The Carol Burnett Show is on YouTube, you guys!
Bradley Traynor

The Carol Burnett Show is on YouTube, you guys!

I watch a lot of YouTube. As in, I probably (most definitely) spend as much time watching YouTube clips as I do actual television programs.

It’s really not that hard either. There’s so much good stuff on YouTube people don’t even realize. I’ve watched many entire series on YouTube. From classic TV shows like “The Facts of Life” and “Mama’s Family” to obscure science fiction favorites like “Blake’s 7” and “Survivors,” there’s literally thousands of hours of free screen time just waiting for you.

My most recent YouTube obsession has been entire episodes of “The Carol Burnett Show.” It used to be that you had to wait for an occasional television special or buy a compilation DVD, but now you can watch entire episodes right on YouTube.

In fact, Monday night I watched an episode with Joan Rivers and Vincent Price as special guests. Commercial free. You can’t beat that (God, I sound old).

If you’re bored on a week night, I encourage you to start digging on YouTube. Before you know it, you’ll get sucked in to something fun and maybe nostalgic.



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