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Sydney Sweeney fought for role in The White Lotus

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Sydney Sweeney

Sydney Sweeney has revealed she had to fight for the role of Olivia in The White Lotus.

During a recent interview with Variety, the Once Upon A Time…In Hollywood actor revealed she had to prove she was right for the part.

“They didn’t think that I was right for White Lotus, because I did Euphoria,” she explained. “So I put myself on tape, I auditioned for White Lotus just like everybody else and had a call back like everybody else.”

The 25-year-old actor continued, “I could get offered roles that are similar to the ones that I’ve played, but the ones that are different, the ones that surprise people that I do, are the ones that I usually have to fight for.”

The actress played wealthy college student, Olivia Mossbacher, in the first season of The White Lotus, and also stars as Cassie Howard in the award-winning HBO drama series Euphoria.

Sydney revealed she is often offered scripts of characters similar to those two roles and has to “fight” for casting directors to see her in a different light.

“I’ve shocked people by the choices that I make with my characters… there’s always people who see me as Cassie or see me as Olivia,” she shared. “They send me scripts that are just like that. It’s the ones I have to fight for that usually are the ones that I want that are different, like (her new movie) Reality. I had to audition for it. I had to put myself on tape and send in my audition just like everybody else.”

Sydney is set to return as Cassie for the third season of Euphoria, with a release date yet to be confirmed.

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