The Fresh Beat Band dropped some fresh beats at the State Theater
Colleen Lindstrom

The Fresh Beat Band dropped some fresh beats at the State Theater

If the words “The Fresh Beat Band” don’t mean anything to you, then you must not have kids under the age of 8. The Fresh Beat Band is a live action music show on Nickelodeon based on four band members, Kiki, Marina, Shout, and Twist, who make some great pop music while solving problems together. The show is soon to premiere in cartoon form on Nickelodeon in it’s new incarnation, “Fresh Beat Band of Spies.”

Here’s the best part of The Fresh Beat Band, their catchy music is actually listenable and dare I say enjoyable for parent and caregiver types. This means that (and I may or may not be speaking from experience) sometimes a parent may find themselves listening to a little Fresh Beat on their own time, and perhaps even adding a song or two to their own running playlist (again, may or may not be speaking from experience.)

The songs have a great message and a good beat, and all of the band members play an instrument or have a specialty while they encourage kids to dance, groove, and be their best. That’s what they were doing LIVE at the State Theater in Downtown Minneapolis Tuesday night.

And there was a theater full of kids and parents alike dancing in approval.

I would be lying if I told you that I didn’t hear an equal amount of kid and adult voices singing along with the Fresh Beat’s feel good tunes. They did all their hits, “Bananas,” “Freeze Dance,” and their opening and closing theme songs, “The Fresh Beat Band Theme Song” and “Great Day.” And their energy is a sight to behold, especially that of Twist, the DJ, who reminds me of that kid in class that the teacher is constantly asking to “sit still.”

They pack a lot of fun into a perfectly timed one hour show that begins at 6:30 and ends just in time for bedtime. Thank you, Fresh Beats! Not to mention the fact that all the Lindstrom kids went to bed quickly and with great big smiles on their face. And guess what their first words were this morning, “can we watch “The Fresh Beat Band”?”

Only big bummer… they didn’t do my favorite song (the one that is on the aforementioned running mix), so I’ll post it here so you can get an earful of the Fresh Beats’ fresh beats.





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