Taco Bell, will you marry me?
Colleen Lindstrom

Taco Bell, will you marry me?

No seriously, Taco Bell, you know me so well.

First of all, the Huffington Post reports that Taco Bell (the king of all fast food restaurants, in my humble opinion) is sitting on a secret Sriracha menu.

They are reportedly testing this secret menu in the Kansas City area, which means that I need to take a road trip to Kansas City STAT.

In addition to the ability to ask for any of their menu items with Sriracha, they are offering the following menu items on their Sriracha menu: Sriracha Nachos Supreme, the Sriracha Quesarito, the breakfast Sriracha Scrambler Burrito (with eggs, potatoes, nacho cheese, Sriracha, and pico de gallo), the Sriracha Loaded Griller, and the Sriracha Taco.

Taco Bell, you had me at Sriracha.

And if that’s not enough — the genius masterminds at Taco Bell are cooking up a new concept. Wait for it… Vietnamese Fast Food. WHAT?!

Taco Bell, you’re blowing my mind!

On Friday they announced their new Banh Shop, a Chipotle-like rival store offering Vietnamese Banh Mi sandwiches.

Taco Bell, will you marry me?




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