltered. So here we all are down in the basement of the hotel. Coffee machine. Loungers. People laughing and chattering quite happily. No sound of drones or inbound missiles that I can detect…,” Stephen wrote.

Shortly after, the broadcaster took to the comments section of the post to share that there had been a new announcement.

“An hour later and a no all-clear. In fact a new announcement ‘Your attention please, there are explosions in the city. Stay in the shelter,'” Stephen wrote. “Some hotel guests had shrugged and gone back up the their rooms 10 minutes ago but are now sheepishly appearing again…”

The Blackadder actor also shared an image of the inside of the shelter, capturing several people sitting around tables with laptops.

“I wasn’t smart enough to think of bringing a laptop down… the more seasoned citizens knew better,” he wrote.

Stephen later returned to the platform to update his followers when he was able to go back outside, writing, “The all clear sounds and life goes on in Kyiv…”

The mental health summit was held by Ukraine’s First Lady Olena Zelenska.

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