The Beyonce guide to fame
Colleen Lindstrom

The Beyonce guide to fame

I’m starting to notice a pattern here.

On Friday, our friend and gossip maven, Cate Meighan told us on the Colleen and Bradley show that there was rumored trouble in paradise AGAIN for Beyonce and Jay Z.

Next, this week, we saw Beyonce and Jay Z posing on yachts and posting pics of their VERY expensive vacation on Instagram (as one does).

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And NOW we are getting word that Beyonce is releasing some new music. Artist Naughty Boy teased a single that is supposed to drop today that features Queen Bey.

This is precisely the pattern that we saw last year when following rumors of a split, Beyonce dropped a secret album and then went on tour with her husband.

Beyonce PR plan
Step 1: notify the tabloids that Bey and Jay are going to divorce.

Step 2: Go on an expensive vacation and post lots of pictures in an effort to throw paparazzi off the trail.

Step 3: Distract with new music.

What I’m saying is, next time we hear rumors of a split between Jay Z and Beyonce, get ready to purchase some new music, because it’s just the PR train pulling into the station.



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