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Sydney Sweeney would rather play her Euphoria character than The White Lotus role

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Sydney Sweeney

Sydney Sweeney has revealed she would rather play her Euphoria character Cassie over The White Lotus’ Olivia.

In a recent video interview with Variety, the 25-year-old actress admitted she preferred playing Cassie due to her “challenging, crazy, deep,” personality.

“Cassie challenges me in so many different ways because she is such a character,” she explained. “As an actor, that’s so much fun to play because you go to these places you may never have gone before.”

Despite her love for the fan-adored Euphoria character, Sweeney stated she also enjoyed playing Olivia in The White Lotus, whom she described as “fun” and “snarky”.

Earlier this year, the actress also revealed to Variety that her breakout Euphoria role nearly cost her the part of Olivia in The White Lotus.

“They didn’t think that I was right for White Lotus, because I did Euphoria. So I put myself on tape, I auditioned for White Lotus just like everybody else and had a call back like everybody else,” she told the publication in May.

“I could get offered roles that are similar to the ones that I’ve played, but the ones that are different, the ones that surprise people that I do, are the ones that I usually have to fight for,” she said.

While Euphoria was renewed for a third season in February 2022, new episodes aren’t expected until at least 2025.

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