Quiz: Who’s your Doggelgänger?! (What kind of dog are you?)
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Quiz: Who’s your Doggelgänger?! (What kind of dog are you?)


Don’t ask how we got started on this subject, but we needed to figure out if Julia would really be a poodle if she were a dog, as Lori conjectured on Wednesday.

Lori & Julia: both Chihuahuas! (LOL!)

“Two words to describe you: energetic and fashionable. You always show up places looking nothing short of sharp, turning heads and stealing hearts. You know you have some haters out there, but pay them no mind. Haters gonna hate and Chihuahuas have no time for that.”

Donny: A Corgi!

“Quite simply, you’re a darling! People are mesmerized by your charismatic nature but you never get too caught up in all that praise. You know how to just be you at all times and without apology. Plus, you have a cute tush.”

Marley: A pug!

“Sure, sometimes you feel really left out, but you really shouldn’t care so much! You are hilarious and adorable and completely worthy of the spotlight. It’s also OK to be the quiet goofball if you’re the kind of pug who’s cool with the corner of the room. Either way, your empathy and your hugs make you downright majestic. You keep doin’ you.”

What kind of dog are you?! Click here to take the quiz!


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