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Steven Spielberg got choked up with emotion when he met Paul Dano for The Fabelmans

47th Toronto International Film Festival: 'The Fabelmans' - Premiere
Steven Spielberg

Steven Spielberg and Paul Dano have opened up about the casting process for The Fabelmans.

While speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, The Fabelmans director and actor recalled an emotional moment they shared on a Zoom call during the movie’s casting process.

The Fabelmans is a semi-autobiographical film for Spielberg, capturing how he came to love filmmaking. In the movie, Dano portrays Spielberg’s late father.

The pair told THR that upon e-meeting, Dano switched from being nervous to excited for the role.

“My heart did leap. I just could see it,” the actor revealed in their interview.

Meanwhile, Spielberg became overwhelmed by how much Dano resembled his late father.

“I certainly didn’t want to come on my first meeting with Paul and be a little too familiar,” the director said. “But there was something so evocative of my dad. Ten minutes after the Zoom, I was choking. I was holding back my emotion.”

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