Team CoBra’s New York Celeb sightings
Colleen Lindstrom

Team CoBra’s New York Celeb sightings

CoBra takes Manhattan.

Or rather, CoBra TOOK Manhattan.

Colleen and Bradley had a big trip to the Big Apple this weekend to accept an awesome award. But you didn’t come here to read about that! You came here to read about which celebrities we spotted during our travels.

I’ll start with this, these are just the celebrities we KNOW we saw. The thing about celebrities is that when they’re out amongst the people, they look like… people. So, we very well may have encountered more, but here’s who we know we saw…

Emme! I was particularly excited about this sighting. Emme made her mark as the first plus size model to reach notoriety. She was named one of People’s Most Beautiful People, and has been a TV presenter, and also an advocate for body positivity. She spoke briefly and presented at the Gracie Award Gala that Bradley and I were at.


Then, all of the sudden Ginger Zee, GMA Meteorologist, and DWTS alum busted out of nowhere to give out some awards.

Ginger Zee

And so did Hawkeye himself, from M*A*S*H, Alan Alda! This was a total treat, and we geeked WAY out!

Alan Alda

But the real topping on the sundae was the flight home, where we noticed a familiar face waiting to board our Sun Country flight, and get comfy in her coach seat. Michele Bachmann. We didn’t realize that while we were busy painting the town red, she was busy making headlines for her support of the Trump campaign.





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