#TeamCobra Royal Roundup: Money, family drama and blind item gossip!
The Colleen & Bradley Show

#TeamCobra Royal Roundup: Money, family drama and blind item gossip!

The royal drama continues and the Colleen and Bradley Show is talking about it in the only way we how: By going deep in the shallow!

Going deep in the shallow means going beyond the headlines of your favorite celebrity gossip by asking, “What is REALLY going on here?” Because remember, kids: In Hollywood, nothing is real and everyone smokes.

We even made a poster, so it’s obviously true:

So, we’re talking about all the drama surrounding the news that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are retiring from their “senior royal duties” in the way that we talk about every other celebrity story. We’re asking questions and reading the gossip tea leaves to try to understand what is REALLY behind Harry and Meghan’s dramatic departure from the British royal family.

(Hey, guys, we’re just being semi-retired royals.)

Listen to Colleen and Bradley talk about how the royals get their money, the latest from the family summit at Sandringham AND how we have basically known about the royal departure for quite some time thanks to Enty Lawyer, the writer of blind item celebrity gossip at CrazyDaysAndNights.net.

As we like to say, “It’s so OBVIOUS!” Stay with #TeamCobra and we’ll tell you what’s REALLY going on…



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