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Taylor Swift The Eras Tour: Everything you need to know!

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Amy Lindquist joins the program to tell us everything we need to know going into Taylor’s concert at U.S. Bank Stadium. Amy’s helpful list is below and the audio from her interview can be found at the bottom of the page. Thank you Amy! 


  • HYDRATE: – water – water – water –  from the moment you wake up – you don’t want to faint or get lightheaded during the 3-hour show.
  • .BAG POLICY: Check U.S. Bank Stadium’s bag policy – one thing I noticed for U.S. Bank Stadium is NO fanny packs.
    • PORTABLE CHARGER: Bring a portable charger!  You will need a battery charge because of all those videos and pictures you are taking!
  • Wear comfortable shoes. 
  • DRESS IN YOUR FAVORITE ERA: bring on the glitter makeup and sequins.  Everyone will be dressed up in their favorite Era!  I’m between 1989 and a bejeweled look. Getting glam transforming my look into all things Taylor!   If you haven’t found what to wear yet, you can find ideas and inspiration from the Eras Tour Outfits FB page. It’s a community of over 35,0000 Swifties talking about hair, makeup, and style for all things Eras!
  • HAVE A PLAN to/from the stadium: Make sure you leave enough time to drive, park, get into the stadium, go to the bathroom, etc.  I hear bathroom lines can be 30+  minutes
  • WHEN TO BUY MERCH: Figure out when you want to buy merch!


  • ARRIVAL: When you arrive at the stadium I hear the VIBE is better than Disneyland!  It’s pure magic and you truly feel that you are in the happiest place on earth!  Everyone is so happy, showing off their Eras looks… some are handmade and others are carefully curated.  Don’t miss out on trading friendship bracelets!
  • FRIENDSHIP BRACELETS: How trading friendship bracelets came to be?
    • The trend ties back to the Swift song “You’re On Your Own, Kid” from the Midnights Era. In the beloved bridge of the tune, the lyrics read: “Everything you lose is a step you take / So make the friendship bracelets / Take the moment and taste it.” Swifties took the Grammy Award winner’s advice literally, with friendship bracelets becoming a staple of the Eras tour.
  • BATHROOM BREAKS:  Strategize when you go to the bathroom, review Taylor’s set list, and see when what you can miss.  You can wear an adult diaper if you really don’t want to miss a thing.  I hear lines are longer during the Evermore, Folklore Eras, and the 10-minute version of All to Well
  • WHEN TO BUY MERCH – the most significant story next week will be Swifites lining up for merch.  Merch trucks will arrive at  US Bank Stadium on Thursday morning and will remain open during the concert.  I hear you can buy merch during the show and after, but you do risk a sell-out.
  • GET IN YOUR SEAT by 7:40 pm!!!!  Taylor goes on between 7:55 pm and 8:10 pm sharp.
  • FLOOR SEAT TIX HOLDERS:  Be on the lookout for VIPs!  Julia Roberts was spotted at the Chicago show and Flava Flav was in Detroit last week.  It’s possible that one of Taylor’s collaborators could also be making an appearance!


  • WAVE TO TAYLOR:  Catch a glimpse of Taylor if you are sitting in section 103 on that side of the stadium / she will wave at Swifties as she exits off the stage.  You can also catch a glimpse of her before she goes on as she enters in a cleaning cart!  Be on the lookout for her motorcade!  She will leave the stadium minutes after her set is over
  • Make sure you know your way home!
  • POST CONCERT AMNESIA:  Don’t suffer from post Eras Tour concert amnesia!  Many swifties post concert feel like they can’t remember key moments from the evening because of the wave of emotions we will have during the show.  Google this trend and read more about it!