Tan Mom’s working on new music!
Bradley Traynor

Tan Mom’s working on new music!

Remember Tan Mom? She’s got new music on the way. Wait, she had old music? More on that in a bit.

We first learned about Patricia Krentcil after she thought it was a good idea to bring her daughter into a tanning booth with her.

Rightfully so, we were instantly fascinated by a woman who thought that was a good idea. Besides, we were equally fascinated by the crispy orange glow of her skin.

Since then, she’s achieved a level of viral celebrity, becoming a regular on Howard Stern’s radio show and, indeed, a repeat guest on our very own “Colleen & Bradley Show.”

In addition, she’s ‘written’ and ‘produced’ her own musical creation.

What, you don’t remember “It’s Tan Mom”?

On the heels of that melodious success, our very own Tan Mom has hinted that she’s back in the studio and a new single will be dropping shortly. Her latest gift is titled “Free 2 Be Me” and is expected out soon.

Can’t wait.




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