Steve Carell’s embarrassing red carpet mishap recreated by Marwen doll artist
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Steve Carell’s embarrassing red carpet mishap recreated by Marwen doll artist

Steve Carell has a keepsake he’ll treasure forever from his new movie Welcome to Marwen – a recreation of an embarrassing Oscars red carpet mishap sketched by the guy he plays in the film.

Carell became friends with Mark Hogancamp while shooting the picture, and the artist, who famously created an imaginary world of doll characters to aid his recovery from a brutal gang attack, was so impressed with the final cut he created artwork of one of Steve’s most regrettable Hollywood moments as a unique gift.

“I told him about an episode I had going to the Academy Awards,” Carell recalled during a recent 92nd Street Y Talks event in New York City. “I wasn’t presenting or nominating. I was just there with my wife.

“I stepped on a star’s dress and she screamed at me! I told Mark that story and the next week he sent me these beautiful photographs of that vignette played out for this doll world. He’s masterful and a real artist. It’s pretty cool.”

But Carell reveals Hogancamp’s Marwencol world has been packed away: “He’s moved on and he’s done very well,” the actor explains. “I just got an email from him that he’s starting to draw again. He’s getting more dexterity back in his hands and he’s starting to illustrate.

“He’s packed away Marwencol; he’s packed the town away, so he doesn’t need that specifically to process these things. He’s moved onto other vignettes.”

But he’s a big fan of the film.

“When the trailer first came out he called and left a very cryptic message,” Carell adds. “He said, ‘Steve, it’s Mark. Call me’. I thought, ‘Oh no, it’s bad!’ I called him right back and he said, ‘I’ve seen it 12 times. I loved it. I cried every time. That’s me, that’s my world. I can’t believe it!’ He was super, super excited.”

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