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Terry Crews’ doctor finds potentially cancerous polyps during colonoscopy

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Terry Crews

Terry Crews’ doctor found potentially cancerous polyps during a recent colonoscopy.

In a video released on Tuesday, the actor underwent a colonoscopy as his character from the 2006 movie Idiocracy, President Camacho, for a new Lead From Behind campaign, which aims to raise awareness for colon cancer prevention.

“I came for the future to get the best care now, so that I can live forever,” Terry – as President Camacho – said in the video. “I am the president, Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew, not Mountain Don’t. And today, I’m about to Mountain do-do.”

After the 25-minute procedure, he was informed that the doctor had removed several polyps that could have become cancerous if allowed to remain in his body.

“Listen, this s**t will literally save your life,” he stated. “So if you 45 or 455 like me, get your a*s checked. This s**t killing way too many of my constituents, especially Black men.”

The actor shared the video to Instagram with the caption, “Happy to put my butt on the line for @leadfrombehind if it means saving many more. Do the right thing and get your (peach emoji) checked.”

Last September, Ryan Reynolds also underwent a colonoscopy to raise awareness for colon cancer prevention – and had a suspicious polyp removed. Ryan’s creative agency Maximum Effort has named Lead From Behind as a partner.

“I’ve been on camera a lot. But this was the first time one was shoved up my a*s,” he joked afterwards. “We want this potentially life-saving procedure to be less mysterious and stigmatized.”

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