The 2nd season of ‘Serial’ is here!
Bradley Traynor

The 2nd season of ‘Serial’ is here!

If you were as obsessed as we were with the first season of the “Serial” podcast, good news!

Season two is officially here, following the release of the very first podcast episode.

The maiden voyage of the podcast phenomenon was all about the murder of Hae Min Lee, but this season’s plot sees a whole new story before us.

This time around we’re learning the tale Bowe Bergdahl, the soldier who disappeared from his camp in Afghanistan only to reappear as a prisoner of the Taliban. Shortly after his release, Bergdahl was accused of desertion and the story surrounding his disappearance drew national attention.

Lest there be any doubt in “Serial”‘s storytelling street cred, Sarah Koenig delivers in the first episode, ensuring we’ll be treated to yet another captivating mystery wrapped in an ethical dilemma or two.

To listen to the podcast, simply head to the site, or download on iTunes or any pod-catcher!



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