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Steven Tyler urges tourists to return to Maui following wildfires

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Steven Tyler

Steven Tyler recently urged tourists to return to the Hawaiian island of Maui to help its economy recover following the devastating wildfires.

In early August, wildfires ripped through parts of the island, destroying the town of Lahaina and killing at least 115 people, with 385 others still confirmed missing.

During Aerosmith’s concert in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on Saturday, Tyler, who owns a home in Maui, encouraged tourists to travel to the island to help it rebuild following the disaster.

“When you think about Lahaina, think about south Maui,” Tyler told the audience at the Wells Fargo Center, reports The Associated Press. “(Other resort towns) Paia and Hana: it’s still there. It’s a place to go and do, you know, the love thing. It’s still open, it’s still happening.”

He added, “Everything’s beautiful, except we gotta come there and make it more beautiful, OK?”

Shortly after the fires, Hawaiian officials told tourists to stay away from Maui to help it recover from the devastation. However, they later reversed this advice after realising how important tourism is to the island’s economy.

The Philadelphia concert marked the beginning of Aerosmith’s Peace Out farewell tour. They are next scheduled to perform in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on Wednesday. The trek will conclude in Montreal, Canada on 26 January.

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