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Taylor Swift thanks the late Loretta Lynn for ‘paving the way’ for female songwriters

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Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift appeared in a special on Sunday to honour the life of the late Loretta Lynn.

Coal Miner’s Daughter singer Loretta Lynn died on 4 October aged 90.

On Sunday, a special called Coal Miner’s Daughter: A Celebration Of The Life & Music Of Loretta Lynn aired on Country Music Television, featuring country music stars performing in Loretta’s honour and giving short eulogies for the late singer.

Although Lover singer Taylor Swift was not previously announced as a guest on the special, she made an appearance in a short video remembering Loretta.

“I’m so grateful to Loretta for being an example, not only for songwriters everywhere, but more specifically female songwriters,” Taylor said in her video, via Hollywood Life. “She was so ahead of her time. The way she exercised brutal, truthful, fearless honesty every time she sat down to write a song is something that changed music forever and paved the way for every songwriter who’s trying to be truthful and honest today.”

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