Steven Tyler releases 2nd country song…
Donna Valentine

Steven Tyler releases 2nd country song…

Steven Tyler is trying his hand at country music; again.  To be honest, it really used to bug me when aging rockers and pop stars (ie: Sheryl Crow, Bon Jovi, Jewel, Darius Rucker) felt they could just pop on over to Country when their careers had stalled in their regular genres. Truth be told, I liked what most of them were doing on the country side (And let it be known:  Darius Rucker is very successful and very much accepted by country, despite his musical roots).  Heck, even the Van Zant boys (38 Special/Lynyrd Skynryd) tried Country and put out at least one VERY good country song (Help Somebody)

Not sure if Steven Tyler of Aerosmith is going to have ongoing success but I certainly liked his first release.  It is VERY good.  Give that one a listen first:

Love is your Name sounded a little more Aero-smithy than country but still…add a few banjos and or fiddles and Voila! You’ve got yourself a country song.

His latest song, Red, White and You  is still OK, but the lyrics appear to be trying a little too hard (ie: Tom Petty, sweet potato pie, Georgia, cut off jeans) –Ahem….At least he didn’t mention pick up trucks, flat beds or moonshine.

For your listening pleasure, play the song below….And you be the judge:





Here’s the newest release from Steven, called




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