Who would survive the apocalypse?! Donny Love?
The Jason & Alexis Show

Who would survive the apocalypse?! Donny Love?

Who in the myTalk family would survive the apocalypse?

Long suffering Donny Love? We think so, he’ll get a routine down and stick to it. And we think he’d be good at rationing food. Just one bite of tuna a day. But would we work around his afternoon nap?

Could it be Colleen Lindstrom? She thinks so; she’s resourceful, a leader, takes care of others, watches Naked and Afraid and she’s willing to eat Julia. She’s got this.

Maybe Lori and Julia? Alexis thinks so.  They have each other’s back, fit in small places and would hide food.

Jason and Holly would “Thelma and Louise it” at the first sight of the apocalyse…Donna Valentine said she’d jump in the convertible with them.

Alexis would start gardening immediately and collect animals two by two. Will the garden grow and animals mate? If not, bye bye.

Listen to the shenanigans below.

Who do you think would survive? Do you think you would and what would you do?

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