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Sylvester Stallone writes his daughters’ breakup texts

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Sylvester Stallone

Sylvester Stallone’s daughters have revealed their father writes their breakup texts.

The actor’s daughters, Sistine and Sophia, admitted on an episode of the Giggly Squad podcast that Sylvester has helped them split from their previous partners.

“My dad is a savant when it comes to our dating lives – in so many areas,” Sistine revealed. “He writes most of our breakup texts.”

Sistine’s sister Sophia agreed, before adding that she would “highly suggest” young women have their dad write a breakup text because “men know men”.

“And they never get mad for being honest,” Sistine remarked of how their exes reacted to the texts.

The sisters also noted their 76-year-old movie star father can be intimidating to dates they bring home and that he “always has a cigar” to assert dominance over a new boyfriend.

“I asked him, I go, ‘Why do you do that?’ And he goes, ‘I can tell within the first four minutes of meeting (a boyfriend) if he’s going to last or not, and so I’m not going to waste my time,'” Sistine revealed. “And he’s right every time.”

In addition to Sophia and Sistine, Sylvester and his wife Jennifer Flavin also share a 20-year-old daughter named Scarlet.

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