Stop the Presses: Chipotle to Close (but there’s a catch…)

Stop the Presses: Chipotle to Close (but there’s a catch…)

Yes, you read that headline right: Chipotle will be closing its doors! But where will I get my enormous burrito fix? How can I satiate my carnitas craving that only this fast-casual chain restaurant can fix? WHO WILL TAKE MY “GUAC IS EXTRA” MONEY?!

I almost went into full panic-mode until I realized that Chipotle will only be closing its doors for a few hours on February 8th to have a company-wide meeting addressing the recent e.coli outbreaks that have plagued the company in recent months.

Phew! So mark your calendars, people, for February 8th, because the hallowed halls of burritodom will be closing its doors (if but for a few hours.) I’m wondering, has the recent health crisis at Chipotle stopped you from eating at the restaurant? It hasn’t stopped me. If anything, I would assume the food is extra-monitored for safety. I will continue to buy my extra guac, because that’s how I roll.



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