Stern spills on Aniston, Theroux wedding
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Stern spills on Aniston, Theroux wedding

Howard Stern

Howard Stern hated the “tiny little chairs” at Jennifer Aniston’s wedding.

The Along Came Polly actress tied the knot with Justin Theroux in a secret ceremony last Wednesday in front of their famous friends. Shock jock Howard was not only a guest, but also gave a speech at the nuptials and now the happy news is out in the open, the 61-year-old has shared details from the evening.

“I’m very friendly with Justin. I like him very much. I like him, I really admire him. I even said in my speech to them that if one of my daughters brought home a guy like Justin, I’d be very pleased,” he said on his radio show Monday, before complaining about the seating arrangement. “[But] they had these little tiny chairs. There was a table, and then you sit down and the chairs were like poufs, like little pillow poufs. I’m 6-foot-f**king-5! I’m a grown man!”

While Howard’s comments were with his tongue firmly in his cheek, he continued his mock rant about having his cell phone confiscated at the entrance. The couple took the measures to stop their nuptials leaking to the press, but Howard wasn’t impressed.

“Why can’t I have my cell phone? I don’t want to take a picture of you two! I really don’t. I want my cell phone so after I make this speech I can call my car and get the f**k outta here!” he laughed. “People were laughing at my misery.”

Howard couldn’t help but spot the irony in the guests not being allowed to take photographs considering Jennifer and Justin take shots on their cameras “every f**king minute.”

But the star admitted he did get sentimental at one point in his speech.

“I talked about some personal stuff, too. I complimented Justin’s mother on raising such a wonderful son,” he said. “I love him. I told Jennifer that she deserved a guy like this, because after all, she’s been very sweet and generous with us.”

Howard also confirmed that chat show host Jimmy Kimmel had officiated the wedding and that the couple’s first dance was to a Sia track.

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